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MindySueMindySuehace 1 año
Hi there everyone! This is my first ever figure review, so I hope it goes okay.

I got Kotobukia's Zero Two (ITEM #675700) in the mail a just couple days ago. It was my first time using DHL and I received her in only two days. I was super surprised when I opened up the Amiami box, because Zero Two's box is absolutely tiny. It's the smallest box out of any of my scale figures.

Here's a picture of her before taking her out, as well as one side of the box that I really liked the look of.


There's no putting Zero Two on the base because she was came attached to it already!
Here she is in all her beauty.


I absolutely love her green eyes, they stand out so much. As you can see, she is painted super glossy. I think the shine really works well with her outfit, and it just makes a pretty figure to look at. I'm a big fan of her pose. I think it is unique and sexy. Her hair blowing in the breeze is very nice. I like her base a lot! It looks exactly like when she pilots the Franxx. The sculpt and paint on it are very clean, there's some shading to add dimension too!


One decision by Kotobukia left a couple people disappointed. That would be her missing leg.
It is a kind of weird look, but it makes sense with how the Franxx were designed and piloted in the show. Also, if Koto were to try and add the rest of her leg, it might have made the rest of her pose awkward. It doesn't bother me, since I will never have her displayed backwards.


In the above picture you can see all the detail that went into her bodysuit. The little back pieces are well sculpted and painted perfectly.


I think she looks really good from a multiple angles. This being one of them. She's got a gorgeous, curvy body sculpt. And once again you can see that her paint is just perfect, it always stays in the lines and just looks great.


The sculpt of her hair going around this back piece looks a little odd to me. But that's exactly how it looked in the prototype. Once again, this is in the back of the figure and won't normally be seen. There is some good shading in the back piece that sticks out.


This picture here shows a cute little detail. The headband has a small gradient on the ends, which looks really nice. One thing I did notice, is that I think the hair needs more color or shading. Up on the top of the head, under certain light, it almost looks like pink transparent plastic. I hate to say, but it look kind of cheap. The hair going around the hand isn't the best sculpt either. I really enjoy the ends of her hair, they flow in the wind and look super pretty. But the top of the hair is just not the best.


The next thing I wanted to comment on was kind of difficult to get a picture of. If you look in the white area of her bodysuit, there is shading made up of little orange/yellow dots. While it's a cool idea, from further away, it almost makes the white appear a little too yellowy. I think I would prefer the white to be just pure white.




I love her expression and face, she looks so cute. Before I got her, I was worried about how her skin tone would appear. In all of the prototype pictures, she had a yellow hue to her. Even in all of my pics, her skin looks that way. But I can tell you, in person it's not like that at all. It is nice, light and pale.

I remember reading a comment from someone mentioning that she seems larger than a 1/7. Comparing her to other figures I own though, I would say her scale listing as 1/7 is accurate. She's not too big or too small.

That's all I have to say. I nitpicked a couple things, but I just wanted to show exactly how mine turned out, in case others were on the fence about getting her. Don't get me wrong though, I really love this figure. She is really different and so pretty to look at. I think the price I paid for her is definitely fair for how she turned out.

Thank you guys so much for reading!

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HollowPsychehace 1 año#45273501Great review. :) I really wanted to do my first figure review on this figure, but it arrived late for me, so you beat me to it. :P Nice job! Zero Two is beautiful, this is such a lovely figure. :)

Thank you so much! Omg you can still review her, I'd love to hear your opinion and see your pictures! :o
hace 1 año
Great review. :) I really wanted to do my first figure review on this figure, but it arrived late for me, so you beat me to it. :P Nice job! Zero Two is beautiful, this is such a lovely figure. :)
hace 1 año
Jenthehenhace 1 año#45209954She looks really nice! I may be tempted if I ever see her go on sale somewhere ...
She's been on sale on TOM (on and off) for the past few months.
Pretty insane that you can pickup a quality 1/7 scale for ~$55!
MindySuehace 1 año#45197072I am so excited for Max Factory's! I really wish they would hurry up. :o
Depends. If it's not a pilot suit figure, it's out for me (choice between Banpresto and Koto)
hace 1 año
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
The missing leg doesn't really bother me because it makes sense with the pose and I adore the pose & am happy to see her in the red suit as this one was my fav. She's soooo pretty in person, I do wish the base was a little... stronger, per say? Or had a bottom to it, because, it seems a little weak in comparison to the rest of the figure. But, overall I think they did an amazing job with her.
hace 1 año
this Zero Two article makes me so happy.

Dinogirl needs all the love ❤
hace 1 año
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
She would pair well with this Asuka ITEM #35461

She looks really nice! I may be tempted if I ever see her go on sale somewhere ...
hace 1 año
whobdaplayahace 1 año#45140262Thanks for the review and pics!
Still trying to decide on this or Max Factory (ITEM #740109 - assuming they release pics of at least a sculpt very soon).

I am so excited for Max Factory's! I really wish they would hurry up. :o
hace 1 año
I like it when figures have creative bases. It's a shame about the missing leg, but I don't really see what other choice they had given the pose. Thanks for the review!
hace 1 año
She's in the mail right now for me, I'm even more excited to get her after reading your review!
hace 1 año
Thanks for sharing this nice review! Looks like Kotobukiya did an excellent job with this figure (especially if you take her price range into account). Zero Two is looking great!
hace 1 año
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