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Figure companies you want to see fail.Figure companies you want to see fail.

TaralenTaralenHace 1 mesAsk MFC
Clarifying Edit:This is NOT an article promoting people losing their jobs. I feel people are assuming that, and while yes losing jobs can be bad, please be mindful that bad business practices are unjust and scumfucky not only for the customers but employees as well.

I will also say maybe fail is a strong word, but fail can mean many things. Failure in profits. Failure to hold up to a standard. Failure to produce what's advertised. Failure to even advertise accurately. Etc. etc.

Basically anything to possibly prompt a company to either get good or go broke.
End of Edit

Are there any companies out there you actually want to see fail for whatever reason?
Maybe their quality control or bad business practices are so obscene that the only solution for them is for them to go bankrupt, get liquidated, or (hopefully) learn from their mistakes and actually make a change (fat chance compared to the prior two options lol).

In my opinion, FotS/Insight/B'Full (and all their other names) is one such company I want to see fail in some form or another. Maybe not bankruptcy, but judging by how lazy their products are on top of bad, prize figure quality for premium pricing and piss poor packaging, I think they really need an arrow to the knee to get their shit together.

User photos that show what I mean:

Until mistakes are learned from, this company doesn't deserve the money despite how cute, interesting, or unique some of their sculpts are! >_>
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View spoilerHide spoilerJust kidding. Not one company deserves to die, but they deserve to be called out hoping they'd improve. I don't mind the popularity of Funko. I think Pop figures are ugly but that's just me.
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my comment is going to be harsh compared to others, please know i don't mean to offend anyone. b'full needs to get their shit together, i never thought i'd feel this strongly about a figure manufacturer but i sincerely hate this company and think they're super shady.
bought this pulchra figure recently ITEM #840058 (another company owned by B'full) and it has the most misleading promo pictures iv'e ever seen, the official face looks NOTHING like to promo pics to the point i feel straight up scammed, especially considering the gross price tag. thought it was a bootleg i was so shocked at the awful quality. even if people start claiming they're improving i'll never preorder their products ever again, they have totally lost my trust. if their prices weren't literally comparable to Alter and were appropriate i wouldn't be so pissy tbh
how we can even see an entry like this ITEM #868781 and NOT call them con artists is just beyond me
i DO hope they fail, sorry but not sorry.
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Taralen Elf Hoarder
Akira (Hace 1 mes) #75993980I prefer to not be negative and instead of wishing ill on a company i rather remain hopeful maybe one day they wont suck anymore. Obviously, in cases like some B-something companies (Bellfine has made a few good figures but there is a branch of them that has all the horrid, 3D printed, prize figure looking-ass figures) is better to be safe than sorry once you see the ugly.

I'm like this with almost every other company EXCEPT Fots/B'full/Insight/etc. They had time to improve and haven't.
Hace 1 mes
I prefer to not be negative and instead of wishing ill on a company i rather remain hopeful maybe one day they wont suck anymore. Obviously, in cases like some B-something companies (Bellfine has made a few good figures but there is a branch of them that has all the horrid, 3D printed, prize figure looking-ass figures) is better to be safe than sorry once you see the ugly.
Hace 1 mes
gwendal738-2 (Hace 1 mes) #75966393HOW CAN I UPVOTE THIS 9000 TIMESYou need to upvote it OVER 9000...

And then use Kamehameha lol
Hace 1 mes
funko pops need to die.

i cannot stand hearing about a new anime store in town that has "anime figures" in stock, checking it out, and then seeing half of the entire place is dedicated to those nightmarishly priced wastes of space.
Hace 1 mes
fots needs to fix their crap before i buy any figures directly from them. -_- based on these pictures, i'm super disappointed. what kind of quality control is this!?
Hace 1 mes
Union Creative. I don’t exactly want to see them “fail”, but I would really like to see them improve in quality. I own 4 of their figures, two of them are alright if you disregard the few paint errors, but then I got this figure a few weeks ago: ITEM #740451 and he doesn’t look that good. I paid $115 for him and when I got him he came with paint scuffs, and had a fingerprint on him. Also, he came with ITEM #740453 and I also paid $115 for him. I feel like they should have been less since they’re barely taller than a nendoroid. In my opinion, I feel like Union Creative should improve the quality of the figures and lower their prices, but if they don’t I guess I don’t really care if they fail or not.
Hace 1 mes
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
I'm so confused as to the complaints about Good Smile's pricing - outside of the pricing on their one Miku scale (which they obviously priced to be funny) their prices are amazing and their figures are amazing.

I do find their figma's expensive, but I'm not a collector of those to start with an all articulated figures like that seem to be expensive. I know when the SM SH Figuarts were going out those were like $50ish so the $70-75 for what I'm sure is a better product doesn't seem awful.
Hace 1 mes
People need to stop throwing money at Funko so they can't afford to buy the crack they're on. Pop figures are ugly hunks of mass produced, poorly painted plastic shit and they make every character that exists, even if it's not a character and ruin them with their bx heads and demon eyes.

Bring Arts needs to up their quality control or bring down their prices. One or the other.

Other than that, I'd like companies like GSC and Native (and all the affiliates) to get boycotted for a hot minute because their prices are RIDICULOUS. ESPECIALLY Native. Pink Cat actually tried to sell us a figure with some of the worst seam lines I've seen in a while - and most of the figures Native hosts are barely under $200 for 1/8th.

I'm all about paying for quality and the paint jobs are getting nicer, but most figures are getting 3D printed now and to charge more for less skill (do not fight me on this, it will be a waste of your time) is ridiculous.
Hace 1 mes
I don't want to see anyone fail but I kind of want people to stop throwing money at companies like GSC, Alter and the like because they're basically getting away with financial murder because people won't skip on a few hunks of plastic to give the message that they are getting completely ridiculous with their prices.
Hace 1 mes
Fots had had time to get their shit together though. And they refuse to improve quality. So they can go down idgaf
Hace 1 mes
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