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Hi everybody!

I haven't written an article for ages (I got sick somehow) but slowly I'm back to life on MFC and I want to share today the unboxing review of the last figure I received: my 1st Tsume, HQS - Hitsugaya Toushirou from Bleach ITEM #542827

I chose to go with an unboxing review instead of a normal review because it seems to be too complicated to properly evaluate a Tsume figure, especially my 1st one.

I ordered Hitsugaya in France at Figurines Mania, a shop where I have already bought several figures such as ITEM #91377, ITEM #265075, ITEM #265073 or ITEM #225126.

First of all, the box is surely the biggest one I ever got, even my Dollfie Dream Snow Miku was astonished by the size of the parcel:


The shop sent the figure directly with Tsume's package. I don't know if it's usual but I don't think it's the safest or the most discreet way. Fortunately, they asked me whether I was on holidays or not before sending the figure so I won't complain.

The box of Hitsugaya displays the colors and logo of Bleach, and some pictures of the figure on the front and back of it:



On the top and sides of it, we can see Tsume's name and logo:



Now let's have a look of what is inside this huge box:



Every piece arrived safely thanks to the polystyrene protections. There are 2 envelopes inside the box, one for the assembling instructions and the other for the certificate:



The different parts of the figure: base, ice dragon's tail, ice dragon's wings, sword and name, small ice parts and one of the 3 flowers:








and of course Toushirou himself:






Personally, I love his angry face, it made him look more mature and gives the figure a real "battle feeling" if you know what I mean.

Now I'm going to show you the different steps of the assembling:




The small ice parts that come on Hitsugaya's shoulders:



With the sword:


In the end, it's not complicated to assemble this huge figure but it's not easy either, because the material is very fragile. To be honest, even with gloves and delicacy, I broke a tiny tip of ice when I attached Toushirou. It's completely invisible though, to the point that I can't say where the tiny tip comes from exactly. Moreover, some magnetic connections between the parts are a bit let's say loose but the pieces can't fall apart. It's more like there's some play.

Using the light from a window, I tried to catch the beauty of Toushirou's Bankai, Daiguren Hyourinmaru. It's so beautiful that I couldn't stop shooting it and it's hard to choose the pictures to share with you! I hope you'll enjoy too:















I didn't plan to display him with the flowers but I put one on him just to see how the Bankai looks with it. Just imagine that Toushirou is fighting Halibel and his Bankai has already lost two of its flowers!



So in the end, what do I think of Tsume's Hitsugaya in Bankai version? It's absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, nearly beyond the words. I don't regret buying it even though it's not flawless. I saw two flaws on my Toushirou, two scuplting residues I think, one on his left shoulder which can hardly be seen under the small ice part you put on the shoulder, and the other on the sword guard. I spotted both of them easily though so I guess the quality control could have been better on that matter. That's why I'm not sure I'd buy a second Tsume's. Somehow I was expected a better finishing stage.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having Hitsugaya. Even though his being 1/6, he can be displayed near smaller sized figures. Because of his child size, this scale suits better the "Bankai" purpose of the figure.

To end this review, I'm going to add a last picture:


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MirahoHace 11 meses#69729016Hi, mine just arrived. How hard did you have to push his sword into the dragon? I am having a hard time getting it in all the way at any angle... He is SO fragile, I don't want to damage him

Well, I had to push quite hard to get the sword into the dragon's mouth and I sweated a lot because of it. My biggest fear was, ofc, to break the blade of the sword during the process. I recommend you to look carefully at the "mouth's form" and try to find the right angle. I remember having shifted a bit the sword several times before winning out ^-^
Hace 11 meses
Hi, mine just arrived. How hard did you have to push his sword into the dragon? I am having a hard time getting it in all the way at any angle... He is SO fragile, I don't want to damage him
Hace 11 meses
I am in the U.S. Thanks for the info. I will go ahead an send them a message to see what the shipping cost will be.
hace 1 año
Pain17hace 1 año#64935390Wow that is cheap. I am thinking of buying the Tsume Ace on their website. Did you get it shipped to the United States, or somewhere in Europe? Thank you for your responses.
Where do you live? I'm living in France that's why I paid that price for shipping. It's the same whatever you order in France. The best should be to ask them before ordering.
It seems the stock is low for Ace so don't wait for too long.
hace 1 año
Wow that is cheap. I am thinking of buying the Tsume Ace on their website. Did you get it shipped to the United States, or somewhere in Europe? Thank you for your responses.
hace 1 año
Pain17hace 1 año#64905126Cool review. What was the cost for shipping through figurines mania?

The usual cost: 6,90€
Regarding the weight of the figure, it was a VERY good deal.
hace 1 año
Cool review. What was the cost for shipping through figurines mania?
hace 1 año
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Thanks for reviewing him.
I love Hitsugaya's facial expression. I was worried about the way Tsume would pack it but it looks very well packed. The ice crystals are nice but seeing your last picture i don't get the idea that i miss them. Great figure.
hace 1 año
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