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Pokemon & OST Collaboration LootPokemon & OST Collaboration Loot

EmeepEmeepHace 10 mesesLoot
So recently I noticed O.S.T. a Korean brand that sells accessories such as watches, necklaces, rings, etc were having a sale on their Pokemon X OST collaboration merchandise. Things were from 50%-85% off so I couldn't stop myself from purchasing a bunch of stuff from them because they're just so cute.


I got two Jigglypuff(aka Purin) watches. They had Charmander, Eevee, Pikachu and a couple other styled watches but some were too simple in my opinion and the others had that design where the second hand was a bunch of flower petals that rotated around the face of the clock. I'm personally not a fan of that style so despite the fact that Eevee is my favorite pokemon, I held back and stuck with the sassy, adorable Jigglypuff instead. I freakin' love watches and two might have been unnecessary, but I couldn't help myself. >w< The second watch has a rotating second panel and depending on the time of day, it will show Jigglypuff awake or Jigglypuff singing you to sleep.

Next is a Pikachu bracelet! I wasn't sure if I should get this or not, but I decided why the heck not. It's so cute and who doesn't love Pikachu? There was a version of Pikachu sitting down but I thought the leaping pose looked better. To be honest, I am quite a legend at magically breaking bracelets and necklaces so wish me luck T_T I think the fastest I broke something was half a day.

The Pikachu wallet is incredibly small, it's hard to call it a wallet but that's exactly why I love it. It can't hold much but I don't put many things in my wallet to begin with, and it's small enough that I can just shove it in my pocket and I don't really have to worry about carrying around a purse or bag all the time. Girls, you know how it is with women's clothing and small pockets...

Lastly this is a small Squirtle(Kobugi) clutch purse. It's small and convenient, it also the perfect size to fit the wallet and a couple other small items. They also had a Clefairy version but I decided to go with Squirtle because the Squirtle Squad will always live on in our hearts.

They threw in this pokemon paper bag along with a few OST bags. Not sure why, but more stuff for me~

Everything together was incredibly cheap. Most items go for around $10 except for the watches. The sale is actually going on now, though some items are sold out, so if you live in Korea and are interested, go check their site out.
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Wow, these are so adorable! Nice haul!
Hace 10 meses
Very cute!! :D
Hace 10 meses
Ahhh those are so cute!!!
Hace 10 meses
Import from Japan

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