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Anime Room a Secret from guests?Anime Room a Secret from guests?

Hi guys!

I just found out that we are going to be having my cousins staying over at our house for 3-5days (I don't know the exact days/date yet). These cousins are from out of town, of course. There will be a bunch of them coming over (max of 8 people-though I don't think it will be all 8 since we won't have enough room for them at all). I recently met them when we went for a wedding and stayed at their house.
The problem is, I'm very low-key about my love for anime, nobody but my family and some really close cousins know about it. I'm worried about them seeing my room since it is anime filled with posters, figures, keychains, stuffies, etc. It is a very anime filled room (every corner). When people do come over I just shut my door, but this is the first time someone is coming over to sleep. My mom said that she would offer them the master bedroom which is right beside mine, but the problem is I'm not a very confident person when it comes to expressing my love for anime. I don't want them to see my room or show my room to them. I was planning on locking the door and saying my room is under renovations and sleeping somewhere else in the house until they leave or taking everything down (I have a lot of anime stuff) so I don't think this is practical at all and putting it back up when they leave or simplifying my room (which again is hard since there is a lot of stuff that i love).

I don't like the stigma that comes along with being an anime fan which I think a lot of us can relate to. I could say "who cares what they think", but that is easier said than done. So, I thought I should ask here. Have you guys ever been in a similar situation? I'm really hoping they don't sleep here and go somewhere else and we can just chill outside of the house. I don't care about my aunt and uncle seeing it, but my cousins I do care. I don't know what to do.


edit: Thanks for responding guys, I'm not a confident person at all so I know I will feel weird about it. I still don't know what to do. Keep the responses coming, I will be reading them all!
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I'm the exact opposite. If I have people over, I will go out of my way to show off my anime stuff and make sure they see each and every figure on my shelves. I never really think about any sort of stigma or how they may judge me for it, I'm too busy being excited over it all to care and needing to share the excitement.

This picture is literally me, lol.
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Life is too short to pretend to be someone you're not. No matter who you are there will always be people who like you and people who don't. I say be honest about it and if they say some shit then they weren't worth your time in the first place.
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Poiyudachi (Hace 1 mes) #52444605Hmmm, if you're really worried I'd say go with the renovation excuse. I've had some guests unexpectedly go into my room, which isn't all anime,but I'd say it's a good 60%. They didn't say anything but it was pretty awkward and i wouldn't want to be in that situation again..
Also,I see you're a Higurashi fan as well! It's one of my all time favorite anime

Yeah, that is what I am afraid of to be honest. And yes I love higurashi, it is def one of my favs, and I think they need more merch/figs of it :)
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chapters0 (Hace 1 mes) #52563924explain please!

Your fear (very understandable fear) is holding you back from sharing stuff that makes you happy.
I, to this day, hold a lot of who I am back from others due to bullying from childhood and it’s miserable. Avoiding the fear only exacerbstes it and makes your self confidence worse.
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songtantan (Hace 1 mes) #52428163Confidence is a hard thing to come by from someone that has been hurt before.
Judging from your previous comment in the post,you probably had some bad experience in the past.
I was the target for racism for over a year when I was still a weee liitle lassie (elementary school).
Not only did classmate gave me harsh time for being ESL,so did four different teachers.
Needless to say trauma for life. I slowly gained some confidence back, but still got a fear of engaging people first.
Locking your room seem excessive. Remember curiosity killed the cat. People tend to be drawn towards locked/forbidden stuff.
My suggestion is to take down some of the anime decore and display. Put them in their protective box and store them in closet,under the bed or basement for now.
I am pretty sure if only a couple of item is displayed will draw no attention.
P.S Take down everything with nudity.
I still remeber my good friend‘s remark couple year ago. I finally felt confotable enough around this friend so I let her into a deeper layer of my world - anime layer. I showed her my small anime collection (small compare to now)and ask her about her opinion. she nods while browsing around and pointed at one thing “very cute figures,but I dont like this one because its half naked.” this was a nendoroid in “sexy” cloth.
Being a sensitive little girl, I cared so much about that comment that I sold the item as quickly as I can.
I really envy other forum member with their confidence. Someday, I hope I can become a super confident person and care less about others opinion.

It is really hard, I was bullied in high school (not for anime, I actually don't know why since I was quite and shy)...which I think played a lot to my lack of confidence. Sorry to hear about your experience. I just don't to get my feelings hurt and start rethinking my hobby and have a negative aspect with it.

You do make a point with the locked room comment though, they will definitely think something is up
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ArmosKnight (Hace 1 mes) #52504914Don't hide your positive aspects from people and fuck yourself over in the long run.
Someone who hid their positive aspects from people and fucked themselves over in the long run.

explain please!
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Am I the only one who is oh so curious how the room looks?

But yes - there will always be people who are going to dislike what you do, regardless of what it is. It is your life, you do with it what you want, and it's nobody elses business.

Don't treat your hobby like it is something that you need to hide, that is good advice that people gave you. If one of your cousins makes fun of you, tell him to grow up and ignore him if he doesn't. As I understood it, they are but strangers to you anyway, so who cares what they think?
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Why would I have a room filled of anime stuff if I will be the only one who can enjoy it.
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unless you are concerned about your collection safety, for whatever reasons, you should no way intentionally hide your stuff and lock the room, as you are showing your weakness and embarassment, and people may mock you not for your hobby, but for trying to hide it. On the other hand people dont see any point in having fun of people who dont care about their remarks and whatnot. I'd be careful about exposing explicit lewds and lolis though, many people wont get it.
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this might not be a helpful response, but i'm used to this sort of situation to an extent. i live in a shared house at university with four other people (none are anime fans) and my room is fully decked out with anime stuff, enough so that my housemates like to show it to guests who come over (though not in a mocking way). i'm also used to having visits from maintenance people etc. it can be embarrasing and i will say i'm not looking forward to when i eventually move out and there'll be a ton of viewings from other students, but hey. the joy of having a room full of stuff i love is more important than that, and my collection is something i more often take pride in. it's a great conversation starter, and i find more people admire how open and passionate i am about my interests than anything. most of all, if you chose to have a room of your home made up this way, it's simply not realistic to expect to keep it hidden forever, so i say leave it and see how it goes. it might be that nobody sees it anyway or that if they do, their reaction will be positive (providing none of your stuff is explicit which is my rule). i think this is a fear you have to overcome, unfortunately. hope the visit goes well!
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Selidor (Hace 1 mes) #52514475When there’s a family gathering at my parents’ house, my grandfather likes to demand I show my collectibles to the entire extended family and ask me how much I paid for them, while referring to them with patronising terms like ‘dollies’. It’s really annoying, and a bit embarrassing.

You know... I totally get someone encoutering “the anime room”, not being prepared for it, and making a passing disparaging comment about it but god is that cruel. I’m so sorry.
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When there’s a family gathering at my parents’ house, my grandfather likes to demand I show my collectibles to the entire extended family and ask me how much I paid for them, while referring to them with patronising terms like ‘dollies’. It’s really annoying, and a bit embarrassing. As far as my room goes, it’s my private space and I’m not ashamed of anything in it, so I wouldn’t hide anything unless I thought it might get broken.

The only time I think it’s worth hiding what you love is if what you love happens to be R18 figures/posters/pillows or something. Not because of shame, but because there are times (family gathering, children visiting, colleagues coming for dinner etc) when it’s just not appropriate.
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