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Cast Off Figures, Part 2: Company info [NSFW]Cast Off Figures, Part 2: Company info [NSFW]

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This article is not suitable for people under 18.
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ATTN: this is tagged as NSFW due to the subject matter.

A few weeks ago I posted part one of an article for Cast Off figures which was focused on their historical nature. This second part is focused on analyzing trends among the companies producing cast off figures.

The data being used was collected during the first week in February. Any updates to the MFC database since then are not reflected in this analysis.

Note: Figure photos in this article are from the MFC database. The chart images were created by me.

Which companies have made the most cast off figures?
Over 130 different companies (or circles for various garage kits) have produced cast off figures since 1997. Of these, there are 40 companies that produced only a single cast off figure, and 16 more that only produced 2 cast off figures.

By contrast, a couple of companies have produced over 100 cast off figures, and several others aren't far behind that triple digit mark. There are some familiar names are among them, but the positions of some might be somewhat of a surprise. To make the data presentable, I limited this next chart to only showing the top 12:


When I produced a similar chart for nopan figures, Orchid Seed wasn't even in the top 12, yet as this chart shows, it has been the top producer of cast off figures. This suggests that Orchid Seed's cast off figures are primarily topless ones. Daiki Kougyou is in second place compared to number one position on the nopan chart. This suggests that many of Daiki's cast off figures can be displayed bottomless or fully nude. Alphamax is not far behind in the third spot, and although not shown in this chart, their rate of cast off figure production exceeds that of either Orchid Seed or Daiki. If that continues, they could potentially overtake the second or first position in this chart in the years ahead.

The first surprise is Taki in the fourth position with 85 cast off figures, which is quite remarkable since they haven't produced any since 2011. Griffon isn't too far behind with 76 figures, and they too have exited the market. Thus, two of the top 8 companies producing cast off figures are no longer making figures.

Trends of the top cast off figure companies
The chart at the end of part one showed that the number of unique cast off figures being produced has been on a steady decline. To help examine this, I analyzed the data for the same top 12 companies listed above to look at the number of figures they produced each year. The resulting chart is rather busy, but it helps illustrate some key points:


Starting with Taki Corporation, you can see that they produced a huge number of figures between 2007 to 2011 with a massive spike of 44 cast off figures in 2009. No other company has come close to releasing that many unique cast off figures in a single year. However, quantity does not equate to quality; many of Taki's figures had problems. While they rode the early cast off wave, it appears they couldn't sustain their production, and they eventually flamed out.

This trend of producing many figures and then dropping off is not unique to Taki - several others seem to have followed a somewhat similar trend. Kaitendoh surged their number of cast off figures from 2008 to 2011 when they released 23 unique cast off figures, but after that their production dropped off. Lechery seems to be following this trend as well. They surged production between 2011 to 2014 when they released 29 unique cast off figures, but they have since dropped off as well.

Megahouse has also dwindled. As one of the early pioneers of cast off figures, it's interesting to see that their cast off figures steadily dropped since their peak in 2007, and they haven't released a cast off figure since 2017.

Out of the 12 biggest cast off producers, only 5 have any figures announced for 2019: Alphamax, Native, Daiki Kougyou, Orchid Seed, Lechery. There are some other companies outside the top 12 that are producing cast off figures, but those 5 from the top 12 accounted for 36 of the 55 cast off figures produced in 2018, and 25 of the 33 cast off figures announced for 2019 (as of when the data was captured during early February). Thus, despite the top 12 significantly declining their cast off figure production, the other companies don't seem to be stepping up to fill the void. Since 2016 there has been a market-wide downward trend in the number of unique cast off figures being produced.

There are 3 notable spikes in the chart (2009, 2012, 2016). It's not clear why those specific years had bigger surges of cast off figures, but several companies seemed to produce more figures during those years than during other years. This could be a factor of production cycles, or possibly related to licensing agreements for certain figures or lines of figures. For example, during 2009 there were many Queen's Blade and Ikkitousen cast off figures being produced such as these:


Trends of the other companies
There was also a huge spike in cast off figures from other companies in 2008 which becomes apparent when excluding the data for the top 12 companies:


Surprisingly, many companies produced at least one cast off figure that year, but in many cases it might have only been one to three figures total. After that year, several of those companies never produced another cast off figure. This suggests that some of those companies may have tried to jump on the cast off bandwagon by cashing in with their own cast off figures. However, their results may not have been strong enough to merit staying in this market segment.

The overall trend of these other companies largely mirrors what was seen in the top 12. After 2016, there has been a significant drop off in cast off figures.

Why are fewer unique cast off figures being produced?
The fundamental reason appears to be that some companies that used to produce many cast off figures are no longer producing them. In cases like Taki Corporation or Griffon Enterprises, the companies have quit the market entirely. Both of those companies suffered from various quality issues over the years which may have contributed to their downfall. Meanwhile, other companies like Megahouse are still producing figures, but not cast off figures. Their shift may be a result of chasing more mainstream and profitable segments of the overall figure market. Others are a bit harder to assess. For example, Lechery made a big splash with many cast off figures released between 2011 to 2016, but they seem to be struggling to release much since then. Are they suffering financially?

Castoff figures are more expensive to produce, and they incur some trade-offs. For example, cast off garments often look bulkier and won't be as form-fitting. Paint can transfer from cast off parts to other spots on the figure. Also, cast-off items or their fasteners can break. Some companies may have a warranty period where parts can be replaced, but supporting this will tend to drive up costs further since the company will need to stock extra parts and have a service department to support the replacement requests. Whether any of those are specific reasons for any of the companies to reduce the number of cast off figures being produced is unknown, but any of them could be factors.

Also, some newer figures are including interchangeable parts to switch between clothed vs. nude. These are not technically cast off figures, yet achieve a similar result. This method tends to look better since the clothing won't appear bulky, and it is likely more rugged since the interchangeable parts are bigger and less likely to break compared to small tabs that are commonly found on cast off items. However, interchangeable parts may be more expensive to produce, which could be a contributing factor in why some of these figures tend to have higher list prices.

Coming next...
I originally thought there would be only enough for two parts, but due to the amount of data to analyze, I've decided to break it into three. The third part will of the article will compare certain trends between cast off and nopan figures.

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vgadict (Hace 1 mes) #52758311
Finally, part 3 is going to have some interesting revelations that despite the downward trend in castoff, the market for adult figures appears to be undergoing a transition, and its future may actually be quite bright!
Thank you for sharing your analysis on cast off figures. I look forward to your next report for an interesting read. Cheers!
Hace 1 mes
RockGodItachi (Hace 1 mes) #52911506I'm shocked to see Dragon Toy is not here as they have produced quite a lot of cast off figures but maybe not as many as I thought!
Dragon Toy currently has 29 figures tagged with Cast Off (It was 28 when I grabbed the data for this article during the first week of February). At 29 cast off figures, it puts them in a tie for 16th place along side Kotobukiya, but still behind others like FREEing, Q-six and Volks, as well as the top 12 shown in the chart.
Hace 1 mes
RockGodItachi (Hace 1 mes) #52912082That's exactly what has happened to me, sad really but it has learnt me a lesson and that is all cast off figures have to be cast off at least once a month or problems could arise, mad really but yeah I was gutted when I found this as I wanted to do a sexy shot for her but when i went to remove her top it had cracked entirely and if I attempt to stretch it, it will undoubtedly snap. :(
Gotcha, I didn't realize this. Do you find you have to do this with all your cast off figures? Like most of my cast-off figures aren't the type with the stretchy clothes (like that Sonico). They're either the type with the hooks/tabs (like ITEM #236417, ITEM #287584) or the kinds with interchangeable parts. I was trying to leave the ones with the tabs alone as much as possible to avoid breaking those off.
Hace 1 mes
moonstarfc (Hace 1 mes) #52767176I bought ITEM #166004 pre-owned and the rubber straps seem to have dried and cracked, I feel like they will break if I actually tried to cast her off.

That's exactly what has happened to me, sad really but it has learnt me a lesson and that is all cast off figures have to be cast off at least once a month or problems could arise, mad really but yeah I was gutted when I found this as I wanted to do a sexy shot for her but when i went to remove her top it had cracked entirely and if I attempt to stretch it, it will undoubtedly snap. :(
Hace 1 mes
It's generally surprising to see just how much the cast off figure market has changed, as prices back then were actually pretty reasonable but as you said there were an abundance of them so for that it meant that no company really was cornering the market and it was still really wide open, today on the other hand being that there're only a smattering of companies left some that are hardly announcing or producing anything makes you realize that it's not just the manufacturing that drives the price up but the huge demand we now have for figures that are of high quality and have some form of interchangeable parts or accessories, recent figures from Alphamax (SkyTube) have become a lot lewder over the years with the addition of toys and bodily fluids (I know how else could I say this!??? lol) which involves extra manufacturing which in turn pushes that price up. I was shocked to see that these type of figures are going for over 15,000 JPY on some sites STP even more but again when you consider the sheer amount of work that goes into making one that ticks all the boxes it's no wonder the market prices have risen, as you stated companies are also catering to other markets as well such as Futa etc so this in turn will also drive prices up as there is a demand for these figures and the recent Ban ones show this. Native for me always seem to be the lewder option for cast off figures ( I have yet to own any from them) as theirs were always pushing the boundaries on lewdness but I feel with some of the recent SkyTube ones Alphamax aren't far behind! I'm shocked to see Dragon Toy is not here as they have produced quite a lot of cast off figures but maybe not as many as I thought! This has been very enlightening, I thank you for taking the time to research this and share it with us! :D
Hace 1 mes
I just hope the companies produce more cast-off nude loli figs. That is all.
Hace 1 mes
Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
Criscokid (Hace 1 mes) #52726495I hate this! The Senran Kagura: Burst Renewal release was delayed over a month because Sony had them remove the intimacy mode from the game. There is a reason for game ratings, we know what we should be getting when we purchase them.

Since Sony is censoring almost everything suggestive, I'll never have Senran Kagura/those titles on Playstation anymore.
I turned to PC. Any finally quit supporting Playstation/ Sony as a whole.
Hace 1 mes
Wobbafina (Hace 1 mes) #52801184What figure is the green-haired elf girl in the top right of the figure examples image? Very cool-looking!
That is Echidna from Queen's Blade: ENTRY #1913
The specific figure variant in that pic is this one: ITEM #9923
Megahouse produced several versions of her with slightly different color schemes.
Hace 1 mes
vgadict (Hace 1 mes) #52793012The 10 cheapest 1/6 scale cast off figures from 2008 that I found in the MFC database are these:
ITEM #3565 which listed for ¥6,476
ITEM #4400 which listed for ¥6,800
ITEM #1141 which listed for ¥6,825
ITEM #1072 which listed for ¥6,825
ITEM #1587 which listed for ¥6,980
ITEM #1948 which listed for ¥7,000
ITEM #4623 which listed for ¥7,048
ITEM #1007 which listed for ¥7,048
ITEM #1026 which listed for ¥7,057
ITEM #20109 which listed for ¥7,350
Those are definitely a lot more affordable compared to the price of a 1/6 scale figure today. I don't know if any of these reached 3x that price after release, but it's possible. On the other hand, some of these can actually be obtained for less than their original list price.
By 2010 all but one of the 1/6 scale castoff figures exceeded those prices, so the price inflation was already coming into effect by then.

Although I will say, the overall quality in sculpt and paint has improved when compared to the figures you've listed. I still don't think it justifies the current price rates.

While there maybe less cast-off figures in production at present, there has been an increasing number of cast-off loli and futa figures produced over the last couple years. This seems to be a growing trend.
Hace 1 mes
What figure is the green-haired elf girl in the top right of the figure examples image? Very cool-looking!
Hace 1 mes
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