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A look into Dollhouses for Nendoroids and FigmaA look into Dollhouses for Nendoroids and Figma

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In this blog, I am going to go through a couple of 1/12 dollhouse brands. As I just got my first dollhouse and it hasn’t shipped yet, this is mainly regarding what I like about these brands and what I dislike. It’s basically an essay on “what to buy” and my thoughts. Aaaanyway,

There are two brands that are go tos for figma/nendoroid collectors. Silvanian Families and Robotime DIY.


Sylvanian Families



* Affordable pricing
* Available practically everywhere in most Western countries
* the Town sets are Victorian-era beauty
* perfect size for Nendoroids


* they are quite kiddy-looking
* only one theme

If there’s something I love about SF, it’s the Victorian-era style and overall prettyness. Would work perfectly with the Black Butler and Magical Girl Nendoroids. I also like how they are as readily available as LEGO, being primarily a kids’ toy. It’s kiddiness comes with caveats tho.

I find they look too “plastic-y” and the style doesn’t bode as well with Anime figures, especially Figma. I’d also love more themes like maybe modern-style and gothic. I’m not complaining as they are pretty.





* good for a more realistic, modern look
* lights up!
* great value for price
* available in US department stores
* diy for the building fans


* a little more niche in other countries
* a little more expensive
* takes 20-30 hours to build

These are definitely more for adults and require building, which maybe a massive downer for many. Building times take about 20 hours (kinda like a Perfect Grade Gundam) and if you aren’t a skilled model builder, it maybe tricky. If you love building like me? Go for it!

Robotime DIY kits are also very niche and outside the US and possibly China, you need to go to specialist stores to snatch these.

Overall the effort pays off and it lights up! How cool?! Make sure you don’t buy the “mini” dollhouses as they are 1/24 scale... if it hasn’t got that in the name it’s 1/12

So basically, if you know what you’re willing to pay and how much effort you put in, both are great choices. I’d prefer Robotime having experience in model building and I just like the more grounded realistic approach.

If there is more I missed don’t forget to shout!
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hmm, I've been curious about the DIY kits for some time, specifically Cobaanii (www.amiami.com/...), Tomytec (www.amiami.com/...), and things like what you mentioned, the larger DIY houses I've seen on MFC.

I have some sylvanian families but I find them rather cutesy for me, I like something either more modern, rustic, or European? You can also supplement those parts with Playmobil or Re-ment items once you have an environment set up. I've seen some great work on MFC with people repainting the plastic from these toys as well as Barbie or other doll accessories.
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I'm curious about those Robotime sets. They look so busy and cramped, I am skeptical they are actually 1/12 to fit figmas... Anyone know where I can see pics of some Robotime sets with figmas?
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For my nendoroid rooms, I actually have an old dollhouse that I "flipped" so that it would be pastel and cute! Inside I use a mixture of mostly SF furniture as well as some pieces from sets like robotime and a good handful of things I had to make myself. The scale all looks pretty good to me and It's one of my favorite things I own because it took so long to make it.

My issue is that to me the robotime sets or type sets are too small and look a tad out of scale for me. So things like the beds or the couches look odd when I have nendoroids sit on them. I do use the book shelves, desks, and side tables. Anything to spruce it up!
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I just checked the Robotime website since I have a friend who's been interested in making some kits, and they offer free worldwide shipping if you purchase $49 worth or more :) You'll still have to pay import customs, depending on which country you're in, but not having to pay American shipping fees is a great bonus!
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I did one of the DIY kit for my friend as her birthday present.

Needless to say, the time estimate was on the short end.
Everything need to be from scratch, and I meant everything. (I was amazed by that fact nothing is in one piece)

For example:
Bookcase - 4-6 tiny wooden pieces from the bookcase frame and couple of tiny book you cut from piece of paper. Then you glue them together.

The furniture you build are often so tiny that it gets frustrating.

You can stray from the instruction sheet and create the DIY in your own way.
One way is to just build the overall house frame, than replace all the furniture with re-ment miniature.
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You could say that another pro for Slyvanian family is that they have complete buildings (houses, clinics, cafes, etc.) whereas Robotime is limited to rooms (unless you count the Cathy's Flower House as a building).
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