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REVIEW: Portrait of Pirates "Sailing Again" Koala figureREVIEW: Portrait of Pirates "Sailing Again" Koala figure

evenstar88evenstar88Hace 2 mesesReview
This review will be again on one of the releases from the Portrait Of Pirates line by Megahouse, and this time it is the Portrait of Pirates "Sailing Again" Koala figure.

It features the One Piece character Koala, exactly as she appeared in the Dressrosa Arc. Koala is just an adorable (like her name) character, and her interaction with Sabo reminds me of Nami and Luffy.


This figure was released at the end of 2015, and I bought it secondhand from a fellow collector middle of this year. I decided to do the review for this figure, because I did not properly look at her since buying her months ago, she was taken out for a simple check and then kept in her box due to limited display space - so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to inspect the figure thoroughly.

THE BOX: 9/10
The box is very pretty, and is predominantly coloured pink and yellow in Koala's standard colours. The background is drawn like a weathered brick wall (likely for the common brick buildings in Dressrosa where she appeared) with lace frill edge patterns (no idea about this pattern - her skirt frill edges maybe?) over the top and bottom. And one thing I love is that they did the windows of the box shaped as her goggles, complete with the goggle frame pattern as well - I thought that was pretty neat.
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_140956.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141012.jpg

All over the front and back and side surfaces of the box, they have images of the figure and the cute goggle-frame windows.
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141018.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141004.jpg
Even over the top of the box, they have a nice little window ;)
All in all, the contrast is really eyecatching for me, and I can say it is one of the prettiest POP boxes I own. The box is also rather small, so shipping wouldn't cause much of a heartbreak.

The packaging is standard with two plastic shells fixed together - there are no fixing wires but they are very firm and secure even without any wires.

THE BASE: 9/10
I love Koala's base! It is a very pretty MATTE shade of pink which changes to red over the periphery. The font over the base is also raised nicely, and looks much more sleek compared to the font on older bases.

There are two white plastic pegs on the base - one for each of the front of her boots, and Koala slips in nicely and securely on to the pegs without trouble (immediate bonus for me, because I hate hostile pegs XD)

https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/141239.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141229.jpg

And now we are going to jump right to the cute Koala figure. She can stand without the base but a slight push will send her down because she is standing on the front part of her feet.

https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141407.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141429.jpg

Koala's sculpt is pretty good, even if it was rather simple for her face and hair. They did the individual strands over her short hair simple and shaded the ends darker, subtly. Her big blue koala eyes (sorry, can't resist XD) are painted vivid, and her profile looks adorable.
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142053.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142118.jpg

I felt they could have done better with the sculpt of her nose, I know she is an adorable figure but they just made her nose so tiny it could barely be seen. I included side views of the figure so you can be sure her nose is there XD

https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142336.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142153.jpg

The overall appearance of her breasts are a little odd for me, they just seem lumpy and sticking out, if you get what I mean. The pink paint over her clothes are fairly simple too, with mild shading over the collar and sleeves but it still looks good. The frills of her collar and bottom top as well as her skirt are very nicely done, as well as the twin belt clasps over her waist. Her high stockings are a very nice matte shade of dark navy grey, and I love her glossy heeled boots!

https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142349.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142412.jpghttps://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/142423.jpg

They even defined the detail of her shoulder blades!

She comes with a few accessories - her maroon newsboy cap and goggles, Sabo's top hat, and two left hands - one holding the Den Den Mushi, and another outstretched hand meant to hold Sabo's hat.


Koala's hat is very nicely sculpted, and the maroon colour is really very nice with darker shadings over the folds and near her goggles. They gave a lot of attention to this cap - the yellow rims are done so well and they even included the lines over the straps of the goggles.
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141723.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141733.jpg

The attention continues even onto the next accessory - which is Koala's left arm and hand holding the pink Den Den Mushi. Really very nicely done for such a tiny accessory - the shell, the snail's expression, even the silver button over the top. (Apologies for the images below - my phone is really bad, the camera could not really focus on the tiny snail so the pictures are about the best I could do)
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141825.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_141923.jpg

And the final accessory that comes with her is Sabo's top hat (and the arm and hand meant to hold it). The hat looks standard - matte black and sculpted quite nicely with smooth edges. The only issue I have with it is to balance it on Koala's outstretched hand - there's not one proper spot where it will lie properly on her palm, instead it balances on the tips of her fingers and also because the wide hat bottom tends to poke Koala awkwardly in the chest. I don't know if I am doing it wrong so if you have a better way, do let me know.

THE POSE: 8/10
I presumed they did the pink colour of Koala's clothes pretty simple, to enhance the colour of her cap once it is worn on. And once the cap is on, she looks so much better with the contrasting colours.
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142550.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142638.jpg

And here she is in the second setup, with the Den Den Mushi. I am torn between this pose and the one above - but oh well, will wait until I have more display space then I will decide XD
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142811.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142800.jpg

And the final way you can pose Koala in is with Sabo's hat (no-brainer, not going to use this pose).
https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_143006.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_143015.jpg

So all in all, Koala comes with 3 poses - none of them are too dynamic, but they are alright - at least you can swap out the poses if you feel her getting too boring. :)

I thought she was an alright figure - nothing too fancy or stand-out but quite lovely on its own. The colour contrast is great between her clothes, accessories and base, and the box is pretty neat too. I think Megahouse did fantastic with what they could with this figure. If you are fan of Koala or the Dressrosa Arc, I think this is the best PVC figure for her so go for it! If you are not and you are not looking for Dressrosa-related figures, then it's okay to give her a miss. I would rate this figure a 8/10.

https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_142708.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_143127.jpg

- Good colour contrast
- Accurate and canon character representation
- Sculpt and painting done well
- Pretty box

- Figure a tad underwhelming (despite having three possible poses)
- Chest looks somewhat odd

And a few more pictures to end it all off!

https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_143121.jpg https://storage04.dropshots.com/photos8000/photos/857202/20181229/r90_143218.jpg
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Heliodora (Hace 2 meses) #48024176Nice review, I love Koala and this figure is so cute overall, but the breasts just throw me off everytime I look at herAnimeGuruma (Hace 2 meses) #48070424Hard for Megahouse to disappoint, but yeesh her breasts literally look like water balloons tucked in her shirt.
Complete agreement.
Hace 2 meses
Hard for Megahouse to disappoint, but yeesh her breasts literally look like water balloons tucked in her shirt.
Hace 2 meses
Nice review, I love Koala and this figure is so cute overall, but the breasts just throw me off everytime I look at her
Hace 2 meses