how do i ship an item from the philippines to foreign countries?how do i ship an item from the philippines to foreign countries?Ask MFC

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to those experienced in shipping toys from the Philippines. im planning to sell my figures here in MFC but i dont know how are payment done and how do you send the item overseas.
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Consider using Paypal for payments. Bring the stuff to post office, they'll wrap it (with extra charge) and ship it.
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I've shipped my secret santa gifts via the post office. tends to be pricey so you might want to check price first before giving a price quote. Payment is of course via paypal to be safe.
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Just to note, if you use PayPal for payment, use a shipping method with proper tracking (meaning end to end tracking), insurance and signature upon delivery and also make sure you use Paypal's commercial payment (the one with the fees) instead of the personal one (the one with no fees, and use for families/friends). This is to somehow protect yourself as a seller (check PayPal PH's eligibility requirements), as PayPal is more biased on the buyer side in case of dispute. Can also sometimes protect you from CC charge backs as PayPal will 'sometimes' just absorb the charge back cost if you did everything as per seller protection requirements.
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Payment is through Paypal.

Shipping can be done through: Xend, PhilPost, or DHL/LBC/Other couriers.

Shipping is expensive because computation is done via either vol. wt (based on dimensions) or actual wt, whichever is higher. 1kg is already around 40 USD to ship and that's with the slowest method available and no insurance.
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paypal best option for payment. shipping can be through philpost = ems, or fedex,dhl, and other couriers that could ship worldwide
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Safest payment method is paypal, and shipping could be through LBC, DHL, or other couriers.
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It would be the same as selling any other item... payment would be done via paypal and you’d ship it out via whatever postal service you have available.

Any internet buy and sell guides would give you a rundown of it.
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