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So I know this question has probably been asked many times but I just love seeing everyone's answers! What was your first anime figure? What was your first scale figure, prize figure, nendoroid, figma, bootleg?

My first figure, and first prize figure, was ITEM #296425. I got it for Christmas and just loved it! This figure is what got me into figure collecting. I just loved being able to see my favorite characters standing on my shelves!

First bootleg was of ITEM #269718. I bought it off of Wish thinking it was just a good deal, not knowing about bootlegs at the time. He was hideous. I learned my lesson. Super cheap figures are cheap for a reason.

First scale figure was ITEM #394470. I was in awe over the detail on this figure! I love the anime and the manga so I just had to get this figure. Worick is one of my favorite characters and this figure is still my favorite today.

First nendoroid was ITEM #72164. The anime is so funny and I love the character! I'm surprised they even made a figure for Level E.

I don't collect figmas but I know many others do.

So what are your figure firsts? I would love to know!
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I also really love series Gangsta, and Worrick is one of my favourite characters (more from a fangirl side XD)! I would love to get his figure one day!

My first figure ever: ITEM #4741
I only collect scale figures (no prize figures, figmas, nendos...) But I love this one (I spend 10$ on inculuding shipping) equaly as others I spend over 100$. I do not count her as part of my collection, but as a memory.
First scale: ITEM #13760
I don't like her enymore and I am trying to sell her, because I totaly changed my figure asthetic. I bought her for total of 18$
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MyondazeHace 9 meses#67204500My very first figure was ITEM #102538 I got her at Youmacon 2013!

I've been to Youmacon too!
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heroizumiHace 9 meses#67204383My first scale is actually the same as you! ITEM #394470 Worick is still one of my favorite characters and I'm so glad I got him and Nic!! My first quasi-itabag was a Gangsta one too XD

It's cool that we have the same first scale figure!
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My first figure was also my first scale: ITEM #157013 I love the pose on this one and the different display options

First prize figure: ITEM #296468 This figure is soooo cool. The original version looks awesome too but but this unique shading won me over. If you're like 4 feet away it really does look 2D

First nendoroid: ITEM #549381 I had to get one of my favorite FMA characters. If they ever make a Winry I'll be getting her and Ed too probably. If I can find Ed. Lol.

First Figma: ITEM #492796 Luckily I found this guy at MSRP pretty recently. I have TP Zelda too - they look amazing together

I'll throw in first SH Figuarts too: ITEM #647494 This was an impulse buy when I saw him in a local store. Nice figure, definitely not as good as the other two DB SHFs I have.

I haven't stumbled on a bootleg yet. Hoping to keep it that way hahaha
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My very first figure was ITEM #102538 I got her at Youmacon 2013!

My first bootlegs were both ITEM #42081 and ITEM #12036 when I was 15 I asked for them for Christmas not knowing they were bootlegs >.> I no longer have them.

My very first scale was a go big or go home lol ITEM #39543

My first prize figure was ITEM #288956 in 2016.

My first (legit) nendoroid was ITEM #3142 who arrived with a broken neck joint that I later fixed with another nendoroid's spare neck joint.

Lastly my first figma was ITEM #78612 who was the pride and joy of my collection in my early days because when I got her all I had was only a couple trading figures!
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Hmm. I've been collecting for so long that I'm not very sure what my first figure was, but I think it was ITEM #3264 which I got from a Japanese bookshop that was in the Ohayocon 2005 dealers room. Sasuke was my favorite character in general for a very long time and remained my only non-trading figure for a while. I eventually sold him for probably much less than I should have >.>

I'm pretty sure my first prize was ITEM #7199 who I won from a crane game at a tiny arcade in Kawagoe, Saitama. I recently noticed that her value has skyrocketed. It's hard to believe I got her for 500yen. XD

To my knowledge, I haven't purchased any bootlegs as I didn't buy many figures for a long time.

My first scale is actually the same as you! ITEM #394470 Worick is still one of my favorite characters and I'm so glad I got him and Nic!! My first quasi-itabag was a Gangsta one too XD

My first nendoroid was ITEM #248117. I'd always looked at nendoroids, but always convinced myself out of it....then I saw him in person at Colossalcon. Hinata is one of my favorite Haikyuu boys and I remember once I got him that I knew I HAD to get Asahi whenever they created him <3

My first figuarts was ITEM #27194 which I bought second hand at a shop in Japan. I've since sold him because I was tired of my fingers hurting every time I tried to change his hands XD The spikes around his wrists are the worst, hahaha.
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My first actual scale was ITEM #317827, but she wasn't my first figure. My first figure was probably a Bakugo Funko Pop that a friend gave me as a gift.
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My list will be a bit shorter since I only collect scale figures and trading figures:

First figure & First scale figure: ITEM #7948

First trading figures: ITEM #23522 ITEM #94261 (both came with Collector's Box for Daphne in the Brilliant Blue DVD set and helped spark my interest in figure collecting)

First bootleg: Attempted to buy ITEM #450337 but ended up with a bootleg of ITEM #78685. My article discussing the whole episode is here: BLOG #42563

Nendoroid / Figma / Prize: None, I have no interest in these.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
First figure: ITEM #167102 I ordered two figures at the same time but opened this one first.
First Prize figure: I mentioned the figure that i opened first but because the two arrived at the same time: ITEM #83701
First Nendoroid: ITEM #297590
First Figma: ITEM #117918
First Scale: ITEM #167302
First bootleg: ITEM #143923 sadly
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First Figure: ITEM #26498
First Prize Figure: ITEM #711998
First Nendoroid: ITEM #396848
First Figma: ITEM #2987
First Bootleg: Never purchased one :)
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