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What merch do you collect aside from figures? (+my collection)What merch do you collect aside from figures? (+my collection)

AlienEmojiAlienEmojiHace 6 mesesAsk MFC
I'm curious about people who get into an anime so hardcore that they expand their collection beyond figures!

I just won an auction for my second production cel of one of my favourite characters ever, Basara Nekki, and I'm absolutely ecstatic, so I got curious about what awesome finds some of you might have!

Here's photos of my Macross 7 / Basara Nekki collection;


I have a LOT of stuff, my gems being the production cel, Fukuyama Fire and Ultra Fire CDs (also Re:Fire, but that one is easier to get), and my first quality Basara figure, which is very near and dear to my heart; ITEM #133430
It only cost me like $4 but it's BY FAR one of my favourite figures that I own. Dat sentimental value.

Other things I collected thus far are the animation book with concept art and such, the roman album, just, a LOT of CDs (the show is about a band so there's just, a ton of awesome music to collect), an autograph of Basara's voice actor, Nabutoshi Canna, a silly doujinshi I bought because the style of it was really cute, glasses that just.. look like Basara's, and two pencil boards. And well, a Mylene figure but like. Mylene is not Basara. She cute tho, so she can stay.

I bought and ordered a few more things I'm currently waiting for, such as a keychain, a music box, another music CD (I'm aiming to own their entire discography), a bluray set, telephone card with a coin & another poster.

Basically if I can afford it, I tend to buy almost anything Basara-related. My dude only has 4 figures (BLASPHEMY), all of which I already bought, so my collection had to expand beyond that. (Here's hoping for the 25th anniversary next year to finally give him a decent scale figure! PLEASE give him a decent scale figure he's the main character for god's sake......)

Back to topic, music CDs and cels are definitely my favourite things to get (aside from figures, of course), because they feel the most 'real', like actually owning a piece of the show I love so much (I mean in the cel's case you actually DO own a piece of it, how cool is that!!)

Does anyone else collect production cels? If not that, what else do you collect?
Do you have a hyper-fixation on a single character or show that goes beyond figures?
What's the coolest or most interesting non-figure piece of anime merch that you own?
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manga, blu rays, post cards
Hace 6 meses
Let's see...one of my more valued non-figure, anime-related possessions is the Narumi Kakinouchi Illustration Collection, which was given to me by my paternal grandmother (RIP) back in elementary school. I'm pretty sure it had a decent influence on my art style at the time.

As for other things I collect, the biggest things that spring to mind are VG guidebooks and old magazines (mostly VG and PC related, but I also now have an appreciation for all those old house magazines we have in the basement).
Hace 6 meses
Been kinda focusing collecting around certain favorite shows like Queen's Blade (Airi) and Strike Witches or just of certain favorite characters. Other non-anime stuff I collect, fishing lures (old or interesting, or Mepps =3) and old money I guess, if I happen to come across any.
Most interesting non-figure merch? I think my Strike Witches tarot cards are pretty interesting.
Hace 6 meses
My second biggest hobby besides figures are the bands I follow from Japan. I mostly collect CDs, Merch, magazines etc. from the GazettE or other artists such das AvelCain, Kamijo and more.
I also collect Hello Kitty stuff (figures, plushies), teddy bears, Manga and Makeup.
Hace 6 meses
I used to collect mainly Sailor Moon, and I've owned a little bit of everything. Keychains, vintage dolls, vintage toys, acrylic stands, gashapon, plushes, proplica, posters, pillows, cels, cards, etc. Figures are definitely my main focus, though.
Hace 6 meses
Lucidream (Hace 6 meses) #41549056...

no way, you have tank models too??
oh man i used to be so into wwii, german tanks in particular, i have a really nice big model of a jagdpanther, but my favourite is my small panzer iv, since that's my favourite tank lmao
haven't bought a tank figure in a little under a decade, but i love my panzer iv <3

do you have a preference for tanks like era/country?
Hace 6 meses
Raze (Hace 6 meses) #41547958...

I love cels, it's great to see like, the original colour of the character as opposed the slightly altered/faded one in the finished animated product, and it's also a staple of animation history like.. it's really a bummer they don't use this method to animate anymore, but at the same time I can definitely see why.

I've been eyeing clear files like posters, but have yet to see one that I like. I guess being an artist makes me hella picky lmao
Hace 6 meses
I collect everything.
Hace 6 meses
I'm looking after for more keychains, buttons and prints (whenever officially licensed or fan-made ones - excluding stolen works.) They do however from to be from my favorite character or show. Original Character -based goods are fine either way.

I've managed to get for a very cheap price considering I saw her elsewhere for much more in comparison.

Could've gone for production cels as well but if I find one I like I'm either screwed by it being auctioned or the general high price.
Hace 6 meses
I primarily collect Nendoroids, I try to go for completed sets for series I like, except for when they become exceedingly expensive. I'm working on having the full Touhou Project set, finishing my Kill la Kill set, and starting a Steins;Gate set.

I have some scale figures and I'd like to get into Figma, but they are a lot harder to fit into my budget. My prize figure is my Neptune Nendoroid that I keep in its own display case on a shelf, I'm writing a review for her to come out sometime in the future.

I also collect the physical Touhou Project releases, CDs, and the latest thing I've started is collecting rubber straps and acrylic keychains. I own some Japanese import CDs for bands I like, since they have exclusive tracks, and I also like to collect Japanese releases with OBIs for bands I like from over there, Boris in particular. I have a lot of Handmade CDr releases from Mark McGuire and his old band Emeralds, don't know if anyone here would know them.

I do own a few tapestries, 2 for Hyperdimension Neptunia I picked up at a local con and then one I got from NY ComicCon. I thought it was of Momiji Inubashiri from Touhou... I was close, it's actually Fujiwara No Mokou. I didn't know a lot about Touhou lore-wise when I picked up but it's a nice piece of art anyway.
Hace 6 meses
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