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Tiamat26Tiamat26Hace 7 meses
Trading your current figurine collection for your wish list.

This is a pretty simple yes to almost all of those who are starting in this hobby. Most may own only a few figurines and their wish list may be a mile long. So pretty easy yes there.

To those of us who have been collecting for some time and racked up a good amount of figurines let's say a hundred plus figurines. Would you even consider changing what you own for everything in your wish list? I own 227 figurine and I have actively hunted my grail's so this would be a difficult decision if it ever could come to be reality. My current wish list is a hodge podge of different scales and types of figurines. So would I or would I not make the switch.


My collection is reflected in this wish list with the exception of a man character that I wish would actually get a figurine at one point. There are cancelled items which we all know will never see the light of day .But that is beside the point. For me even though the temptation would be great as there are a few hard to get items on this list they are still available for a certain price. Usually a well inflated price.

I would have to say that even though I have thought of this many times I would stick to what I have. My reasoning is that it's in the hunt that you can thus find a greater love for a figurine; if you can just click your fingers and get whatever you want you will not love it as much and grow to dislike the item and just replace with the next click of the fingers.

Would you post your wish list as I did and comment?

I look forward to seeing what people would do. look forward to comments...

= )

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A bit late, but ngl I would trade my current collection for my wishlist.
It will be a pain in the ass for me to get the souls borne series 1/4 figurines since they were limited and costed 600$ at releas and now they sell them for ludicrous prices.
Better recollect everything I have till now and I would probably pay less than those figures alone, and I still have ~150 more on my wishlist.
Hace 5 meses
Thank you to everyone for posting and I really appreciate all the people that said it was an interesting question. I love trying to make good blogs.

= )

Hace 7 meses
There's a lot on my wishlist that I'd love to own but I don't think I could trade my entire collection for everything of it, I've way too may holy grail figures that I've hunted down so really I'd end up losing out if I was to trade, interesting question though. :)
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I don't have any wished figures atm so...no.
Hace 7 meses
I have a small collection and even smaller wishlist, I just use my wishlist for items I plan on buying. Trading figures seems like a pain anyway.
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I wouldn't switch. If the figure is still on my wishlist and not on my owned its because they aren't a priority (if they've been released yet of course)
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i dont use the wishlist feature on this site cause i hate how it adds to the 'figures' total and i only keep a list of figures coming out soon that i plan on buying (its a bit outdated though, need to clean it out haha) so no, i would not D: but if i kept a wishlist of every figure ive ever wanted... im not sure id make the switch anyway, because those can always be obtained in the future -- theres nothing to be lost. meanwhile, theres no telling if id find a good deal on my chiaki nanami 1/8 again and id rather not spend over $70 on any one nendoroid thats gone up in price since i purchased it, so...
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No, I view my wishlist as a planning tool. I like to keep it small and manageable, plus it's constantly changing. All items on my wishlist are also within my budget and readily available. So if I trade all I own to everything on my wishlist, I would end up with items that I'm not entirely sure of and regretting the decision (^^;)
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmm.. I don't think I can ever part with my louises haha
I tried once, sold Chara Ani Louise and regret it even today.. Not to mention I got some rare pieces which I can't ever get back..

As for the rest.. Well on a few exceptions I think I could trade in most. If I look at my huge maybe sales and sure sales I'd say approx 1/3rd or 1/2 is ready to get a new home and replace those with new figs :)

So it's a bit of a yes and no.

The 50 in my hunted/prio figs, yes I would trade those for my definite sales or even maybe sales. I keep my wl short and in a priority list. I sort on prio, maybe and less wished.
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kzkr 甜花ちゃんマジ天使
I only have one thing on my wish list (and it's a tapestry, not a figure), but I would easily trade all the figures I own for it. If I had to include goods and media then I couldn't do it though.

The item (NSFW): ITEM #761942
Hace 7 meses
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