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Nendoroid Merlin!Nendoroid Merlin!

MagusfiguresMagusfigureshace 11 díasReview
Hello again MFC! I'm rushing to get this review in before WonFes starts!! Today's item was a little delayed in getting to me, but this morning he surprised me with a visit!!

Today we'll be looking at history's most famous Kingmaker,
Nendoroid Merlin (Magus of Flowers ver.) by Orange Rouge!
ITEM #741846

I had been keeping an eye on Merlin ever since the nendoroid was announced; I'll admit that his design intrigued me even though I didn't know much about him at the time (I was not very far in the main story in FGO, haha...). Once the painted prototype pictures came out though, I fell in love... so far in love that even after I preordered him, I decided to save up and roll for him in the game! (And if I didn't end up rolling him, I'd at least have his nendoroid to console me...)

Even after months of saving I didn't expect to actually roll him, but Fate smiled on me, and he came home in one 10 roll and 9 tickets...!! so now I still have 400 quartz to spend on Arthur, yay. Wah, I'm so happy to be able to have the nendoroid next to the game version!!

Anyway, enough gushing about my gacha luck (tbf this is the only time I've ever pulled a 5* servant without paying for a guaranteed summon... listen,), let's get to what you came here for, which is a review!


Here's how he looked right out of the box! He was a bit finicky to get on his stand (his long hair kept getting in the way) but afterwards I didn't have any trouble getting him on and off.


Here's a side view! Merlin has an extra-long stand peg to account for his hair. You can also see his pointy little ears from this angle!


From the back, you can see more of his long hair! The back of his head came out really nice; it looks so fluffy!!


And from the other side. This nendoroid does a very nice job of masking the seam between the front and back hair parts. (So good that I had a hard time figuring out how to separate them lol)

Close in on the front details! Merlin has so many tiny details that have been impressively reproduced in nendoroid form. Sasuga Orange Rouge! The gold paint also looks very nice! One complaint I do have, though, is that there's a pretty obvious seam line on his left-side poncho.

Another detail shot so you can see the paintwork on his legs and boots. His boots have a little articulation so you can angle them as you please, but unlike other nendoroids with baggy pants (i.e. ITEM #287710) his pant legs aren't hollow all the way up. No peeping on Merlin this time!


From behind you can also see that details have been added on the back of his clothes as well. It's nice to be able to see things you normally never would!

A small shot of his head from the top so you can see how fluffy it looks. Merlin's hair can be a bit chaotic, but I think the nendoroid version did a good job of simplifying it.


Here's everything he came with! I bought the version with extra parts, because the extra smiling faceplate was too good to pass up, and the price difference wasn't substantial. He came with three faceplates, a few weapons, effect parts, and a few extra arms and hands. Pretty standard assortment for a nendoroid, I'd say!

As I went to go try these parts out, I hit my first snag--namely, it's extremely difficult to switch between the different arm parts with his poncho in the way! Merlin does have articulation in his upper arm, so it's possible to switch parts that way, but the different shoulder joints are different lengths... Anyway, I had a tough time switching out his arms, so I will probably pick one pose for him and stick with it, haha.

As I was putting him together I noticed that his poncho does have a bit of articulation to allow for a wider range of movement, but it's still not enough to make switching arms any easier... I had to use a tweezer to get the joints out >_<


Anyway, here he is holding his staff, with the flower effect parts blooming at his feet! I tried to replicate his default pose from the game here. Unfortunately, I didn't realize he's holding the staff backwards in all these pictures until pretty late in the shoot... Also, because the staff is so top-heavy and Merlin's grip isn't very tight, it can be hard to get it to sit correctly in his hand.

While I love the flowers - they look just like they do in the game! - they actually aren't anchored to the stand at all. If I try to move him, they go flying >_< The small ones definitely sit better in the stand holes, but they're still pretty loose.


Here he is holding his sword! It's much smaller-looking in the game, though... (I also didn't notice until much later that the gold dagger-part on the staff can be removed; apparently, he uses the staff to sheath his sword! That's a neat detail, even if I didn't end up making use of it during the review.)


Close in on the sword - the tassel part is movable, but with Merlin's sleeve in the way, it doesn't have much wiggle room.

"This could use some adjusting, I think!"
Together with ITEM #603991 and the effect parts, it's possible to have Merlin show off his Hero Creation EX skill! If your Servant has a Buster-type Noble Phantasm, Merlin can turn them into a veritable bulldozer!!!


And with an AOE Buster NP that deals bonus damage to Servants, an already good Servant becomes completely broken under Merlin's tutelage!!! Event farming, here we come!!

Now I'll try out the bonus expression, along with the included Excalibur! Merlin summons Excalibur for many of his normal attacks, which almost feels like cheating...

That aside, the bonus expression is just too cute!!! I'm really glad I ended up getting this version of Merlin ;u;


"From the edge of paradise you shall hear my words. Your story shall be full of blessings.
Let only those without sin pass: Garden of Avalon!"

And finally, his last expression! I'm not sure what they were trying to convey with it, but to me, it most resembles the animation for his Noble Phantasm, Garden of Avalon! I don't know how many times I've watched Garden of Avalon by now.... I wish there was a NP Animation Skip button....


I also noticed that the paintwork on the staff is a little messy...


Because of Merlin's pointy ears, there's only one nendoroid in my collection he can swap faces with.... God, I've created a monster

Coincidentally, Arthur can also hold the excalibur that Merlin came with!! I wonder if that was intentional... (probably not lol)


(Takahiro Sakurai talking to himself.png)

Merlin: Oh? Might you be King Arthur?
Arthur: Hm? Oh, yes, that's me.
Merlin: I see! So a universe exists where King Arthur was indeed born a man... Haha, that reduces the work I have to do, then!
Arthur: Uh--??
Merlin: In any case! You may call me Merlin. I believe this holy sword belongs to you, my lord. Please make use of it at your liesure.
Arthur: Thank you kindly. (even though I already have my own Excalibur, but). How curious, though, that Merlin can exist as a man, too... This Chaldea is a strange place.
Merlin: Oh, so you're saying there's a universe where I'm a woman too? Heheh... I hope she's cute!
Arthur: this got weird I should go


Merlin: Ah, Artoria! There you are. My, that red does look good on you!
Nero: Excuse me, what did you just call me?
Merlin: Ah, did I get mixed up again? There are so many ladies with Artoria's face, I--
Nero: Begone, charlatan!
Merlin: I'm going, I'm going!!


Merlin: Ah...! Roman-kun! I'm happy to see you here as well!
Romani: Yes, well, I do run the place, so--

Merlin: Come, Romani, it has been long since we last spoke. Let us retire to my chambers and have a nice long... chat.
Romani: I'm busy, but thank you. Maybe another ti--
Merlin: Ah, Roman-kun, you can't still be mad at me over Magi☆Mari, are you--?
Romani: I am still mad that you catfished me, yes!!!!

(here's a little behind the scenes of the previous shot; it was a little hard to get them both to balance but it was worth it! Ah, they both look so fluffy!!)


Here's where I'm displaying him! I decided to go with the default expression for now, but I'll likely switch to that cute extra expression before long. (I'm gonna have to keep rearranging my fate shelf forever, huh...)

Anyway, I think that does it for pictures! Now on to the number scores:

Sculpting: A solid 10 here; Merlin's complex design has been sculpted beautifully. His hair is so fluffy, and even the tiniest details are included!! The intricacy of his staff is also very impressive.
Painting: Painting gets a 9; Overall the paint is very well done, but in some places it's a bit messy.
Posing: 7. Posing actually drops quite a bit on this one, due entirely to the difficulty of switching out his arms. For a character who poses with his arms a lot, it was disappointing to have to go through so much trouble to pose him. I do like the amount of articulation he has, though.
Accessories: A solid 9 here, and I did order the version with extra accessories specifically to get ones I liked. My one complaint is that the flowers don't anchor to the stand, and that his staff is so top-heavy that it doesn't always sit right in Merlin's hand. Other than that, though, his accessories are great, and I'll probably get a lot of use out of them going forward.
Enjoyment: 10!! I already knew I'd like him, and Merlin is completely adorable. Gripes aside, I'm really glad that I bought him!! He looks amazing, and has a huge amount of presence for something so small. He also looks great next to my other Fate faves on my shelf.

All in all, Merlin was a great buy!! I'm super happy to have him, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of joy from him well into the future. If you were on the fence about getting him, I'd say he's worth every penny! (and is probably easier to get than his game counterpart)

Going forward... with wonfes right around the corner, I'm of course looking forward to seeing progress on more fate figures! Since there's a ton of them and Wonfes is about to start I won't list them all in the review, but most relevantly I'm looking forward to updates on ITEM #604482. If a nendoroid looks this good, I can only imagine how scale Merlin will look with paint...!! (EDIT after the fact - i was not prepared holy shit)

I think that about wraps it up! If you made it this far, thanks for interrupting your Wonfes hype to read this! My next review will hopefully be in the next few weeks, when ITEM #675861 makes it home! I can't believe he and Merlin released within a week of each other, haha..
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Thanks for this review and beautiful nendo !! :D
hace 10 días
awesome review
hace 10 días
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Very entertaining review, I liked all the spirit you put into it. He's very pretty. I do always feel a little disappointed personally when a Nendoroid has a great weapon/accessory but can't hold it easily (usually staves and lances and other long imbalanced things), but there seems to be a lot to make up for it!

Also, I wish they'd sell effects like those flowers in an After Parts set!
hace 11 días
tomatome (hace 11 días) #50947716Nice review, he looks super cute! When I saw him painted, I was tempted. But I don't play FGO, so that helped me resist, haha.
I enjoyed the little skits at the end! I especially like seeing Arthur and Merlin together, for some reason.

Thank you for reading!! I'm glad you enjoyed it ;u;
I know the feeling though; I've definitely bought more than a few nendoroids because I liked their design but didn't know anything about them. (I did later get into those series though, haha!)

I also really love seeing Arthur and Merlin together! They haven't interacted in canon yet, but I think they'd get along well.
hace 11 días
Nice review, he looks super cute! When I saw him painted, I was tempted. But I don't play FGO, so that helped me resist, haha.

I enjoyed the little skits at the end! I especially like seeing Arthur and Merlin together, for some reason.
hace 11 días
shinahdragon (hace 11 días) #50945307Great review! Although it doesnt seem so, is the little hoodie on the upper body removable?
Hi, great question! I did try removing it, but it seems to be glued down. Normally I would be on board with this design decision, except that's what made it really hard to change the arms out ;-;
hace 11 días
Great review! Although it doesnt seem so, is the little hoodie on the upper body removable?
hace 11 días
nagi2525nagisa (hace 11 días) #50944488
Thank you for the great review! I can't wait to receive mine.
He's probably out there freezing in this temperature. ;-;

Thank YOU for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed the little skits! >u<

I hope your Merlin gets to you soon, and safely!!
hace 11 días
"Merlin: Oh, so you're saying there's a universe where I'm a woman too? Heheh... I hope she's cute!
Arthur: this got weird I should go"

I laughed way too much at this part. HAHAHHAHA

Thank you for the great review! I can't wait to receive mine.
He's probably out there freezing in this temperature. ;-;
hace 11 días
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