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Miki Sayaka - Madoka Magica - 1/8 GSC - REVIEWMiki Sayaka - Madoka Magica - 1/8 GSC - REVIEW

CelestrialCelestrialHace 9 mesesReview

Hello MFC
Today I am happy to present to you a review of my favorite blue haired magical girl Sayaka Miki. The figure is 1/8 in scale and is the “movie ver” by Goodsmile Company. The movie version of the Madoka Magica figures have been infamous so far for their rocky release history and countless delays. Sayaka was showcased at wonderfest back in 2016 and with a few delays she has finally wished her way into our hearts in 2018.

I am really happy they GSC are still making the effort to release this line of figures, the movie figures have much more defining style and visually aesthetic radiance that the original figures don’t quite add up to. Even though we haven't seen a sculpt of Sayaka’s counterpart Kyoko…my hopes still remain high that one day these two will be reunited from figure limbo.

so without further ado, lets summon up Kyubey, make a wish and dive into the review!


________________ BOX ________________

Let’s begin by taking a look at the box Sayaka comes housed in. One thing I love about collecting sets is not only do you get extreme satisfaction from seeing a set grow – but the main element is consistency. In a collection, things that go together look aesthetically pleasing, whether it be the same style or same colours. So far GSC has kept up with this consistency throughout the movie version figures and that holds true with the boxes as well.

The Box has a beautiful white and blue colour scheme, mimicking the same colour scheme of Sayaka’s magical girl outfit. The box is just big enough to house the figure with no excess wasted space to hold the figure inside, making shipping and transportation light. In the center is a nice big viewing window showing off the figure inside, while around the outside is this intricate spiral design of small blue beads and musical notes – which is a strong symbolic theme for the character.


On the sides and back of the box we get some close up images of the figure inside showing some different angles. I love the purple and coloured circle pattern featured on the back of the box. This art style is very reflective of the production studio SHAFT and how they represent the series using a combination of unique and very defining art traits. Overall the box has a really strong presence and I really appreciate the amount of work gone into it to make it look just as pretty as the contents inside.


________________ BLISTER ________________

Once you have opened the box you will be greeted with the blister, inside the blister you will find 3 separate items:

.The main Figure – Sayaka
.Sayaka’s magical girl weapon – The Cutlass
.The base


________________ CONSTRUCTION________________

Before we take a look at the main figure there is a small construction process we must undertake first. It’s an incredibly simple process but thankfully GSC has included some handy instructions at the bottom of the box, both in English and Japanese.


The first step is to attach Sayaka to the base. On the underside of Sayaka’s left boot will be two sockets, this is what will connect Sayaka to the base. The pegs on the base are literally moulded in the shape of a shoe, simply align the sockets with the pegs on the base and connect the two together. Be sure to use enough force so that the clear part sticking out of the base is touching the underside of her boot – there shouldn’t be any gap between the two and should be stuck together to ensure optimal stability. You may notice at this point that when Sayaka is attached to the base, her other foot will be slightly suspended from the ground, don’t worry as this is intentional and her foot shouldn’t be touching the base like the one attached.


The next step is to attach her weapon, the Cutlass, but before we do that lets take a closer look at the weapon on its own. In the series Sayaka can summon multiple swords at once, using them to hack and slash her way through the witches den in quick succession. Even though she is seen using multiple swords at once, the original illustration only features her holding one.
GSC has been really generous with the movie version figures and have been including a weapon with each of the magical girls, even if they don’t have one in the original illustration!
The gold detailing on the handle is really nice, alongside the dark blue it makes for a real beautiful colour combination. I also really like the black triangle marking running along the side of the blade, really nice stylish element.


Attaching the sword into her hand is a pretty simple process, but have been seen reports of users getting a “paint transfer” when attaching the sword. I didn’t receive any paint transfers at all but thought it might be worth mentioning as it seems to of occurred with multiple users.

In order to attach the Cutlass you first need to remove the gold bar that sticks out from the dark blue handle. It is attached by two small pegs and pops out rather easy. The bar itself is rather small and thin so take care not to use too much force when separating it.

Once the bar is off, simple slide the dark blue handle into the bottom of Sayaka’s outreached closed hand. You’ll also notice that the dark blue handle has a small peg on it as well – once you slide the handle to a certain point, the peg should lock into a small socket inside Sayaka’s clenched hand. Once the handle is in place, re-attach the gold bar and the construction process is complete! Sayaka is ready to become a magical girl!


________________MIKI SAYAKA– THE COMPLETED FIGURE________________

Here is the completed figure in all her magical glory! Let’s take a look at every angle and then we will zoom in close and check out all the intricate details in her outfit!

This first shot is basically the designated angle that is showcased in the original illustration. I have to say that she is by far the best magical girl in the movie version series thus far. Her pose is really dynamic and I just absolutely adore her blue colour scheme, it’s so vivid and vibrant!


From the shot you can see more of how she is posed, it’s really dynamic and has so much motion involved. One thing I really didn’t realise from production photos was how large her cape was! Its huge!


From the back we really get an idea of how large and majestic her cape is, it’s a beautiful pure white with so many amazing curves and creases! Stunning.


A shot from the other side, here you can see how her body kind of arches back a bit like she has just dodged a speeding projectile from a witch!


Now let’s take a closer look at the upper half of the figure. Honestly her face is stunning. One of my favourite details about the characters from Madoka is the sketchy eyes. You can literally see the grains from the pencil used to illustrate the decals on the eyes, such a unique stylistic art choice from the genius’s at SHAFT. Her open mouth is also sculpted which adds more depth and life to Sayaka’s expression – not to mention those cute little blush marks, so so cute!

You can tell that this figure is based off of the movie series because of the golden FF music clip in her hair. This was an added piece of detail into the movie series that adds character and charm to Sayaka’s motivation and roll within the story. The golden colour also ties in really well with the gold trims around the outfit. Before we move on to said outfit, take a look at that hair! GSC never cease to impress me with paintwork, the toning and gradient on the hair is absolutely gorgeous. Starting with light blue on the top and slowly turning into a dark blue at the tips of the hair – beautiful job.


Moving on down we will take a look at Sayaka’s magical girl attire. As I mentioned previously, Sayaka is my favourite character in the series not only because of her blue colour scheme but because of her amazingly designed outfit –which has all be carefully recreated in incredible detail in figure form. I absolutely love the white frills that stick out around the edges of her corset, the sculpting of the waves are really accurate and impressive. Her corset like top has a really nice shiny finish to it and makes it stand out from the rest of her blue colour scheme. You might also notice that Sayaka’s soul gem is just poking out from under her top. The gem is made from a different material and actually looks like glowing gem with a see-through crystal like appearance, so pretty!


Next up we can check out her amazing skirt! I am an absolute sucker for pleated skirts and the sculpt work on Sayaka’s is beautiful. It really creates a sense of motion, especially how that material on the front is folded back through momentum. You can also see the detailing used on the belt, the small silver holes and the golden belt buckle. Painting is a little rough around these smaller areas but it goes unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.


At the bottom of the figure we have Sayaka adorned in her lovely white stockings and cute little blue boots. The boots have the same shiny finish as the corset type and create this beautiful reflective effect. The gold trimming along the top of the boots are flawless. Another impressive piece of sculpting detail here is the belts around the stockings and how it creates the effect of the legs being “tightened” by the belts. Little details like this are really impressive and create such a sense of realism to how this outfit would work in real life!

I also want to take this moment to comment on the base which I absolutely love. Keeping with the consistency of the other Madoka figures, the base is a semi-transparent colour in a circle shape. The blue is really vibrant and contrasts beautifully with the figure. On just the right angle there is this neon blue that runs around the side of the base and it looks amazing! Adding a simple translucent colour like this to a standard clear circle base changes it completely, such a nice effect and compliment the figure beautifully!


From this angle we can see how the white frills and gold detailing wraps around the back of her outfit as well. There are some nice sculpting folds occurring on the back of her corset as she twists her body in motion, really nice detailing, not to mention those legs!! Look how well defined her calf’s are! (And for all those interested, her Panties are white…I checked for research purposes).


Speaking of amazing sculpting work, take a look at her Cape. It’s elegant and majestic in all its flailing glory. Even in photos it’s hard to capture just how large her cape is! But GSC have done an amazing job sculpting it perfectly in motion, you can track exactly how it would of moved as Sayaka swung around in battle. The way it flicks up at the end is such a nice touch as well as the sculpting folds around where her shoulders are to generate its flowing shape.
From this angle you can also see the gradient and tone work on the hair from the back. She has two seam lines along the side but it’s hardly noticeable.


And last but not least another quick look at Sayaka holding her weapon, the Cutlass. I think the posing of this figure is really unique, such a cool battle stance. I especially love the way her hand and fingers are positioned in her other hand. That being said the great paintwork carries over along the dark blue of her gloves/sleeves by adding a dark shade where her elbows are, so nice! But nothing beats the shining gold on that sword, the gold detailing really brings the design of this figure together and makes every little element stand out in its own special way.


________________CONCLUSION ________________

Sayaka is by far the best magical girl figure to come from the movie version figures so far, on par with Madoka herself. What makes her stand out is her vibrant and radiant blue/gold colour scheme with a combination of great sculpting and paint work.
The box aesthetically pleasing and represents the series as well as SHAFTS signature art style as well. The box is also small and compacting keeping the figure safe on the inside and its size allows for easy transportation and light shipping fees.

The figure itself is absolutely beautiful, amazing detailing on the face such as the sketchy eyes, sculpted mouth and light blush effect. The hair has a really nice gradient effect from light to dark blue that really stands out.
Her outfit has so many intricate details and parts that make up such a unique magical girl uniform. The blue corset has a gloss finish that has a great reflective surface. Lovely sculpted white frills around the edges with a gold trim finish. Her soul gem also looks like an actual crystal.

Her cape is phenomenal, some amazing sculpt work has gone into creating such a realistic flow as it replicates the movement displayed in her dynamic pose. Each curve and dent in the cape looks amazing! The base is also really effective and contrasts really well with the blue and white colour scheme of the figure.

Over all I am incredibly satisfied with the outcome of Sayaka and she is by far my favorite Madoka figure I own. The delays and dumpy production was worthwhile to see how much work and detailing went into replicating the original illustrating. Currently as of writing this review she is a pretty decent price, if you are interested in her I can’t see her fetching high prices in the aftermarket but currently she seems available in most outlets!


________________COLLECTION ________________

To finish up I thought I would share a photo of all the Madoka Magica movie version figures together! They are looking absolutely fantastic and I am so glad I opted to wait and get this set rather than the original series set. They all fit together so well and create such a vibrant and colour display piece amongst a collection. Let’s hope we get more info from our last remaining magical girl soon!!


I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos of different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
Heldrik (Hace 9 meses) #36078846That's my kind of review: lots of pictures but not bloated with them, well spaced text with paragraphs and no huge walls of words, and the icing on the cake, about a character I really like. Great job, that was a pleasure to read.

Oh thank you so much Heldrik! I am glad you enjoyed my style of presentation/reviewing.

Tsie (Hace 9 meses) #36100587These closeups had me salivating all over my keyboard!
She's truly gorgeous. Every small aspects (especially the folds!) are detailed and nice. I'm definitely going to get her. It's such a shame I couldn't PO her in time. I know she's up on AmiAmi but I'm hoping to get her at a small discount. If not, I'll just pay her in full when I can.
Great review! Thanks.

Hey Tsie!
Thanks for reading and sorry to tempt you even more with my photos! She really is a gorgeous figure and i hope you can pick her up for the right price! shes totally worth it for retail though.
Best of luck!
- Ry
Hace 9 meses
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
Mau (Hace 9 meses) #36051313I believe that this is what is called hamon, the outline of the hardened zone of the blade.
Anyway very nice review, I really like this figure series so far, much better than the older one.

Hello Mau!
Oh i didn't know that was what it was called! Thanks for that, how interesting that it has a name. I am glad you agree, i feel like the madoka figures have come a long way since the original line and really shows how much the qaulity has progressed with the company as well.
Thanks again for your comment and the fun fact!
- Ry
Hace 9 meses
These closeups had me salivating all over my keyboard!
She's truly gorgeous. Every small aspects (especially the folds!) are detailed and nice. I'm definitely going to get her. It's such a shame I couldn't PO her in time. I know she's up on AmiAmi but I'm hoping to get her at a small discount. If not, I'll just pay her in full when I can.

Great review! Thanks.
Hace 9 meses
- EDIT - Too early in the AM, I thought what I linked was a GSC figure, not a Koto one :S
Hace 9 meses
That's my kind of review: lots of pictures but not bloated with them, well spaced text with paragraphs and no huge walls of words, and the icing on the cake, about a character I really like. Great job, that was a pleasure to read.
Hace 9 meses
CelestrialI also really like the black triangle marking running along the side of the blade, really nice stylish element.
I believe that this is what is called hamon, the outline of the hardened zone of the blade.
Anyway very nice review, I really like this figure series so far, much better than the older one.
Hace 9 meses
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
minami_desu (Hace 9 meses) #36050262Every WonFes I hope to see her proto :( I do believe GSC didn’t forget her!

I agree, She is the last one to be released so i feel like GSC are in way to deep to pull the plug now. I am not sure why they are delaying her production but the longer we have to wait the more i grow more anxious. Here is hoping we see something soon =.=
Hace 9 meses
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
Stacycmc (Hace 9 meses) #36041968Another nice review with good shots!! :D Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much Stacymc!! i appreciate your support .3.

whobdaplaya (Hace 9 meses) #36042836Wow! Thanks for the wonderfully comprehensive writeup and photos! :)
Hey Whobdaplaya! And a big thanks to you for reading it all!
Hace 9 meses
atentothepast (Hace 9 meses) #36043798The question remains; will Kyouko ever be at her side? :(
Every WonFes I hope to see her proto :( I do believe GSC didn’t forget her!
Hace 9 meses
The question remains; will Kyouko ever be at her side? :(
Hace 9 meses
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