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Perfect nendoll house?Perfect nendoll house?

Seeking out a diy doll house from wish. I need to for my nendolls. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Are you looking for single rooms or a whole dollhouse? As mentioned earlier Sylvanian houses are great with nendoroids so if you want the whole house, you could get one of those and just DIY the accessories to make it homely.

Those kits you're looking at on Wish/ Robotime stuff are also great for nendoroids; it just depends on what style you're looking at and how reliable Wish is for that. There are too many varieties to suggest one to you. sutema.net/lowp... BLOG #41919 BLOG #28716 BLOG #25964

There are also papercraft kits you can consider making. I'm not 100% sure of the scale of these but they're free (*´ڡ`●) paperm.jp/craft... (red button for PDF, purple for manual in JP; I could translate if needed) www.maxfactory.... Max Factory also has a few for figmas, so should be fine for nendo too
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From what I've seen, Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters (UK/US names, respectively) doll houses are a perfect fit scale wise with Nendoroids. They're not DIY, but I think if you like a bit of crafting, a new coat of paint/custom detailing will scratch that DIY itch and make a really great display.
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robotime looks cute but is quite low quality
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