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Happy Winter-Fall-Snowy-Autumn-Raining-Michigan-Ridiculousness!
Yesterday, I walked the puppy in the rain at 48 degrees (F) .. it was messy and overcast, but it was easy on the skin with a nice breeze in the face. Today, it’s 22 degrees, there’s snow on the ground, and it hurts my face when I go outside to let the puppy do his business. Tomorrow, I’ll probably wash my car in 55 degree weather with bright sunshine and songbirds flitting to the tunes of Disney melodies. Ahh Michigan, I sure do love/hate you!! :)

Back Story
I don’t exactly remember the moment that I saw this figure for the first time, but I DO remember thinking that if there was only one other figure that I could ever add to my collection, it would be this figure. I don’t know the character or her story. I don’t know if there’s any significance to her pulling on a lacy-topped stocking. What I do know .. is that as a guy who appreciates a beautiful feminine leg, this makes the leg lamp from A Christmas Story look like a 25-year-old bowling trophy in a grungy attic. This figure screams femininity louder and with more purpose than any figure I’ve seen, and it was at the top of my most-wanted list immediately.

In early November, I received a private message through the MFC site from another member who had a Catherine figure that he wanted to sell. His starting asking price was $260-ish (as I recall), and he wanted to let me know that she was available for purchase. I let him know that the price was a little more than I had at the time to spend on figures, but I was curious if she had the Japanese holographic stickers, or if he could provide pictures of the sealed box, etc. He complied immediately and sent great photos of the box, and his communications were polite and prompt. The only thing that made me uneasy was that he was from Singapore, and for some strange reason, I immediately equated (in my Midwest America narrow-focused fashion) this area of the world as an untrustworthy zone of fake copies, cheap knockoffs, and untrustworthy individuals. I recognized the lunacy of this immediate reaction quickly, and it honestly disgusted me with myself. I grew up in a family of missionaries and exchange students from all over the world, and I LOVE people of all diversities and backgrounds – I’ve learned far more positive things about life from those who don’t look like me than those who do.

So, I decided to go against my ignorant instincts, and I continued to communicate with the gentleman from Singapore, and after a week, he dropped his price to $220, so I took him up on his deal. He sent additional photos of his packaging process and made sure that I had all of the tracking info from start to finish. When the package arrived, it was a little squashed – he had used a ton of large bubble-wrap and plastic mailing bags to create the package, but there was no actual box to protect the product box, so there was a little damage, but nothing that I was all that upset about (I’m not a collector who feels it necessary to keep every box pristine … yet!).

And now, she’s in my display case, and I’m absolutely thrilled that a guy on the other side of the planet reached out to me – also more than a little ticked with myself for having doubted someone simply because of their address.


Max Factory
Catherine – 1/7 scale -- ITEM #78655
Sculptor: Shining Wizard @ Sawachika -- ENTRY #11975
Vendor: private MFC seller ($220.00 in November of 2019)

The Box
The box for this figure isn’t exactly large for the size of the figure within, but it’s certainly adequate to protect her, as I found with shipping method of the seller. A little bit of pressure happened somewhere on the way from Singapore to West Michigan, but it happily didn’t cause any damage to the figure within.

I like the color and design of the box, with a couple of images of the figure on the sides and back and a nice window in the front, right side, and top. I’m not sure that the pink color works great with the color scheme of the figure, but I can definitely see it attracting attention from the shelf in a store.


The blister packaging was well thought-out, but there was a little wobble from the figure within, and I don’t know that it had anything to do with the box getting a little squashed in the front. After removing the blister packaging and figure, I couldn’t see any stress points in the plastic, but there was a good quarter-inch of available movement from the figure within. Fortunately there weren’t any delicate parts that could have been damaged in transit.


The Figure
This is hands down the simplest figure I’ve purchased to date in regards to the parts – just the base and the figure.

The base is a cool studio-style prop (a medium height rectangular box-shape) with a piece of white fabric thrown over it. The sculpt is great and is both immediately recognizable and forgettable at the same time. With all such props, you’re supposed to subconsciously notice it and then focus only on the model, and in this case, Catherine is the focal point while sitting on a very proper prop. Two small pegs rise from the seat area of the base to give Catherine a very solid foundation.


Catherine comes as a single piece with a couple of holes at the base of her spine for the corresponding pegs from the base.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
When Catherine is placed on her base, the real magic of this figure shines through in the balance of the legs and her upper body. When I look at the majority of the figures on MFC, I can clearly understand the impetus behind the pose, and perhaps even a little of how the designer came up with it. But in this case, it’s such a unique pose with really only a single purpose (that of pulling on a stocking over a ridiculously long leg), that I am mystified by its origination.

With that said, I don’t care anymore about the “how” or the “why” … I only appreciate that it was accomplished so beautifully.

As this figure is really quite simple in its overall presentation, I want to focus most on the features that might have been lost on most casual viewers as they hurry past Catherine’s page on MFC. We all know that she has great legs, but it’s the additional tiny features that really make this figure special to me.

There isn’t really much to say about Catherine’s skirt, other than .. it’s really short … and in this particular position, not very protective from peepers.


But when you focus on the skirt, you are immediately aware of three separate instances of a lacey pattern that has been added to the top and bottom of her camisole, the lace choker that she wears, and the top of her thigh-high stocking. I love this delicate heart pattern and appreciate the talent of the sculptor to include it in such precision.


Catherine appears to be wearing a pair of white knickers, only really visible from this one perspective.


Catherine’s camisole is partnered with the only strong punch of color for the figure (other than her hair and eyes) – a bold, red ribbon and bow that encircle her torso and knot just below the breasts. Her body beneath the camisole has been sculpted so beautifully in what I feel is a wonderfully realistic shape and size. Notice, too, the delicate lines of her bra straps alongside the straps to her top – wonderful design work!


Even though the positioning and pose of the body doesn’t appear realistic at first, when viewed directly from the side, I have no problem believing that her spine could bend in this fashion – it’s really not all that dramatic at all. What might be a little harder to believe is the act of balancing the body in this manner, but I’m willing to suspend my criticism for the joy of the display of such gorgeous legs!


While Catherine’s hands aren’t displayed in a manner that makes it easy to photograph the detail, I can assure you that they are realistic is size and position and are wonderful examples of the sculptor’s skills.


Catherine’s legs are just slightly exaggerated in length, but it’s enough to make them seem like they go on forever. The juxtaposition of the two – one basically relaxed and helping to hold her balance, and the other raised with pointed toe is, in my book, the epitome of feminine grace. The sculpt of ankle, calf, and thigh are all perfect, and even the feet have enough definition to satisfy a “toe enthusiast”.


From the little bit of character info that I’ve found about Catherine, her hair appears to also be one of her signature features, and they’ve really nailed the sculpt for this figure! I love the springy coils of blonde hair, as well as the graduated curtains that are her bangs. Her face is so beautifully framed by the details – lovely!


The seam at the top of her head is well sculpted, but not very well hidden.


I really love the delicate palette for this figure – shy of a couple of bold colors, everything else falls into roughly the same family of cream and peach tones. Catherine’s skin is a beautiful shade with slight pink undertones, and it is perfectly accentuated by the slightly iridescent notes of the stocking color – the implication of the sheerness of the stocking is wonderful in this case.


I kind of wish that her hair was a more natural shade of yellow, but understanding that the figure is based on an anime/manga character, I can enjoy the bold color as being completely realistic for a fictional character.


As mentioned previously, the bold red of the ribbon and bow does a wonderful job of breaking up overall light tones of the figure, and the detail of the painting is phenomenal. There isn’t a single line or smudge that isn’t executed with perfection and precision.


Catherine’s face is absolutely beautiful! Though she isn’t perhaps endowed with the more typical anime-esque facial features, she still has enough of an “animated” appearance that you get the feel for what her character must look like on the screen or the page. With delicate pink lips and amazing bright blue eyes, she looks out at the viewer as if you’re just a slight observation in her normal morning dressing stage.


Overall Presentation
Catherine sits on my top shelf, surrounded by four of my other favorite figures, and in this manner, she is an amazing centerpiece to a fantastic display of talent and skill. I love how different she is to every other figure I own in pose without losing an ounce of control in the spotlight. There is both innocence and a little bit of mischief in her body and face, and I love the fact that both can be displayed so subtly and perfectly.

Catherine is a unique figure that you may have glossed over on your way to other more energetic or buxom figures, but let me tell you, she has a sensuality and appeal that rivals every figure in my collection. You would not be disappointed with her on your shelf!

Here are a couple of comparisons that I thought might be of interest in the way of color, size, and presentation.

The first comparison is with Saber – Fate/Extra CCC - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Onepiece ver. (Alphamax) -- ITEM #287579

I like that these two figures look like they could almost go together from their color palette. They both have beautiful, long legs, and I think they have both been crafted to accentuate that fact to perfection. I wonder if Catherine would have been the same in appearance if her hair had been more of the subtle tones of Saber. I also like the shared red color, and the white of Saber’s socks and Catherine’s base creating a similar foundation for both figures.


The second comparison is with Racing Miku 2011 – GOOD SMILE Racing - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2011 (Good Smile Company) -- ITEM #98976

I wanted to throw in a figure with a lot of color and figured I might as well add a size comparison into the mix at the same time. Catherine is a 1/7 scale, and Miku is 1/8 scale, and this is finally a side-by-side that really shows the difference in scales. I also like the difference in the simplicity of Catherines pose and glance compared with the whirlwind of motion and confident smirk of Miku. They’re both delightful.


The third comparison is with Kanna – Original Character - Skytube - Yuzuki Kanna - 1/6 (Alphamax) -- ITEM #549591

I really love this comparison because while both ladies are beautiful and sexy in their own respects, the difference in their approach is really quite stunning. While Kanna is rather overt with her nearly-revealed bosom and wardrobe draping in a way that screams “rendezvous”, Catherine’s simple act of pulling on a delicate, silvery stocking is so sensual (intended or not), that the viewer can’t help but be aware of her sensuality. Discreet vs. overt – both are winners, but I have to say that I’d lean toward the elegant discretion of a non-self-conscious woman getting dressed every time.


Lessons Learned
First, don’t fall into an ugly trap of stereotyping people because of how they look or where they live.
Second, listen carefully when someone reaches out to you with an offer that perhaps unintentionally matches a wish – while this seller knew that I wanted this figure (it was on my MFC wanted grouping), he didn’t know HOW MUCH I wanted this figure.
And third, sometimes sticking your neck out and trying something a little scary can result in not only a beautiful figure on your shelf, but also an understanding that this hobby is global – there are buyers and sellers everywhere, and we all might have something to share with a different corner of the world.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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lesser-robot-catHace 8 meses#71709866Beautiful figure from an incredible game. I love the attention to detail in your review and photos.

Thanks! I have a great time showcasing these lovely ladies!
Hace 8 meses
Beautiful figure from an incredible game. I love the attention to detail in your review and photos.
Hace 8 meses
Another nice review! Catherine is cute but i get distracted by Miku XD
Hace 8 meses
Her face is absolutely unique and stunning. It gives me a very French vibe, if that makes sense. My favorite part about this figure is probably the lace sculpt around her body. I love the way the stocking pulls around her fingers as if she's still gripping it. I love the lace on her back, which I am assuming are bra straps or some kind of detailing from her shirt? I also really like the color play. With Saber, I felt like she was too much red, which makes it difficult for me to know where to place my eye. However, with Catharine, I immediately see the one pop of color and focus on ... well, I suppose they were very smart with where you put the brightest color (center) to allow your eye to explore. Very cool figure, not one I would get myself, but very beautiful.

I'm interested to know what figures you have around her on your shelf? AKA which are your four favorite others? (I'm guessing it's your "top five" shelf?)

PS: That pose/balance she is doing is totally doable. I actually did something very similar to it in pilates today. We call it teaser, you lay flat on your back and then use your abs to go up into a v shape very similar ... and her pose may even be easier than that, haha! I'll have to test it out later.
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victorviperHace 8 meses#71644997It's an interesting figure, but for some reason I just never got into Catherine. I like puzzle games, and I like anything even tangentially related to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, so I should have really liked that game, but for whatever reason it just never drew me in.

I just found out that it was a game and watched the trailer. Looked kind of interesting and some of the graphics looked cool, but I’m not sure that I have the time or money for another game. I’d rather spend it on another figure anyway! :)
Hace 8 meses
It's an interesting figure, but for some reason I just never got into Catherine. I like puzzle games, and I like anything even tangentially related to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, so I should have really liked that game, but for whatever reason it just never drew me in.
Hace 8 meses
Great review and lovely figure. It's a shame that this one wasn't re-released with the release of Catherine Full Body game!
Hace 8 meses