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    When Deviluke ? :|
    hace 9 días
    littlefishgirl (hace 12 días) #48158786I wouldn’t have cared except for the fact that GSC seemed to be trying to build up some hype for #1000? After creating that buzz, making it something that was already guaranteed seems extremely anticlimactic. If they had either announced it when the Snow Miku design was or not acted like it was a big secret, I think it would be less debated now. Who knows though, maybe they have some accessory up their sleeve that will blow us all away?

    im not so sure about the accessories. Usually they show up on the official pics when they put on the website.
    hace 10 días
    Has it been 1000 nendoroids already? Wow....
    hace 11 días
    GSC is all about safe choices so I'm not exactly surprised is another miku. A little disappointed? Maybe, but not surprised. I do like how the hair came out tho.
    hace 11 días
    She is a cute nendo at least.

    But yeah, I was kinda really interested to see what they'd do for 1000, so I'm slightly disappointed it was just a Snow Miku. Nothing against this design, in fact I actually really like it, but I feel like they should have gone for their own desig, instead of a contest winner design.

    If they don't want to go for an iconic character, or are unable to. Fine. But I think they could have done something more exciting with Miku.

    A really colourful, and big Miku. Maybe even another Jumbo Miku with a unique design? A double Nendo box set maybe? Would have been cool to maybe get something with two nendos for the 1000 goal.

    Since GSC already has the design maybe make a Miku that follows this design type? ITEM #617149 something big and grand. Maybe a big extravagant Kimono with lots of extra accessories.

    The problem with Snow Miku is that she's just that, a Snow Miku, and I think just like with the rest, people are mostly gonna remember her as "Snow Miku 2019" instead of "Milestone 1000 Nendoroid!"
    hace 11 días
    I don't think choosing Miku for the 1000th Nendoroid being a bad choice - actually I think it's a splendid idea to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Snow Miku!

    Buuuut despite the box looking super fancy I would have wished for something extra special on this one. From what we have seen so far she is not that outstanding compared to previous Snow Mikus (at least to me). I hope that we at least get a special base or anything in that matter just to make it feel actually special to celebrate Snow Miku but also the 1000th Nendoroid :)

    Edit: It also makes sense for GSC to choose Miku for such a big number as she is kind of the flagship of GSC for sooooo many years! It was a save choice for them as a lot of people like Miku/Snow Miku instead of a character from a currently popular franchise. Miku will stay popular for many more years always keep that in mind :)
    hace 11 días
    I think it's a safe choice for them in a way, as you said it's the 10th Snow Miku so it makes sense. Miku is basically the mascot of GSC so it was expected to be her, which is why people didn't want it to be her. Like someone else has said I wish they would have given her more accessories, made her a little more special.

    I can see why people wanted a new character but honestly, there's no character they could have choose that would have pleased everyone. There's no anime/manga/game that's is soooooooo special that everyone could agree would have made the 1000th nendoroid special. People have given examples like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Female Pokemon Trainers but non of them seem special, they all will just be like any other nendoroid. At least with the Snow Miku she gets special treatment (a bigger box and normally more accessories). If it was Sailor Moon she would have just been like a normal regular nendoroid, great for the people who want her but not exactly special.
    hace 11 días
    I like this snow miku very much.

    But I wish that as the 1000th nendoroid, it can come with more extravagant accessories.
    For example, extra background settings (like the 2018 miku).

    Price can be higher as 1000 is a special number.
    hace 11 días
    I really like the snow miku design but i wish nendoroid 1000 could have been something special
    hace 12 días
    I kinda see this decision as... proper.
    Since miku is basically their mascot and most produced character with several own figure lines.
    If they made fate that would be worse because thats a franchise that comes and goes, and while miku will eventually drop in popularity she is kinda their neutral go to figure, not an anime character but a pretty base to make interesting things out of.

    I dont see what else they could have done to not make people go up in arms...
    Popularity? - fate gets picked
    new ventures? - some video game franchise no1 wanted
    current upcoming? - some slice of life show no1 watches

    a poll would have been nice, and would take the burden of the decision off the company
    but i guess for 1000 (a huge milestone) they wanted something more representative of the company.
    hace 12 días
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