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What's your favorite figure that has pastel or pink theme?What's your favorite figure that has pastel or pink theme?

kaityleekaityleehace 4 díasAsk MFC
I've recently been addicted to buying figures with the themes of pink or pastel colors.
ITEM #527496 is one item where I just love the color of her dress and how well it flows.

Another: ITEM #604650

So, what are your favorite figures with a lot of psatel/ pink themed?

(This may be a silly question, but I'm genuinely curious)
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i recently found these that i really love but i couldnt find them so i ordered the black vers. :3

ITEM #368585

ITEM #330970
hace 1 día
Kotobukiya's Asra Ninja Aoi. ITEM #676227

...Because it's the only pastel-colored figure I have.
hace 2 días
Mine is this one: ITEM #542924 .
I love that it's based on Ootsuka's artstyle.
hace 2 días
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
Kirito_ (hace 2 días) #59345153My current fsvorite is on its way soon ITEM #750392
So lucky! I've been hunting for a Hatsune Miku dollfie, she's goregous
hace 2 días
My current fsvorite is on its way soon ITEM #750392
hace 2 días
Cardcaptor Sakura has a couple of pastel outfits, but Angel Crown and Hello Brand New World are my favourites!

The Harvest Moon Vocaloids are all pastel and super cute! I really hope they make scales of the Kagamines and a Nendoroid of the matching Luka >3<

There's also Rozen Maiden's Hina Ichigo, Kirakishou, Barasuishou and Kanaria! However, the other three Maidens have darker colour schemes, so they might not match what you're looking for
hace 3 días
I don't have that much figure with pink or pastel color but damn I'm so obsessed with pink or any shades of pink. Pink is one of the best deciding factor for me in terms of selecting and purchasing a figure. You can look at the list of my owned figures and you can already tell just by the looks of it.
hace 3 días
NSFW but I was drawn to her pastel scarf

ITEM #604642
hace 3 días
This might not be fair, but I've gotta give it to ITEM #209589 as I'm a stickler for Medicom RAH's and her aesthetic is celestial on the eyes.
hace 3 días
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