iDOLM@STER - Otokura Yuuki - 1/7 - Come with me Ver. (Alter)iDOLM@STER - Otokura Yuuki - 1/7 - Come with me Ver. (Alter)Review

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Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to another review!

In this review I’ll be taking a look at ITEM #713430 Otokura Yuuki from Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls brought to us by Alter. The figure is based on the Come With Me! illustration card View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/milkypop1527349608.png. Now I haven’t changed in one regard and that is that I absolutely refuse to familiarize myself with idol franchises beyond what I already know. All this to protect my wallet ofc as I already spent more than enough money on cute idols. As such I obviously can’t tell you anything about Yuuki’s character, but despite all that I couldn’t avoid ordering her. Her positive vibe and beauty captured me from day one and now I can finally hold her in my hands. :3

Alter went for a mostly white and light pink for the design. While most sides are white with pink swirly decorations the right and left side turn this around by being pink with white decorations. The front features a large window allowing a great look at the figure within. Smaller windows can be found at the top and sides, but they’re more decoration than anything else. The only picture of the figure can be found on the back on the very same background they used for the cardboard inlay. I’m actually thankful that they didn’t plaster every free inch of the box with photographs of her and opted for a silhouette of her and a clock on the side.
Now the blister is nothing out of the ordinary but maybe a bit bigger than some might expect due to her outstretched arm and bent knees.

Yuuki comes with a mostly transparent circle base (diameter is around 13cm btw) with a pink color gradient towards the rim and accompanied by flower petals. To continue the theme there’s also a softly colored swirl ending in more flower petals. In and of itself it’s a cute idea and definitely better than just a transparent circle, but the execution is lacking imo. For one the metal peg holding the figure in place is very visible through the transparent plastic, yet it holds the figure very securely. However, she is still unstable because of the 2 plastic pegs holding the swirl itself in place. The base comes in one piece out of the box, but the swirl can be separated and if you move the figure around too much it comes undone pretty easily…
At some point I’ll probably glue it in place just to be on the safe side, because Yuuki could fall over, but just having to do that is a serious mistake they made while planning her.

Now for the full view...
Yuuki's pose looks very dynamic, like she's in the middle of a jump. Her clothes and hair are fluttering in the air and assuming that the base contains a swirl of wind it all comes together very nicely.

Apart from being unbelievably cute Yuuki’s smile can only be described as contagious. She looks so cheerful full that whenever I look at her, I can’t help but smile too. Like a little ray of sunshine in figure form. :3
The sculpted mouth and slight blush lines on her cheeks amplify her cute look and the color gradient in her eyes and lashes are really faithful to the illustration.

Yuuki’s hair accessory was recreated in minute detail from the lace to the ribbons to the pearls and little gold heart. For such a small piece it looks great, but there are a few small welds and bits of excess plastic to be found if you scrutinize it.

I have a hard time focusing on it but while her hair looks good overall, nicely shaded and with stray strands being cleanly sculpted it’s not perfect either. 2 strands in her fringe are glued in (and not cleanly at that since the edges are a bit rough) the same goes for the one on top of her head close to the very noticeable seam parting the front and back hair parts. Ofc all these things don’t look too great up-close, but I have trouble caring about them when I just look at Yuuki. X3

She is wearing a cute sailor-style dress that may look simple at first glance, but it has a lot of little knickknacks to offer. Her collar alone has the little gold symbol on the front (right under her sculpted collarbone), the dark blue glimmering line framed by the white swirls and the heart-decoration on the back. Additionally, the softly violet-colored and translucent sleeves feature stamped-in lace-like patterns.

At first, I was a bit confused because the dress bears so much similarity to a school uniform, but after some googling around (and discussions with friends) it seems to be a regular dress. The ribbon in front still very much reminds me of a uniform. Whatever it is though, it looks great with ample details to behold, the blue and violet color-gradient creates a nice base for the stripes and the finish contrasts nicely with the more matte collar. Plus, there is another little ornament that can be found underneath the bow.

The dress itself has a pearlescent/shiny finish that’s a bit hard to capture on pictures and subtle violet highlights reflecting the light. Everything about it screams high-class without being overdone imo. The ruffles in front framing the button facing as well as the small belt with the shiny dark blue rims. Plus, the dress’s fabric looks very light the way it folds and creases.

The seams look crisp and clean w/o being obtrusive while we also get a good look at Yuuki’s well-defined armpits. Btw this is as good a place as any, but Yuuki has the soft skin-finish Alter likes to use. ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

The back of the dress has glimmering lacing ending in another big ribbon adorned by something that strongly resembles her hair accessory. The lacing itself covers something that looks like accordion pleats.

Both the ribbon and the decoration are just as well-done as their predecessors. The ribbon straps(?) are flowing around, yet the fabric looks heavier than on the body of the dress. We also find another little ornament on one of the straps (is this supposed to be a brand?).

Yuuki is also wearing very detailed lacy bracelets. They might look simple, but the fabric and ribbon are very delicate. Her hands too are mostly well-done, with subtle nail-polish even, yet her left hand looks a little less elegant than the right one.

The skirt is very fanned out in Yuuki’s jump and complements the dress nicely, especially the checked pattern at the hem. A lot of times fabric can look thick and bulky on figures but that’s definitely not the case here. There’s even a see-through soft pink underskirt which looks incredibly delicate, especially with the color gradient.

I really love that they went for the stamped in lace pattern here as well.

View spoilerHide spoilerOfc there is the obligatory view under her skirt as well, but the highlight here imo aren’t the simple white panties (despite them not leaving much to imagination seeing how they cling to Yuuki’s body), but the underskirt (again).From this angle you get a clear view at all the creases and the pearlescent finish that makes the translucent plastic look nice (whereas clear/semi-transparent plastic often looks cheap on other figures).https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/09/01/2290751.jpeg

As a former child model Yuuki has a pair of very long slender legs, fitting her delicate physique. Shading sets highlights where needed (the knee area in particular) and her socks (again with gold decorations) softly dig into her calves while more shading makes them look semi-transparent.

To round off her outfit Yuuki is wearing simple brown leather loafers (so much in this outfit reminds me of a school uniform) or at least that’s my impression because of the glossy finish. The little golden buckler in front looks nice in combination with the brown leather and the shading and sculpt are spot-on.

Last but not least some size comparisons...
While Yuuki does have a character height of 163cm it's hard to put the figure into perspective because of the pose, she reaches a height of 19,5cm from the tip of her right foot to the top of her head, the whole figure reaches a height of roughly 25,5cm (including base and stray hair strand).

Yuuki may be on the big side for a female character, but she has very long and slender limbs and a very delicate body overall. As such it comes as no surprise that she doesn't look too out of place next to 1/8 figures like ITEM #549370 & ITEM #5148.

Edna ITEM #331483 looks ok next to her as well, but the scale difference is still there.

I've had my doubts at first but seeing normal 1/7 scales like ITEM #501857, ITEM #549458 & ITEM #549455 next to Yuuki make it obvious that she fits her scale pretty well. Hanayo and Rin also make another thing clear, that Alter was paid attention to making Yuuki bigger than your average female character.

If you want to you can even place her next to a 1/6 figure of your choice like ITEM #740522, since Yuuki's face is rather big.

Ok, I know she has some small flaws but otherwise this figure is just so lovely, and I have trouble dwelling on them (not that I try very hard to). Well, ok, the base does worry me...
Anyway, I fell in love with the promo pictures and now that I have her it’s gotten “worse”. I can basically just repeat what I already said… she’s beautiful and she makes me happy when I look at her. Who cares about the steep price-tag (and the aftermarket seems to be even worse) or that I don’t know her character when it can be just that simple? X3

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! ^^
If you don’t mind, I’d love some constructive criticism,
but if you don’t feel like posting any your thoughts on the figure are also very welcome. :3
Also, if there's anything in my collection you'd like to see a review of feel free to shoot me a message or something.^^
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MaakieHace 7 meses#75797143"Like a little ray of sunshine in figure form. :3"
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/moMd5EntFglTG/giphy.gif
I don't know, but my heart melted when I read that, haha. I'm slowly getting back into the hobby and this kind of stuff ramps up my motivation again. <3

I have my moments and it describes her perfectly imo.

Awwwww, a ball of fluff (♥ω♥*)(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

I'm slowly getting out of my slump too by now (it's still baby steps though). But I'm starting to feel that motivation and joy receiving figures again.^^
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"Like a little ray of sunshine in figure form. :3"


I don't know, but my heart melted when I read that, haha. I'm slowly getting back into the hobby and this kind of stuff ramps up my motivation again. <3
Hace 7 meses
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Myondazehace 1 año#66792000She's so cute!! Alter did a great job with her! ^^She sure is, might even be an instant favorite for me.
Well, the asking price was steep so if they had messed her up I'd have been quite pissed. X3
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Glashace 1 año#66752518Actually I can answer the question on whether or not this is a school uniform. You see the illustration it's based on is a regular theme in the game they release new cards of every april, i believe the official term is afterschool? it's meant to be school uniform based idol outfits.Thanks for the heads up! :3
That's really nice to know and explains why this outfit was so confusing for me, since I don't play the game. X3
But hey, as long as it looks good that's all that matters.
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She's so cute!! Alter did a great job with her! ^^
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Actually I can answer the question on whether or not this is a school uniform. You see the illustration it's based on is a regular theme in the game they release new cards of every april, i believe the official term is afterschool? it's meant to be school uniform based idol outfits.
hace 1 año