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ARTFX J Yumeko Jabami Photo ShootARTFX J Yumeko Jabami Photo Shoot

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Do you like to gamble? I personally don’t like to gamble, but I enjoy the thrill that I experience from watching anime that feature gambling elements like Kakegurui and Kaiji!

Zawa zawa zawa...

I would gladly like to present to you My Figure Collection photographer Gale015 of Gale XV Photography’s newest photos!
Our ARTFX J Yumeko Jabami retains the elegant nature of Yumeko whilst showcasing her dark nature in her eyes and facial expressions.
Let’s not forget about the amount of detail in the sculpt and the paint job! I am in love with the paint on the legs to accentuate the sheer nature and texture of her pantyhose!

All of the cards and poker chips scattered throughout Gale’s set also helps to bring out the character of Yumeko to its fullest!*

I definitely don’t want to mess with this crazy girl…


*All items shown in photos above (minus the ARTFX J Yumeko Jabami) are owned and prepared by Gale015 of Gale XV Photography.

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See more of Gale XV Photography’s photos by visiting his Facebook. You can also view behind-the-scenes video footage of his photoshoots on his new Youtube page!

- Gyoza

(C) Homura Kawamoto,Toru Naomura/SQUARE ENIX,KAKEGURUIproject
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What an amazing set-up! she looks gorgeous.
Hace 5 meses
Great photo shoot, you can really feel the vibe or the anime (and I like Kaiji too!)
Hace 6 meses
Excellent diorama. Hats off to Gale015. This Yumeko figure goes so well with the background, just like in the anime. Thanks!
Hace 6 meses
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