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Have you ever had that feeling when your heart just sinks into your chest when you missed out on something you really wanted?

Yeah, me too. It happened twice this month already :/

! mini diary/rant post ahead !

Basically what happened was I was looking for Gary ( ITEM #485704 )for a while now.


I stumbled across a listing on Ebay for him(quite a bit above his retail, but I was still willing to pay). ''Oh hey'' I thought. ''This is really awesome that I found him, but maybe I should wait for my birthday which isn't too far away to buy him and show some discipline.''

Well from this article title, you probably know what happened next. After doing my daily and hourly Ebay checks, I realized with a heavy heart that he had been sold. Of course I was really bummed out and kicking myself, but it was no big deal. I'll find him eventually, right? Nope.

Further inspection on his item page showed insane prices (I'm talking 300-400+ CAD without shipping)that I definitely wouldn't pay.

Fast forward a few days later, and I found a deal on either Plamoya or Ninoma (don't remember which :p) where they had him for a great price including shipping. It was less than the listing I originally saw too so I thought it was a godsend. But of course, the worried side of my mind took over and told myself not to impulse buy just because I see a good deal. Again, the reasoning that I would buy him on my birthday was what put me off.

Fast forward a few days later and w h o o s h the listing is gone. ??? I was panicking and refreshing pages everywhere, but I then accepted that he was gone, and sadly went on with my day.

I put in my email for notifications in case he ever came back in stock, and lo and behold, got an email saying he was back a couple days later! Thanking the heavens, I went back to the site onky to realize.... The price was jacked up. By like, $200. What??? I was unbelievably disappointed and nearly cried ok ngl, i did cry lmao right then and there. TWICE! I missed him TWICE! I swear, I'm never letting him go again. Ever.


What? Another one? Yep, turns out I'm incredibly stupid and don't learn the first time, but I saw a listing on Ebay for these beauties:


Postcards of some of my faves from Naruto! View spoilerHide spoilerLOOK AT KABUTO. LOOK AT HIM. If you've seen my profile, you probably know how much I love Kabuto spoiler: a lot LMAO so I knew that these were perfect for the shrine I'm currently building, but NOPE I had to wait on the listing until today someone went and decided to buy it. No lie, I bawled. Seriously. I went as far to ask the seller if they had any more, but they replied that it was a rare item and they even struggled to get their hands on them so I'm completely out of luck orz

TL;DR I'm starting to wonder if maaaaybe it's good to pounce on things if you really want them? My main concern with collecting is impulse buying. I've never been one to buy things as soon as I see them, so my figure/merch collection is still relatively small despite collecting for a few years now. However, it made me really distraught to see these things that I missed out on. Maybe I should've acted on them when I knew for a fact that I wanted them. Definitely treating myself for my bday now T_T

General questions: Is there any item(s) that you constantly kick yourself for missing out on? How do you justify buying things on impulse?
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yakushining your Highness
lifewithfigureshace 1 año#50425044Also, I'm very happy to see that there is another person on this Earth who likes Kabuto because I never meet anyone else who does haha.
LOL finding anyone who likes him even remotely is a near impossible find :') Glad to see another fan of him on here!
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Alorenhace 1 año#50631434That's a good rule to go by! I should follow it from now on to avoid scenarios like these :') I hope that you managed to get that keychain that another user found for you. I always find it so sweet when people aid each other in searching for things aha <3

I indeed did! I managed to find a proxy that could order it for me, and so now after more than a year, my babies are finally coming home <3 tundras definitely made my day (heck, probably my year tbh) :D

I hope that you find these items and anything else that you are looking for though! I'm always browsing otamart, suru, and the likes randomly, so if I ever come across them, I'll let you know :D
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yakushining your Highness
fantasy_trancehace 1 año#50555108snip
Thank you <3 I always try to remind myself that there's always the possibility of seeing these types of things again and it's just a matter of waiting.

Good on you for avoiding those impulse buys! I applaud you (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
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yakushining your Highness
gwendal738-2hace 1 año#50531809snip
That's a good rule to go by! I should follow it from now on to avoid scenarios like these :') I hope that you managed to get that keychain that another user found for you. I always find it so sweet when people aid each other in searching for things aha <3
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yakushining your Highness
AlienEmojihace 1 año#50423612snip
Yeah, it was pretty dumb of me to let him slide away twice for the exact same reason :/ I'll definitely make sure to snag him whenever I get the chance... On another note, congrats on finding a good deal! I hope your package arrives safely and that you're happy with him :)
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yakushining your Highness
lesser-robot-cathace 1 año#50424930snip
Thank you for this :) I'll definitely keep it in mind for both Gary and any other figures/merch that I reallyyy want ^^
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I feel bad for not keeping the Kizuna Ai and Kaguya Luna pre-orders. Hope you will find what you are looking for!
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If it's any comfort, I think you made the right choice by waiting. These nice items will pop again. They always do, so please don't worry. I think your pursuit of discipline is admirable and you should be proud of yourself for holding back.

I'm a chronic impulse buyer but when I have little or no money to spend, I just stay off online shops entirely because I know I can't control myself when I see a deal. I almost impulse bought a figure on AmiAmi the other day, yikes! It's a big issue so I am happy for you that you're trying not to fall in the same hole.

Sometimes, it can be painful... I regret not impulse pre-ordering some Nendoroids actually because in hindsight I think I could have paid for them. Lol!
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tundrashace 1 año#50540320I found one here!

kjghksghksjdhg YOU SAVED MY LIFE THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3

Now to find a proxy that can get me these elusive lil bitches...
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Happened to me recently with Newt Scamander pitanui View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://hlj.com/media/catalog/product/cache/image/700x700/e9c3970ab036de70892d86c6d221abfe/k/b/kbygy-783_0.jpg
I foolishly thought he’d be back in stock on hlj once released, since my november ended up being packed with delays, I cancelled my po. Ha ha ha. I was wrong. Can’t find him anywhere except on playasia for 30$.

I regularly stalk yahoo auctions and otamart. Nothing, except one for 3500 on otamart that sold out before I could snatch it. ; w ; he was 1990¥ on po. It feels like I’ll buy him on playasia in despair.

My advice would be, be persistent and don’t give up, they’ll pop eventually, whenever that may be. Stay strong!
Think I’m better off waiting for 2020 and next Fantastic Beasts movie to get a different version since the series is a lot more popular than I thought in Japan. :’D
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