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Hi there! I'd love to see everyone's setups for their sfw collections!! ((Please no explicit nsfw figures/merch!! I'd like to keep this mostly sfw, skimpy outfits tho r okay!! ))
Sorry for rather low quality photos in advance!!
I'm a fairly new collector !! So please dont judge my setup too much!
First off my my holy grail my mythos stardust 1/8th
Then the rest of my vocaloid collection is on this shelf as well!! I have a few more pieces coming in the week so I'll update it once they arrive and I have them placed!
My second shelf I have in the making is my magical girl shelf! So far I have some little sailor moon chibis, madoka magica ((mostly mami bc I love her!! My partner and I are cosplaying as Mami and Charlotte for Halloween and then again at wizard world comicon in portland this February! If you happen to go and see me feel free to say hi!)) As well as some panty and stocking items I got from last years wizard world!! (I paid $50 for a blind box and received a shitty bracelet, belt, a compact mirror, and a little squishy of Stockings cat plush that fell apart after a week, psa don't buy blind boxes lmao,,, didn't even get a poster or small plush))

I know my collection is rather unimpressive, but I've only actively been collecting for a few months and I'm in between jobs right now so I budget myself $30 a month for merch and figures ;; I was lucky enough that my gf ended up buying me 2 music boxes of Miku, and a Miku plushie from a person here on MFC, the plush will be picked up tomorrow by my gf after they're done with work.

Anyway, I'd love to see more collections! I know mine isnt impressive in the slightest however I'd love to see all sizes big and small! Whether you've been collecting for 10+ years or just started this week!!
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We’re both starting on the collecting thing, you’re not alone! My collection is as small as yours. Sadly I’m not at home, so I can’t post pictures :(
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This is from earlier this year though. I guess I should add an updated photo soon. https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/bambipie1553914700.jpeg
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Lexiy The WCF Aficionado

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This will be my third year collecting figures. My two main displays:


The Chopper figure looks out of place but I will be moving him once the other three Kotobukiya My Hero Academia figures I pre-ordered arrive.

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Currently, I am slowly running out of space for scale figurines. I have room for perhaps one or two more scales. As you can see I put my laptop inside because the shelf also function as my desk.

Psshhhh it's a 2008 Leveno. IT STILL WORK LOL... oh and I got to dust soon


The same can said for the chest drawer as space os slowly running out. I used art printed I brought from past AnimeExpos to be the floor for my figurines x3. I think in a month or two I'll change the set up and switch out things around.


I may bring some figurines to my workplace to decorate my office room, but the children I work with might damage it. So hmmmmm.....
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Your collection may be small right now, but it's a great start. (And I'm happy to see those Makoto and Ami mini figures found a good home!)

Here's my current collection. Still looking to eventually get a detolf.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://u.cubeupload.com/_midari/IMG0272.jpeg





I bought ITEM #183793 & ITEM #558 recently, just waiting for them to arrive.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
You have a lot of interesting items in your collection. Especially the Kyuubi plush, Miku Musicboxes and the Myethos Stardust are items i like. Keep up the good work going and have fun with hunting your grails.
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The collection as it currently looks.
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Slightly outdated pics of my office...



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Misu Karamatsu Girl
vallahhace 1 año#65447141Ooo!! Your ososan collection is so cool!! I still love osomatsu and I'm hoping for a season 3, it's hilarious and was right up my alley for raunchy humor ; v ;

Thank you !! ♥♥
I need a season 3 too ! Fortunately there is the movie in the meantime ! :3
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vallahhace 1 año#65447056Your miku shelf is really cute!! Its kinda obvious I love miku judging by my expensive preorder of her memorial dress figure and her racing miku 2019 literally releasing the next month after ;;
Ur other shelves also look really cool too!! I like the Eva one as well,,, it's on my watch list but I simply can never find the time to sit down and watch it ;;

Thank you! Also I am sure that memorial dress Miku will be absolutely gorgeous! And the racing design is cute too! Also about Evangelion, it is definitely a great series but maybe take breaks in between episodes or movies. I think it can be a bit heavy with the serious themes, and can make you feel bad or upset, especially if you relate with the characters feelings.
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