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Fate/Apocrypha Rider of Black Photo ShootFate/Apocrypha Rider of Black Photo Shoot

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Hi, this is Gyoza! Did you enjoy the Fate series photos we shared on MFC in the past?

We loved them too! So we have 1 more set of photos from Gale XV Photography to share with you all!

December is right around the corner, which means that winter is coming! But before all of the winter festivities, let's take some time to enjoy what we have left of autumn.

Autumn means sweater weather and the time to enjoy leaves changing color day by day.

Our 1/7 scale Rider of Black from Fate/Apocrypha matches perfectly in any setting, but goes especially well in outdoor sets as can be seen in Gale's photos.


With the detailed paint job, the natural lighting reflects off of the figure naturally, giving life to this Astolfo figure. The red and orange leaves contrast well with his pink hair and pale skin.


His face is bright and vibrant, and the slight twist of his torso makes his movements look fluid as well.


What do you think about this Rider of Black? Do you think we were able to capture Astolfo's charm in our figure?

We would like to thank our dear friend, Gale XV Photography, once again for giving us more photos to ogle at!

See more of Gale XV Photography’s photos by visiting his Facebook.

We also covered Lancer and Jeanne Alter in the past. Be sure to check them out!

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- Gyoza
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Senbei (Hace 4 meses) #44478308Might want to change the pronoun for the figure... Astolfo is male but otherwise, great photos!

Hi Senbei! Thanks for letting me know! All fixed. I definitely fell for this trap too! I apologize for the mistake.
Hace 4 meses
Might want to change the pronoun for the figure... Astolfo is male but otherwise, great photos!
Hace 4 meses
Wow, I just want all the props haha.

But surely Astolfo as well of course. :3
Hace 4 meses
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