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Hello and Welcome one and all, to my Shameful December Nendoroid Haul.

I hope you had a good New Years. I had to relinquish my medical insurance on the 2nd buuuut I'm trying to remain positive. That can be hard, especially with my mental state these past two years. What I love about Nendoroids is they calm me and keep me busy with all their exchangable parts and trinkets. So when I was in a slump last December...that statement I made about only possibly getting Kamina last article, was chucked out the window with all the force a desperate girl who longed for some cheer could.


I love these little buggers, but would I recommend my future self or anybody else to rely significantly on their credit card to accumulate them? NO.

Enjoy my loot but please, unless your credit will remain mostly unaffected by your haul, don't do as I did.

Now to the goods! May be considered picture heavy to some.

I got Nendoroid Miku Hatsune 2.0. While 2013 Snow Miku was my first Miku, I was initially looking for a standard but fun and slightly newer Miku Hatsune to add to my collection. I choose Nendoroid #300 due to her charm and instruments. Her box also comes with a cute background.



The Matsuno brothers have taken a liking to her. Luckily Viktor's there to discourage their attempts to ask her out.

And then, the Nendo fever took over.

Surprisingly I didn't go to AmiAmi at all this month. I found my Naruto Nendoroid on Bestbuy's online store for about $40.00. His delivery was super fast, as I got him two days after. There are several reviews stating this, but his box is fantastic. But it was his future wife I was really excited for. Hinata has been one of my favorite girls since high school and her nendo is precious! I got her from Entertainment Earth who I had never ordered anything from before. But there were a lot of firsts in my frenzied search for nendos that month.




Saitama and Deadpool were my risky ebay purcahses. At first I went to an online shop called The One Punch Store for OPM nendos and they were on sale for cheap!! Talking 20 something dollars here. But they cancelled my order and when I returned to the site I figured out why. They inflated the price to about $100 a nendo. I wouldn't reccomend them.

But I wasn't scammed on ebay! Saitama came to me quickly in about three days and my Deadpool seller was so generous and friendly! If you would like the names of the sellers as ebay can be a risky place, pm me and I link you their shops.


You can argue Saitama is kind of lacking in terms of accesories and poses and I feel in some ways he is. But it feels good to cradle his little bald head in my palm. Plus his capes are fabulous~.


Deadpool is expensive and I'm amazed I managed to get him for around $99 even! But like Naruto, his box presentation is stellar. This anti hero is not lacking in expressions and poses either, so well worth the money.


Geno's came from a gift shop based in New York called "three gōms". I ordered him online cautiously but they offered flat rate shipping and tracking via text!! Also, their website just looked like they were the real deal. They were selling Genos close to his retail price and not dirt cheap like bootlegs are prone to go nor overly expensive as other sites were. I recommend checking them out.


(He's in the bathroom here because I COULDN'T BREATH and was about to use a hot shower to unclog my damn nose. See, my December sucked, I deserved this cutie.)


I went to Tokyo Otaku Mode for Iggy *cough* I mean Hetalia's UK. I'd heard good things about TOM before, so I had no trepidation ordering UK from them. Shipping did take rather long but it was the holiday season so I can't accurately judge them on that.

I'm really getting back into Hetalia for some reason and when his former charge, America, was announced, I knew I had to put off getting him.




I was pleased when I learned he would be coming with flying mint bunny. Also, he has more hands and arms/shoulders then I thought he would. He's really awesome for posing.

Finally for the man I was supposed to purchase solely this month, Kamina!



He's so great! I liked him even more when he was finally there in front of me. Even as a nendo, he has such a demanding presence to him. I got him on CdJapan as he was cheaper on there then on AmiAmi. Apparently I got the last one in stock? I even got EMS shipping for him. I'm very happy to have him, despite getting ten other nendos after planning to buy him.


And since there were too many boys coming in, I had my cutie girls come to me afterwards to balance it out. They are all buys from MFC sellers. Chitoge is my first international purchase on this site and since I know squat about international shipping (plus the capital near me keeps going up and down about foriegn goods), I worried she may get lost. But she came, my sweet gorilla girl!



Her flustered face is everything.

Chika was purchased on more familar ground, so I expected her to come within four days. My seller did better than that, and I beleive she came in two days. She's another nendo one can argue is lacking, even more so than Saitama. But. I wanted my little sunbeam to cheer me on whenever I got out of bed. :')



Last is Miss Madoka! She was cheap but a little older. I was totally fine with that and the seller (I'll name them all at the end) put her in the cutest wrapping paper.



However, maybe it was because I wasn't cautious enough, maybe it was her age. The peg in her right ponytail broke! Peg breaking had never happened to me so I was stunned shocked. I ended up using a spare joint but it wasn't pink and it stuck out to me. Fearing that acrylic paint wouldn't really stick and chip since it was a joint, I cheaply used a sharpie closest to the pink of her hair to dye it a bit.


The color turned out to be closer to the hair bow, so I tried to glue the original joint back together. It's broken peice got stuck in the pig tail this time. After a lot of dunking into hot water and digging, I got it out and went back to my sad but unstuck replacement. Her hair peice has few little scrapes, but it's nothing terrible. I think if I ever do resale some nendos, Madoka won't be one of them. I'm her retirement home caretaker lol

2018 was not really a year of accomplishments for me. But just last year I only had one little Onodera nendo with two figures from an Omakase box; a Sasuke I grew to like and a golden Naruto I wished to sell. Now I have about 44 figures! My family's looking at me like I'm bonkers, but collecting was one of my few wins this year (though my bank account would like to disagree). This month I actually WILL take it slow. I have two very sepcial UA students coming and my friend got me some Love Live merch straight from Japan for my birthday! I'm more excited for the merch than my birthday haha.

If you read this to the end, you're amazing and I would die for you. Lastly, thank you to users thechrist718, Yumiu, CategoryKing and neonhologram for selling me Miku, Chitoge, Chika, and Madoka respectively. Let's have an excellent January everyone!
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LoveChopperhace 1 año#47490190Awesome nendo haul ^^v

Thank you!!❤
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Awesome nendo haul ^^v
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