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Need help with figure pricesNeed help with figure prices

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New collector here, started collecting in Dec 2018.

Looking to get figma Corrin/Kamui ITEM #464595

Found it with prices from 15000 yen and above. Which I think is scale figure territory?

Here are my questions:

1.Is the price normal for already released figures?

2.Should I get it now or wait for a possible price drop?

3.What are the chances of finding it in a physical shop in Japan? (family member traveling to Tokyo in March)

Ended up buying her today on Yahoo Auctions for 16500 yen before shipping using ZenMarket
Had to use up my budget saved up last year for ITEM #675874
Time to save up again

Thanks for the help
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Wow, the order for her was one of the few times I actually managed to get an order cancelled by requesting from AmiAmi lol. I ended up really hating how her hair seam looked.

Anyway, to your questions:-

1) For a Figma, Noooooo!!!! Figma already has some debate surrounding it over whether its release prices are reasonable for the size/accessories etc. But to pay almost double the price is obviously not a good deal! On Manda, you can get her for around 8K-9K. If you browse, you will already see the listings that got sold for that price.

2) WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! Just check on Mandarake as others have told you. You will get one for a decent price eventually. Just be patient!

3) Even if the chances are low, I'd just ask them to take a look. Doesn't hurt, right? Plus, its family :)
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Sadly, Corrin really has skyrocketed that much in price. It's demand/fake inflation. It's sad that a figma really costs almost as much as a scale. :/

1. Yes, it can be. It depends on the figure. Most figures that are released already/are older don't cost that much, but if the character/series is popular, the figure is likely to inflate in cost. Nendoroid Elise and Corrin are similarly expensive, and Deku and Bakugo are also similarly inflated. All due to popularity/fake inflation.

2. Don't wait for a drop. She's not likely to be released again, and she's just going to get more and more expensive. You might be able to find her on Mandarake or AmiAmi used though, which are likely cheaper somewhat than most places. And sales on here. eBay and Amazon are always inflated compared to AmiAmi or Mandarake (or here), so try those places if possible.

3. You're probably not going to find her in person. If you do, she'd be the same price as she is online. :(. I understand sadly physical places are starting to inflate based on online prices now. >_<;.
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Fire Emblem is one of those series where items pretty much only go up. I'm not sure what GSC's track record is for rereleasing FE figmas, but your best bet it probably to look into that. Otherwise it might be worth trying to find one with a damaged box/without a box. Only you know if you're willing to pay that much above sticker, but $150 for a figma is pretty crazy IMO.
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Just a comment if you follow the MFC figure link you provided. MFC users sometimes sell their figures. Some sale posts are old, but may still be available.


Just some options

1. Sometimes, it depends on the figure, many of the aftermarket shops or online retailers tend to raise the price, sometimes quite a bit.

2. That's up to you/

3. Probably a little better then just online.
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LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
OOF! Well she certainly went up in price! A figma going for anything above $100 is already pretty impressive considering they release for around $60 and normally float around $35-$80 depending on rarity, licensing, exclusivity, and all that. I would say her price is definitely not the usual!

Your best bet is to stalk Mandarake, AmiAmi's pre-owned/sale section, and user sales here on MFC. They have good deals on pre-owned figures. If you want her new then you're looking at current market value to be sure.
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Welcome to the collector's world. My thoughts on your questions:

1- As Cantisama stated, price con go up or down for already released items. Seems this figure you look for is going up. In Solaris she is 28k JPY (Although Solaris is regularly on higher prices. They provide good service).
2 - I don't think her price will drop. If you REALLY want her, go for her. I find 15k for a figma too expensive in my case.

About physical shop, can't tell.

Good luck!
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This aftermarket price jump is not "normal", but it is common for certain figmas after release that become or are perceived to become popular afterwards. Take a look at figma Midoriya Izuku if you want to see something crazier.

"Waiting" for a price drop will likely involve waiting years. The property (in this case, Fire Emblem Fate) needs to drop further from people's minds and/or be replaced by figmas from a new and more popular Fire Emblem series before people start to dump theirs.

There's a mild chance of finding it in a physical shop in Japan but it won't be a guarantee and who knows what the price is.

Your best bet in my experience in trying to get figures that appear overpriced is to look on Japanese sites and possibly use a proxy service (FromJapan or Buyee for example) to buy it, possibly used (used figmas in Japan are often still very good quality).

I'd recommend looking at stores first, then Yahoo Auctions Japan. You'll need the japanese name (easy to find on the MFC item page by clicking the name of the character)
1. Mandarake - they ship directly overseas, no middleman required - often you can get a good used price there if the box suffers some damage (but the item is fine).
2. Amazon Japan next - if you find it at a good price there and shipped by AJ, the proxy fees can be close to 0.
3. Suruga-ya (suruga-ya.jp/) - often has a broader stock of items, sometimes for good deals, but you need a proxy.
4. Rakuten - sometimes will ship directly to you. Buyee and FromJapan have frequent sales of 5-10% off rakuten purchases, which can help offset proxy fees

You might also get lucky watching AmiAmi, as it might show up used.

As well, you may want to watch Yahoo Auctions Japan (again, you need a proxy and to search in Japanese). The proxy costs can add up for a purchase there (you pay a % of the item cost, plus domestic shipping and then shipping to you, and it can add up, so use the calculator and maybe keep notes). But, if you are patient, you can often get a good deal there, even after proxy costs, particularly if you don't care about the box and will take a loose, complete figure. You can often save a lot. Another thing I sometimes do, if I have the spare money at the time, is if I find a figure I want, loose, in a lot with other figmas, I figure out the cost per item and what I might get by selling on e-bay, I buy the lot, keep the one I wanted, and re-sell the rest, often making a profit.

Anyway, it's not impossible, but it takes time and hunting.

In the meantime, put it on your MFC wishlist and put an alert for postings so you will get notices if someone puts up an Ad for sale or puts a new comment on the item indicating an item for sale. You might get lucky and someone posts it for a price more in your price range.

Good luck!
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Figure prices can easily go up after release based on supply/demand. Fire Emblem is popular, and the recent release of Smash Ultimate makes her even more popular.

I checked a few shops, and 15k yen seems to be about as good as she gets right now. You can always hope to find her cheaper later, either from a private seller or a re-release, but there is no guarantee she will ever be cheaper than she is right now.
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