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July 2018 Loot!!July 2018 Loot!!

heroizumiheroizumiHace 9 mesesLoot
Hello again everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day!! I'm here once again with a blog! As mentioned last month, I have been stepping a bit away from small merch and have been getting more into figures recently! Admittedly mostly nendoroids, but there are some scales and prize figures that I got this month and have ordered in the future!!

Anyway, as usual, sorry for my terrible photos. My hands get a little shakey...

This month was a big one! I had three separate amiami parcels, a large parcel from my lovely friend, tanzanite in Canada, a zenmarket parcel and a couple little ones from splits/purchases!

First off is a very random, kinda goofy purchase XD

Say hello to my weird Shiraishi fan XD
One of my friends got it at an event in Japan and decided to put it up for sale XD I couldn't resist, ahaha.

The art on the back is lovely. I can't wait til I can pick up the manga!!

Now next is a little of a project I started.
I got these little candle holders at Five Below. I got them in silver, but I think there was gold and copper colors as well. And with my mom's suggestion, I have discovered that when turned over they look really nice with a fake candle lighting them up!!

I'm using them as risers!!
As you can see, the pair acrylics of the Hitorijime boys are a little taller! I've set them on top of these upside down candle holders!! I like that they've got a design to them rather than being just plain glass!

I've added Old Man Joseph to my collection! My IRL friend was selling him to help pay bills. He's one of the casualties of Toys R Us going out of business. ;__; If he ever decides he wants him back I'm willing to sell him back to him. I just hope my friend is able to find a new job soon. ;___;

And yet another DIY project! A twitter user I follow showed her super cute set up and I wanted to try something similar!! Which ended up being a little rougher than originally imagined. She's lucky enough to have a Daiso near her. Unfortunately there aren't any that close to me, so I had to do online shopping to find these!

So the wire grid and baskets were bought online, and the wall hooks and baggie of s-hooks came from a hardware store. What are these for??

A wall mounted plush basket!! (Sorry for my semi-messy looking room, lol). I'm definitely looking to get a few more grids and baskets to expand to the right of the top one. For now I need to figure out what else I want to put on them! I was hoping the baskets I bought might fit my Ensemble Stars plushies, but their little legs are a bit too long. I know there are other basket options, but they all seemed a little too wide. I don't know if I'd want a full 6 inches jutting out from my wall.

And we have our first amiami parcel of the month!!

First up!!
Tatara!! I love all three of his faceplates!! He's definitely one of my favorite nendoroids. My first nendoroid was Hinata from Haikyuu and the fact that Kishida Takahiro was the character designer for both series definitely makes Tatara a little more precious to me. I love his design and Kishida's art style in the two series is very appealing to me. <3

I think this last one is my favorite!! It's very endearing and it's definitely a very "Tatara" expression, haha.

I also love this little sitting lower body XD It's again, a very "Tatara" sort of thing. XD

In the end I've decided to keep him with the following pose:
I hope one day I he can have Chii-chan to extend his hand to. ;__;

Next nendo!!
Good ole Yuri on Ice XDD
Yep I also grabbed up the Coach Victor nendoroid.

I've decided to leave him with the surprised face!
I will admit, the little name lanyard is a little annoying. It sticks out quite a bit ~_~

And here's a quick look at the YoI collection! I can't wait to add Casual Yurio and most importantly, Otabek to my collection! I splurged and ordered him from GSC just to get the headphones ;__;

And the last but not least!
Princess Leia!!

Boy that's a big gun, haha. I think she's very cute but I still remember that she was put up for pre-order shortly after Carrie Fisher's passing. The moment I saw her I knew I needed to get her to spread more love for Carrie ;__; <3 I hope they'll continue making Star Wars nendos that will include outfits from the other films. And boy do I hope they make a General Organa. ;__;

Next up is a bit of nendo experimentation.

A lot of people were upset that Tatara didn't come with his slicked back hair. It's totally understandable considering he doesn't really wear his tux without his hair being done. So I decided to see how he'd look with Yuuri's hair. I don't think it's half bad. Sure Tatara's hair is all in place and Yuuri has that little bit in the front, but it works well enough.

Also....How does Yuuri look on Tatara's body?
Dang good I must say!

And this had to be done!! Hahaha!!! It's super cute and works very well. It makes me want another Tatara just so Yuuri can have his body XD

Next up is a ton of loot that I had with tanzanite!!
Unfortunately MFC doesn't want to upload the overall photo for some reason, so it'll just be stacks of merch photos.

First up are some Idolish7 and Trigger clear files!! Ahhhhhh so pretty~~ And luckily, amiami just got some clear file holders in, so I now have them stored nicely~

Next is the Gaku photobook and an i7 light novel~
The light novel will be a bit of reading to do, but it's good to get practicing my kanji a bit more.

Continuing with this theme:
Here's some Idolish7 badges! I really love the sparkling birthday ones. Ahhhhhh. I love the birthday art so much!!!
Also the top row of the second photo.....they're so nice. They're matte badges which is a nice change. I have a few other ones laying around (I think of Yuri on Ice Oedo onsen ones off the top of my head). I need to find more washi badges at some point too~

And here are some little bits of smaller merch. I love the Yamato acrylics ;__; I think I need to start a Yamato itabag, ahaha.
The diamond shaped Gaku one came from his photobook! There's a poster in the book too! :D

And the last little i7 items! These are really cute!! They were gachagacha ones~ I'm not sure if another series of them is planned or not, but I would love to have a Yamato!

Next are a couple items from splits that were pretty cheap, haha. Can't say no to cheap XD

And a Yurio to replace the one that JPN-Depot lost. Though I think I bought another from Susanoo14 cuz I forgot I was gonna get one from tanzanite XDD

And the last set of goodies from tanzanite!
The Otabek badge was from a little surugaya order she did, the straps are from a split :DD
I have the other one I wanted coming from Susanoo14's split as well XD

And now to amiami box two and three!!
Just this losers and a prize figure for AshuriiKareshi were in the second box.

And the third box.....was very, very full.

Very full.

Admittedly, Kuwabara took up a lot of room, ahaha. I'm so glad to have him finally! I love all the YYH stuff that's been coming out for the anniversary. I was so glad to see these re-released.

And the plushies of the box. I'm glad I didn't buy Keito and Kuro in December. I paid something like 2500yen and could have gotten him for 980yen dangit!!! But hey, getting the three of them for less than 4000yen is a steal if you ask me.
And of course the Pitanui of Jiro! I knew I had to have him when I first got into sidem. I'm just a little sad that there's not too many other sidem fans out there ;__;

Here's some flat goodies. More details later XD
(Besides the dumb plate. I just couldn't resist it lolol)

Next we have some photos of Kuwabara!
He's definitely one of my favorite figures now. He looks awesome. The flow of the coat looks great. The biggest problem? Now I really want Yusuke and Hiei ;__; Damnnnn.

Here's Akatsuki all lined up! :D
I think Keito looks the best. Souma looks so pumpkin headed...

And Jiro without his bag XD

And here are the CDs. Both very awesome. I must say the extra detail in the Megalo Box one though...

here's the inside of the case and the disk...but what impressed me the most?

You know that little paper thing they put on the end of most Japanese CDs?
Holy crap. That's the inside of it. Absolutely beautiful. I hope they make a Megalobox photobook. I'd love to see all the original designs and whatnot. Megalobox was one of my favorites last season, and I'm definitely going to be investing in the blurays. I just wish there was more merch. I guess I'll just pray that Kotobukiya will pick up scales ;__;

A few of the little things.
I think I'm one of the few people who really loved Devils Line. It was kinda bad...but I loved every second of it!! Anzai is so incredibly cute ahhhhh
And there's my boy Gure, the best latte art master I've ever seen. XD Rokuhoudou was definitely one of the most relaxing series to watch last season. So much fun. <3

Not sure what I'll be doing with The Hand but I'm sure I'll find a place for him. The Yamato scroll is already up though.

And here's more stuff from a series I really loved last season! I can't wait til the make more!!! The weird Shiraishi at the start of this blog was the start of my collection, and I sure hope there will be even more cool stuff coming out in the future <3

And last up are the losers.
I love these nendoroids, but I am horrible at posing them ;__;
At some point I'm gonna have an "I need healing" photoshoot with Genji and Mercy....

And onto the zenmarket parcel!

Despite me trying to clear some of my crap...
Here's another tiny item. I actually sold an Aomine one coin and immediately replaced him with this Hyuuga. Whooops.

Some of the Saga! On Ice goodies. I was lucky enough to find these as a set (with a Yuuri badge) for 2400yen or so. I'm sure they did it that way to get rid of Georgi, but it's perfect for me, a Georgi lover.

And speaking of Georgi love..
I managed to find a doujin of him and Victor o.o
Definitely not something I ever expected to find. I randomly searched his name on mandarake and found it. It's a cute little fluffy doujin. I just want Georgi to get more love <3

And oh boy one of my most desired figures is finally home!!!!

Yes. Harumichi is home. I saw a varient of this figure at a used goods shop in Suzuka, Mie, while visiting my friend. I didn't pick it up because I knew I didn't have room in my bag to take him home because he's so huge....And upon doing research after returning to the USA, I realized I really should have bought some of those figures. There were tons of them for insanely cheap because the boxes had been opened. I think they ranged from 1200yen up to around 2400yen.

The wrinkles on his sukajan...
That classic pose...
The tiny removable cigarette...and the veins on his hand...
An actual chain attached to a removable wallet....

I'm in love ;__; <3
I think the only unfortunate part about him is that there are some clumping issues on his paint job. The most noticeable spots are on his face and jacket. They don't show up well in photos which is lucky, but I know they're there which is enough to bug me a little. However I did only pay 3400yen or so, which is definitely not bad.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who made it this far!! I'm so glad to have a platform like this to be able to nerd out and show off all my fun goodies~ I hope you all have a lovely morning/day/evening/night!!

Oh yeah..

....finally someone similar in size to Josuke, LOL
Too bad I still don't have a better place for this big boys XD
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nightjellie (Hace 9 meses) #37438035Awesome loot! Yamato/Gaku/Iori are my Idolish biases *0* The DIY plush basket is a really good idea!

Thanks!! I used to be a fair bit of a Tamaki fan, but I've fallen a little for Mitsuki recently ;__;
And augh yess I wish I brilliant enough to come up with the grid baskets myself XDD
Hace 9 meses
Awesome loot! Yamato/Gaku/Iori are my Idolish biases *0* The DIY plush basket is a really good idea!
Hace 9 meses
ChocolateSpider (Hace 9 meses) #37412140This is a great loot. So many cute Nendoroids and hot anime guys. :D

Thanks!! Nendoroids are the true terror for my wallet, lol! And hot anime guys do quite a number on my wallet too, lol!
Hace 9 meses
This is a great loot. So many cute Nendoroids and hot anime guys. :D
Hace 9 meses
kuailiang (Hace 9 meses) #37370862Love seeing Idolish7 and Enstars merch in loot posts, but what made me even happier was seeing the one lone Neko Naughey item - great taste!

Whois Neko Naughey anyway? I just think he's adorable, is there a series about him? He's an amazing cat and I wish he was mine. XD

mintea (Hace 9 meses) #37378690I never knew I needed a Chewy nendo until now. But yeah, def can't wait to see 'em all together!

Muwahaha I have planted the seed >XD
Hace 9 meses
heroizumi (Hace 9 meses) #37366084
I can't wait to get Luke and Han too ;__; They're all so lovely <3 I really hope they make a Chewbacca too!
And yessss all the Yamatos <3

I never knew I needed a Chewy nendo until now. But yeah, def can't wait to see 'em all together!
Hace 9 meses
Love seeing Idolish7 and Enstars merch in loot posts, but what made me even happier was seeing the one lone Neko Naughey item - great taste!
Hace 9 meses
maggie (Hace 9 meses) #37349634If you want the Golden Kamuy USA edition of the manga it’s half off at therightstuf right now! And so is all the Haikyuu manga and Hunter x Hunter manga. I’m very tempted!
I actually like the fan translations for Golden Kamuy a lot, I checked out the Viz manga to support it but I don’t like it as much. I’m torn! I always buy to support the release...

I'm actually looking to get the Japanese versions of the manga! :D But thanks for the info~ I've been looking at it on ebookJapan but I think I might want physical copies rather than digital :D

Jellygem (Hace 9 meses) #37349643Ooh awesome loot, and your room is so cute! I also hope to collect lots of Golden Kamuy stuff, i kinda regret not getting any of the acrylic stands lol ^.^;;

Thanks!! I'm bummed that I missed the first set of acrylics that came out. ;__; There just wasn't enough Golden Kamuy merch ahhh

Panda_Chan (Hace 9 meses) #37352469I think Devils Line wasn't /that/ bad. Also I recommend reading manga - it's 1000 times better than anime and I really enjoyed it ;)
P.S. nice loot :3

I've got the first three volumes on eBookJapan but I haven't started reading them yet. Now that the anime series is over I really ought to get on it and also buy the rest of the volumes ahaha.
And thanks :DD

mintea (Hace 9 meses) #37355335Oh dang the Leia nendoroid is super cute. Wish I would have gotten her.
Also hhh the Yamato can badges

I can't wait to get Luke and Han too ;__; They're all so lovely <3 I really hope they make a Chewbacca too!
And yessss all the Yamatos <3
Hace 9 meses
Oh dang the Leia nendoroid is super cute. Wish I would have gotten her.

Also hhh the Yamato can badges
Hace 9 meses
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
I think Devils Line wasn't /that/ bad. Also I recommend reading manga - it's 1000 times better than anime and I really enjoyed it ;)
P.S. nice loot :3
Hace 9 meses
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