My Dear Buuny ver. Miku by FREEingMy Dear Buuny ver. Miku by FREEingReview

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Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing Miku in a bunny suit that was based on the Project Diva Arcade game. I brought this from USA Gundam Store with a 30% off coupon. The original cost was around $350 with free shipping. With the coupon applied the figure cost was $245 with free shipping + $20ish taxes.

We all know Miku has a billion figures out there and this is just another one. So enjoy more Miku in your life!

Thank FREEing for making every character they can license into wearing bunny suits.

USA Gundam’s shipping box was slid in front of my house porch as the FedEx guy ran away when I came rushing to the door to see what happens.


Here is what my porch looks like and it ain’t a smooth slide for the box. It really got me worried about the condition of Miku.


It’s a fairly okay sturdy box.


I appreciate that there was a lot of air bags to cushion Miku’s box. Keep at it Ben!






The box is pretty big, but that was expected of a ¼ scale. (My first ¼ scale >w<)
Now here is some minor damages on the box that I am not sure how they came to be. It could have been due to FedEx handling. Or when USA Gundam receiving this from FREEing for stock. I will never really know. However I do not care too much about the box as long as it protects the figurine inside.






End of minor box damage pictures.



Standard packing for the main body, but them twin ponytails get the best of the packaging. FREEing CARE ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THOSE HAIRS!



It is a plain blue disc. Super plain and it bores me to death, but that the fate of this Miku figure. Notices how the two plastic thingy that you usually see attach to the base are not attached. You got to attach them yourself because why not *^*


Here is the plastic thingy attached to the base. Since FREEing made me work hard to put these on I now will rate this base higher. +1

Figure/Sculpt + Hair Drama


This is how much plastic that lives behind this Miku figure when you grab her out. Plastic plastic plastic.


I left the two plastic wrapping around the arms because I have read about hair leaving paint mark during attachment to the head.



I noticed there was white dust behind the bunny tail which was strange. I got a baby wipe to get rid of it. It did not leave any lasting mark or anything. So all good neh.
Onward to the twin ponytails!


So the hairs were put in a plastic bag and bubble wrap. FREEing trying to tell me something here… what could it be?


Here is the right side of the two ponytails. I like how wavy hair it almost make me want to grow my hair long again lol.


Wow she looks gorgeous with one ponytail. I am tempted to keep her with just one insert. Maybe in the future I will display her like that.


Here is the left side of the two ponytails. The one that GoodSmile warn people. It can not be that bad right???

Hair Drama:
I start pushing the left ponytail into the slot in Miku’s head. I push and it holds, but it will not go any deeper. I started to use my left hand to push Miku head’s into the ponytail and my right hand to push the ponytail into Miku’s head. Thirty seconds in, I am beginning to sweat from my hands. I start thinking about how my sweaty hands are all over Miku’s face and hair. I am worried about learning smudges. So I readjust how I push the ponytail in and make the attempt again to push. Three minutes in, I begin to have thoughts about why did I do this to myself? Why is Miku being cruel to me? Was this FREEing’s plan to get me into bunny girls? The more I suffer trying to put this hair piece in the more likely I will enjoy bunny girls? After having these thoughts I stop and went online to see what people did to get this in. They just did by pushing. Then another thought came to me, am I weak? Is this a test of strength and delicate maneuver? Then all of a sudden, I have an idea! I should angle the ponytail slightly downward and slightly push/bend Miku’s left arm. It worked. It only took 15 minutes of my life, but hey that's what suffering for joy is for.



Now I did notice that left ponytail insert was still out a bit while the right ponytail insert was completely in. I almost decided to pull out the left ponytail and do the hair drama all over again, but I look on MFC pictures of this figurine. Turns out this is normal. That is pretty sad. Much drama much crisis. Lot of FREEing plotting in the background.

Now different views of Bunny Miku from the four basic angles.





Sculpt wise, FREEing has done a beautiful job at capturing this version of Miku from the DIVA Project Arcade game.



The way her skirt puffs up and the wrinkles around the buttons appears naturally.


You can definitely see how tight this bunny suit is on Miku :p


I love the twinkle star in Miku’s eyes. The hair veins are nicely sculpted as it gives the hair volume and puffiness.





The fingertips are done nicely and does not look like a deform small monster hands.



I love the attention to detail of the armpit for the arm that up high because it looks realistic. How the muscle contracted inwards when you lift up an arm. The way Miku's hair waves and curls are the standard Mikuness.



Stocking on legs are standard for bunny girls. No screw ups from what I can see.



Here is a close up of the heels. Solid shade of blue heels.


Painting wise, FREEing has done a great job at not messing up the bunny suit. Especially the text pieces on the skirt. I love how they made the bunny suit shiny and how much shading they put into Miku’s hair. The hair is not one dimension of blue, but several different layers or shades of blue. It really make her appear more lively in the pose. However there are minor flaws in this particular Miku’s hair. There are some very very very very very minor blobs of paint that can stand out if you put your face right into it. If you check back on the pictures above, you may notice these blobs. Other then that FREEing has successfully made another bunny girl with our Internet Diva Miku.


The water bottle size comparison has returned!


Ah. Definitely taller than a standard water bottle. Hmmmm….


Ahhhh!!! Even taller than two water bottles!! Well she can't be taller than three water bottles, so too bad for her.


Bunny Miku next to Kotobukiya Zero Two.


A Miku plushie next to Bunny Miku.

The point is that I have noticed that majority of FREEing bunny girls are in some kind of sitting pose. There are some that stand and some stand at a bend angle. This Miku proves to be taking up lots of space on shelves, deskt, or wherever you decide to display her. Be careful with this figurines and pray for space.

Verdict/Final Thoughts

If ya into bunny girls then why not go for this one as well. If ya thinking about getting your first bunny girl then take this Miku as your waifu. IIf ya into Miku get this one because why pass up Miku in a bunny suit. Will this ever happen again?! Who knows? Miku is an endless figurine producing machine as she is an endless producing singer of songs. FREEing has done a great job like I said earlier in the blog they had made another successful bunny girl.

Where to buy her?
On the day of this post, she is available in AmiAmi, Mandarake, Crunchyroll, USA Gundam, and etc. The price ranges from $250 to $300 for Japanese shops not including shipping. The price ranges from $340 to $420 for USA shops which generally includes free shipping.

Do I like Miku?
Speaking from what I have in my collection, yes. I disregard this Miku when it came out on preorder last year as I was not working and it was more expensive from what I usually buy in this figure collecting hobby. Now that I have been working and able to provide for myself beside using leftover financial aid from college this Miku has made it way into my life <3.

Hey it is an obiligatory skirt shot. NSFW
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/10/13/2314504.jpeg


Oh she ain't wearing panties. This a naughty Miku my cats.

my Internet was down if you noticed with my laptop screen
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Thank you for reviewing this. I was on the fence about this one for a while as I'm iffy on Freeing's quality, but after seeing all your pics and comments, Bunny Miku feels worth it now.
Hace 11 meses
Legs for days!
Hace 11 meses
She's a beauty! She looks flawless painting wise from what I'm seeing in the pictures. Pointless comment I know, but I was drinking a Costco water bottle while you used the same brand in your pictures.
GerardHaZHace 11 meses#68641831Nice review! Now that I’ve seen her in detail, I want her. Though I would have to sell my two legs to have her :(
Unlike other people, I love that kind of simple acrylic bases, I don’t know, they’re much better than a plastic opaque base.

Yeah, a clear base would be more boring than a colored one. But I think it would be cool if they went with a red carpet-like base! Like on this figure for an example. myanimeshelf.co...^_^
Hace 11 meses
Nice review! Now that I’ve seen her in detail, I want her. Though I would have to sell my two legs to have her :(
Unlike other people, I love that kind of simple acrylic bases, I don’t know, they’re much better than a plastic opaque base.
Hace 11 meses
She’s cute! But that base is pitiful
Hace 11 meses
Great review! She's absolutely gorgeous and definetely stands out compared to regular bunnies. I love how Freeing took effort to make her bunny suit and everything so unique. Wish they'd do that more often though.
Hace 11 meses
This is a really well-written and very funny review. Miku without her twintails or with just one makes her so adorable and beautiful. The eyes are sparkling and stunning, she truly seems happy. The blush and face sculpt are so, so perfect. The shades of aqua and spearmint are unique, calming and fantastic colors for the hair, and the poofy fringe this Miku has is quiet nice.

The descent of his review on the “Hair Drama” part into an existential crisis on if you were weak is a mood. I had major trouble with GSC’s harvest moon Miku- attaching her to the base was time-consuming and hurt the foot a bit. FREEing must want to make you struggle, they’re out for you and only you, they made this figure a difficult one to assemble and shipped it to you specifically lol.

Bunny Miku’s breasts seem larger compared to the other figures, but that could be the tight outfit.

Anyways, nice review, I’d like to see another one sometime.
Hace 11 meses
Awesome review! I may get her sometime in the future especially since it is a bunny figure of Miku
Hace 11 meses
Thanks for taking your time to make this review!!! That's quite a bargain you got that bunny Miku for and I'm pretty jelly af!!

I knew that this bunny Miku is huge but I didn't think it'll be taller than 2 water bottles stacked high... that definitively puts things into perspective lol
Hace 11 meses
Wow!! I was not expecting the figure to be that big when you finished assembling her. I agree, her base is boring, but you doing the work definitely gives it another star ;~)

Sorry but I totally laughed when you talked about your hair issues. Great humor in your review, thanks for making me smile!
Hace 11 meses