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Hi all, today review is my old work for previous webboard like Snow Miku that I posted yesterday. I translated it from Thai in to English, add some info & content, add on modify and add some photo into it.

Our main actress to day is Primula. She is one of character for visual novel game and anime name “Shuffle!”.


She is the third artificial life form created from a result of the gods' and devils' experimentations from which she escaped to visit the human world in order to search for Rin because Lycoris had told her about him. Primula has good relationships with the other clones, because she was Lycoris's sister. Most of the time she shows either very little or no emotions whatsoever. However, during her route in the game (and a couple of other routes in Shuffle! Essence+), she starts to trust Rin enough to start showing her real personality, that of an extremely happy and bubbly girl.(credit : wikiedia.org)

Primula is nendoroid plus then her don’t have number in series. And she is only one nendoroid that can talk Wow!!. However she can talk only one short word when you push a button behind her head. Except this one GSC has released another 3 type of her with different voice, face and accessories.

I got this Primula a bit high price from my favorite shop on internet nearly 3 month ago. Actuary I prefer second hand one for rare nendoroid because it cheaper. But that is the past. Shouldn’t keep thinking about it.

Well, we will start review with box as usual.

From front, This box a bit different pattern from other nendoroid’s box (a bit too mess in my sight) in series it less wide than and thicker than normal box size.


From side, it presents another type of Primula nendoroid with different voice, face and accessories. (If you need all of her face you have to buy 4 of her. OMG)


From back, I think it is screenshot form game that come which this nendoroid.


Let’s open and see inside. From this picture we can see pack of nendoroid and CD game “Primula’s Advanture” (I haven’t played it yet because I interest only nendoroid.^^). This nendoroid don’t have any additional faces, don’t have any spare arms&legs and don’t have any application with it. Just have 3 kitty dolls come with her. (But don’t forget that she can talk.)


Yep, it’s CD game.


For background, they use classroom picture instead nendoroid pattern background. >.<


This is her base. It comes with moon sharp made by clear plastic. To be honestly I think this is the most terrible nendoroid’s base. It’s hard to supports nendoroid’s body. And it’s very easy to brake. >.<


Now we will take her out from plastic tray and pose as usual.

From front view, she look a bit cute but her face doesn’t show any emotion. - -+


From side view, we can see how the stand support her body. It’s very risk to brake.


From back view, we can see the switch on back of her head. She will talk if you push it.


From top view, we can see channel that voice come out. (This one I have, I can’t close her head completely.-0-)


And when we open her head we will see the mechanism of make voice inside. (You can’t use another nendoroid’s face with Primular. If you need more face then just buy another version of her. - -+)


Three kitty dolls, The only thing that come with this nendoroid except CD. I think it very cute.>.<


With her kitty dolls Primula are triple time cute for usual. >.<


Look like she needs some warm hug. -0-


For score

Sculpting 7 : She cute enough to get 9 point unless her head can’t completely close that why I can give her only 7 point.

Painting 10 : Good quality of painting nearly perfect for every detail.

Posing 6 : Can pose only stand pose because doesn’t have any spare parts come with.

Base 5 : Very terrible for nendoroid’s base. It’s hard to supports nendoroid’s body. And it’s very easy to brake.

Packing 6 : The box come with mess pattern this isn’t good in my sight. And the size of box not good if you want to keep it with other nendoroid’s box in series.

Enjoyment 8 : Two things that make me enjoy about this nendoroid are she can talk and her kitty dolls very cute. >.<


That’s all for today review. She doesn’t well for action but she is only one nendoroid that can talk then you should have 1 of her at least. Thank you for sacrifice you time to read it. I hope you enjoy and can find something useful in this review.. See ya again next time.^^
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