Loot post - Di Gi Charat loot from Yahoo Auctions!Loot post - Di Gi Charat loot from Yahoo Auctions!Loot

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I've been treating myself to a fair amount of Di Gi Charat merch for the past month+ now, but wasn't making posts about them here since a lot of the stuff wasn't in the database, but I think I'll start doing these loot posts here now anyway. I have been consistently posting about these things via Instagram however.

So, this is the.... 6th haul of Di Gi Charat merch I've had so far via From Japan, 7th overall if we include the Dejiko doll I reviewed recently that I got through White Rabbit. Please someone stop me.

Anyway, onward to the loot! I got this box yesterday, these photos were taken yesterday, too.


First item is ITEM #291362, Chocola! Now the only one of these books I still need physically in my possession is Chocola Selection 2006, but I did buy it on Yahoo Auctions over a month ago. I'll be shipping that one out in a couple days.


This bag came with Chocola. It has a Dejiko tail and a bell attached. I think it was originally sold with the book? Correct me if I'm wrong.


Puchiko no Uta. CDs are one of my main focuses with this collection, I'm aiming to collect all of them. There's a lot, but I'm going to try for it anyway.


Puchiko no Uta 2. Which is in the database as ITEM #744830. As I buy these I might try to add missing Di Gi Charat CDs in the database here. There's over 100 but only a very tiny amount are actually in this site's database so far.


Piyoko LOVE Chuuihou, in the database as ITEM #602104.


Three Drama CD + single music CD boxes. Silver is missing its Voice of Heart CD, I'm going to have to buy it on its own tomorrow morning when I get paid...

Everything from the next item onwards was in one huge lot on Yahoo Auctions. I won the lot for only 1,000 yen (not that it becomes as impressive with how much I had to pay for shipping since this lot alone made this package have to be shipped with EMS, but you know).


A towel. Here's it's folded in half, it's about twice as long as it is here. I was unsure how I would be displaying this, ultimately I ended up folding it up and putting it on top of my hardcover Chocola artbooks, which my Dejiko doll is sitting on.


A small pillow or cushion featuring a similar design to that of the towel.


A Dejiko pencil case, Puchiko pencil case, and Piyoko coin purse.


Mouse pads.


The rest of the lot was all various stationary items. Clear files, note pads, stickers, even tiny office supplies.
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Amazing loot! I love seeing hauls that focus on one series, and Di Gi Charat is so nostalgic to me.
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KenmaKozumehace 1 año#64711706Wow all this Di Gi Charat merch is like a dream @-@ it’s really impressive how much is out there

There really is a lot! I've been browsing sites like Yahoo Auctions, Surugaya, Rakuten, etc a lot the past month and a half and it's crazy how much there is! I wish I had space to really dedicate a huge display for it... maybe someday. I'd love like an entire bookshelf or something entirely for it. Can't do that when I still live with my parents, collecting many other things and having everything I own in my bedroom, however.

victorviperhace 1 año#64712842It's always nice to see other Di Gi Charat fans.
There was a lot more stuff in this loot than I expected to see, given the age of the franchise!

Merch still comes out from time to time (especially in anniversary years like the 10th in 2008, 15th in 2013, and 20th in 2018), but stuff definitely seemed to have been coming out very quickly up until 2004 or so? Even strictly with CDs, they put out close to 100 (96 if my research is correct) CDs in the span of just five years, from February 1999's Welcome!, to December 2004's D.U.P. Memorial Album. Things slowed down significantly after that though, and 2005 up until last year only saw 18 CDs get released (7 of these were in 2008 alone).
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It's always nice to see other Di Gi Charat fans.

There was a lot more stuff in this loot than I expected to see, given the age of the franchise!
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Wow all this Di Gi Charat merch is like a dream @-@ it’s really impressive how much is out there
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