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  • I use polyester putty and carve it to shape. Bearing in mind it stinks and if you’re better at working from small to big, it’s not gonna be too suitable. I’d imagine clay like you’re using now is absolutely fine for beginners because you get instant feedback from shifting the material around.
    If you’re interested in polyester putty and how Japanese figures are made from that, check out the Plamo Tsukurou series on youtube. Not translated, but you get a rough idea of how it’s done and it’s fascinating!
    Here’s the full vid! It’s a long ‘un.


    If there’s anything specific you wanna know, I’d be happy to help with my limited experience.:)
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    Do you have any kind of experience that would be helpful for this sort of thing? Anything like repairing figures, painting really small details in 2D or 3D, being able to draw so you can plan out what the figure would look like from different angles, making some kind of accessory or pet or something for an existing figure, etc?

    It's probably a good idea to start off with some kind of kit or by making a custom nendoroid or other chibi figure. I've done both, and I still feel like a full custom is beyond me, but that's just myself.
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    Tip 1: Start small, be proud of your accomplishments no matter how insignificant they might feel, document your progress, and don't abandon your dreams.

    Tip 2: Watch other people do it on YouTube. Try searching for terms like "milliput sculpting", "custom figure", "diy figure", "cold porcelain", and so on. Even if the projects don't look like the one you want to make, watch them anyway and learn the techniques. Most of what I've learned about customizing Nendoroids came from watching Warhammer videos.
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    There are tons of guides out there on sculpting. Here’s one such guide. It’s for a miniature, but the basis of what you want in a figure you’ll find there. As for the material I recommend Green Stuff of Milliput the best. Easy to work with, good crafting times, and can survive some wear-and-year. For now we’ll skip on paint, sandpaper, and really everything else because you need to practice! And to do that, sculpt some small things. Seriously don’t try making a full figure yet it will only lead to frustration (speaking from experience of trying and failing at sculpting). Just sculpt small, simple things. Like a small dog or a frog. Or a square. Simple, less detail, that’s what you want. Once you master that, just gradually work your way up to bigger and bigger things.

    Granted, this is coming from someone who like said tried sculpting and it backfired. So, ya know, you do you. If you want to dive right in I recommend reading up on sculpting online and watching some videos at the very least. Another thing you can do is attempt to mimic an existing figure you already have. Seeing it in 3D is a lot better than 2D if you ask me.
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