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Any high-end Production line for Anime Mecha figures?Any high-end Production line for Anime Mecha figures?

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Recently, I ordered the EVA-01 from Bandai's Metal Build. I always wanted a mecha figure and it will be first non-scale figure that I am ordering.

I try to only order scale figures with best quality over anything such as figures from Alter and GSC while passing on ones with some what questionable quality like Kotobukiya
(I know they are good and have sometimes has great figure but they are mostly not great when it comes to small details, hair, and painting such as lining and shading) or figmas.(hate those joints on figmas)

So I was wondering if there is other production/classifications for anime mecha/robot with great quality that goes around 100~250 (Release price) like Metal Build (ENTRY #26002)that does not require complete assembly and does not have ugly(?) joints like some action figures has. (Company like Prime 1 is just too expensive for me)

Also, for things like Gundam, how do I know if it is not model kit or require painting/assembly outside the MFC? Some online stores would sell them with only pictures that is already assembled without any word I can check to know if it is pre-build or model kit. I know I can search 'model kit' in category in MFC but it does not always show up since stores make up the names that is hard to find in MFC unlike figures that is much easier to find due to character names (does MFC have all of the anime mecha figures in database?)

I also welcome some recommendation of mecha/robot figures!
(Not the ones with girls wearing metal outfit on their arms and legs)

Thank you in advance~
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Other than the obvious Bandai, for robots I can recommend Sentinel. The cure, the details and the engineering are top notch. You can view review on yt.
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Soul of Chogokin --> Bandai. for super Robots such as Mazinger Z (also has a Metal Build version), Golion, Voltes V, etc and few popular ships such as Space BB Yamato and Space Pirate Ship Arcadia. They even released Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim. They also have significant diecast content

DX Chogokin --> Bandai, for Macross Valks at 1/60 scale. Have die cast contents

Arcadia (Yamato) --> also Macross Valks at 1/60 scale. Have die cast contents

Hi-Metal R --> Bandai line for 1/00 scale Macross valks with die cast contents

GFF Metal Composite --> Bandai, quite similar with Metal Build. They're also Gundam around 1/100s scale with die cast contents and are based on Ver. Ka design

Metal Robot Damashii/Spirits --> Bandai.If you're familiar with Robot Damashii line, basically the same but with diecast content mostly on the joints. Not limited to Gundams. For example,recently released Lancelot Albion from Code Geass

Robot Damashii/Spirits --> Bandai. Mostly Gundam, but there are non-Gundam as well. They're non-scale but should be around 1/144 scale. They don't have diecast contents, but recent releases have good details for their price.

Tamashii Spec --> Bandai. Haven't really followed this line so not sure if there are any new releases but there are quite a number of them on secondary market. Mostly non-Gundam mechs including EVA, and have some diecast contents.

Metal Build --> you're already familiar with it. Though they're mostly Gundam, they also released non-Gundam mechs such as Arbales and Laevatein from FMP and Mazinger Z

Formania EX --> Bandai. If you're interested with Gundam busts.

Do note that Metal Build, DX Chogokin, popular Soul of Chogokin and Metal Composite usually have crazy Pre-order period especially if it's a PBandai limited or exclusive release. Metal Build Eva PO seems to be not that bad since it's a normal release and a lot of shops were able to offer it, however, they still sold out somewhat quick. So you have to live with this reality in case you collect these lines, lol.

As for identifying if it's a figure or a model kit, I think the best way is to familiarize yourself with the products. Usually a kit will have the word 'kit' in the product details. For Bandai kits, if you see Master grade(MG), Real Grade (RG), High grade (HG), Perfect Grade (PG), Megasize (1/48), RE 1/100, NG (1/144 or 1/100) then they are kits. If you;re interested with checking new Gunpla kits to be released, better check sites such as Gundamkitscollection (www.gundamkitsc...). Kotobukiya also produce kits for Zoids and some other mechs, and GSC/Max Factory through their Plamax and Moderoid line.

Additionally, since many of the lines mentioned are Bandai products including the kits, you have to be familiar if it's a P-Bandai release. If it's P-Bandai then it's usually just available for order on the P-Bandai online shop which is officially available on few countries only (Japan, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore). Most of the time online retail shops (Amiami, HLJ, NipponYasan,etc) will offer them for PO but sometimes they don't especially if it's a limited PBandai item. Or the very least, at very limited quantities.
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Material and price are decent indicators of quality. After all you get what you pay for. Kotobukiya model kits are actually more expensive than Bandai model kits in general because they make smaller runs (scale of economics) and don't own the IP for model kits they make.

You've mentioned Metal Builds so I think you are also aware of Soul of Chogokin. Metal Fix Figurations are also popular. There are also unlicensed third party interpretations of Gundam Metal builds floating out there although quality varies.

You may be interested in taking a look at the Bandai Hi Resolution line (just attach the armor pieces like Lego) or maybe even their Real Grade (RG) line as although some assembly is required, they look fantastic with no paint. Investment into model building is surprisingly low as well. All you need is a cutting mat, a hobby knife, something to sand with (like sandpaper or file) and a nipper to cut parts of a runner. You can get all the tools you need to assemble RGs to a high quality for less than $40 and they're more detailed than most of their robot damashii counterparts.
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You already mentioned metal build so there is that. There is also Soul of Chogokin which is another high end die cast robot figure line from bandai. Super robot Chogokin is another one.
There is also Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite which is basicly metal build but uses only mecha designed by hajime katoki.
You have Robot Damashii/spirits if you want them on a smaller scale without any metal parts, and Metal Robot Damashii/Spirits if you want that scale with metal parts. Robot damashii is mostly gundam again but does have robots from other lines like Full metal panic, eureka seven, code geass. There are Evangelion robot damashii's but they are all pretty old now and harder to find cheaper. There is also the masterpiece transformer line if you are into transformers.
Generally for Gundam if it is a model kit there will be a scale/grade attached to it. Such as the listing will say 1/144 scale high grade xxx. Action figures will just say what line it is such as robot damashii xxx.
Hope this is helpful in some way.
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What's popped up in my mind is Prime 1, for example their EVA: ITEM #453330
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Can't really answer the first question too well (don't really know much about figures like that), but usually for Gundams it should be fairly easy to tell if its a model kit or not. Usually if the box art or the description has letters like MG, PG, HG etc. that usually means its a model kit. Honestly haven't bought any in a while but I don't think that they even have many preassembled Gundams outside of the Metal Build stuff and a few smaller items.
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