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  • Some independent sculptors use 3d printing too!! I have a houseki no Kuni kit by Moineu. Crystal clear, no bubbles, like there are with traditional casts ^^

    On the other hand I've got another cast by PuniNuko who made Diamond from houseki no Kuni. Very liney cast (from the print layers), with the sprues still attached. As well as one of her legs is made of a grey resin instead. The clear resin for her hair is still gorgeous, it'll just need more work than the other kit by Moineu needs haha. (Moineu's kit is made of white and clear resin, Puninukos has white, grey and clear resin)

    I have another kit by Moineu I suspect is also 3d printed but I can't tell though.

    I know user Muntoe here got a 3d printed original character kit at the recent wf2019w and it was bright green xD

    3d printed kits feel like the future to me. No molds needed and if sculptors really wanted, buyers could print their own kits at home!! The cost is still a huge factor as far as I know though.

    I for one welcome our 3d printed overlords. If I means less bubbles and better fitting yes please! The layering lines will probably be the biggest issue ignoring cost. I know at wf2019s they had prepainted 3d "kits" released too! (The material printed in colour!! No painting needed)

    Sorry for rambling on. This subject interests me. Especially when it can relate to garage kits
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