So far in 2018....LOOTS!!!!So far in 2018....LOOTS!!!!Loot

StacycmcStacycmchace 2 años
Hello party peoples!!!

Welcome to my "so far in 2018" loot post! LOL. :D

Since my monthly loot posts would be pretty boring I decided to do a mid-year (or almost mid-year) loot post with all my items from Jan'18 through early May'18.

1. If you don't like pictures, LOTS of pictures, TURN BACK NOW!!
2. If you don't like pics/figures of Men....lots of manly men (and one woman)....TURN BACK NOW!!
3. If you have NO sense of humor, even if it's twisted, maybe don't READ the blog, just skim through the pics... :D
4. Otherwise, PROCEED!!

(I did try to put the main sections under spoiler tags so the pics didn't crash folks who might be on their mobiles or something - but LOTS of pics under the spoiler tags)

First up....FIGMAS baby!!! Why first....for REASONS (such as to make Nendo's angry, and stuffs)! :P Love adding some fuel to the flames there!

FIGMAS!!! (and one other non-Figma 1/12 scale action figure :D)

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Ok, so first up we have a purchase from February, Persona 5 - Morgana - Shujinkou - Figma #363 (ITEM #464590). I really love this little guy. He's quite stunning for such a wee fellow, movement is great, and ...did I mention how stunning this fellow is? Well, he's stunning.


A little later in February, we have what could be the cutest little guy....known to man, Haikyuu!! - Hinata Shouyou - Figma #358 (ITEM #499594). I'm not really a sports show kinda gal, but loved this show, as this little fellow won my heart over. So...when I saw pics of his Figma, and it looked just like him from the series, I could not resist owning my own pocket sized version of him....FINALLY I could hug him...squeeze him...and call him George!!!! Err, or Hinata....let's just forget that last part and move right on to the pics. :D


Ok, moving on to March for our next Figma endeavor. For this one I was able to nab Zelda no Densetsu: Twilight Princess - Link - Figma #320 (ITEM #492796), and let me just say that I love this guy. I mean...for one, he's Link. I feel like it's easy enough to just stop there, but I won't!!! For another he's from Zelda. Close to the same one I just mentioned yes, but not the same. That means this is a magical and enchanting little fellow, and I can tell you I've already had loads of fun (LOADS...just take my word for it, that's a LOT) snapping pics and posing this little guy!


Then a bit later in March, came this loving pair Shingeki no Kyojin - Mikasa Ackerman - Figma #203 (ITEM #166897) and Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren Yeager - Figma #207 (ITEM #166898)! I just need my little Levi to go with these guys to make the ultimate weird-naked-giants-with-slight-mental-issues-killing Trio!!! Yay!!!


So this fellow is last, because I didn't get him until April, even though he released in January (NEVER pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store - they are a friendly bunch, but only buy from them if the item is in stock...they are WAYYYYY delayed on pre-orders, and I've seen that on multiple figures!!). He is also not a Figma, but is a 1/12 scale action figure, so seemed to fit best in this category, so....anyway, this is Blame! - Killy (ITEM #579384). I really loved the Blame! Netflix movie, so had to grab this guy for myself, as he was so awesome.


Ok, next up is my experimental phase during 2018. During this time I may have done lots of drugs and other things, but the most experimental things I did was to buy 4 Nendos. CRAZY as #@#% right??!! I KNOW!!! There is sooo, sooo, sooo much love on this site for these little critters, I wanted to get in on that action myself and see WTF this madness was about.

Well, let's just say, now I know....they are F@#%ing cute. BUT, and this is a huge "but", I also realized during this drug induced phase I was in, that I really like things that look like the real character way more than a chibi version of that character. That for me, accuracy to the character's true likeness outweighs that amazing cute factor.

Never-the-less, I still managed to score FOUR of these guys from late January through early March. And....while I do not regret their purchase (as I got all four used, for really good deals), I "think" that these will likely be my only four (unless I find a really good deal I cannot pass up....because I might be convinced to buy a turd if it's for super cheap compared to it's normal going rate). :D Call me crazy!! Heheeee...ok, moving on...


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Here's what I nabbed:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Raiden - Nendoroid #538 - (ITEM #287726) - cuz...he came with a little nude body, so of course I had to pull the trigger, and the fact that I really like MGS was a bonus!

Touken Ranbu - Online - Ookurikara - Nendoroid #677 (ITEM #391850) - because this guy is just hot, so I need THINGS

Terra Formars - Hizamaru Akari - Nendoroid #526 (ITEM #212966) - so I don't even know who the f$#% this guy is, but he had leaves that attach to his head like little antennas or little pointy ears...how cute is that?!!

Zelda no Densetsu: Breath of the Wild - Link - Nendoroid #733-DX (ITEM #542378) - because...LINK!!! I mean seriously, were you really going to ask after that whole Zelda / Link spill I gave in the Figma section...GEESH...of COURSE I'm getting this guy!



Ok, now for my favorite part of my haul, which mainly consists of scales, but there is also a couple 1/6 scale action figures and one other non-scale figure that I grabbed just because OPTIONS WERE EXTREMELY LIMITED, and even a garage kit...my how exciting, right?!!! :D

SCALES!!! (well mostly)

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Ok, first up is this fellow - Touken Ranbu - Online - Ookurikara (ITEM #397003), and while I have never played this game, or watched the anime....(other than like 2 episodes to see who the hell this guy was), I simply HAD to have this exotic beauty, so this gentleman ended up my first purchase of 2018, right in early January.

My favorite figure of him is a garage kit that was just released at the last Wonfest (ITEM #665104 - AMAZING), but I couldn't make it through their checkout with my US shipping address and by the time I got it worked out these bitches were sold out (GRRR, so annoying)...so for now, this gem will have to do until I get may hands on that other (as he looks BAD ASS in that other action pose!!). I just love his eyes and tattoos... just n-i-c-e. :D


Later in January was a significant score for me, as I managed to get one of my GRAILS - Noragami - Yato (ITEM #198458). Now, normally this guy should be easy to score for a decent price...I mean he's just a Megahouse GEM figure, but MotherF@#%#'s decided to only make like 10 of these, so they now cost a damn fortune (ok, so maybe they made more than ten...but don't lose focus, the point is, they didn't make enough...NOT ENOUGH). :D Anyway, I was beyond thrilled to find this guy for a not-so-decent price, but still one that isn't horrid considering the current going rates, so regardless I am quite ecstatic with this purchase!!


I rang in February with this next nab, and dear me...he has been quite entertaining to me - One Punch Man - Genos (ITEM #527179). So first, let me say that I've developed a fascination with 1/6 scale action figures that have real cloth for their clothing and such (like RAH's and such)...or maybe you could even call it an obsession, but I LOVE THEM. OMG, they are sooo much fun.

This guy was extra fun, because for one...I love Genos. He's the guy that is sooo straight-laced and so, I could not resist starting a series of pics showing the COMPLETE opposite side of the real Genos...the DARK SIDE of GENOS...Muahahahaa..ahahaaaa...ahahhaaaaaa ( **chokes horribly** , ahmmmm), and I shall call it "50 Shades of Genos"!!! BUT....that's another blog for another time, that is NOT going down here, but I will say, this little bad boy couldn't even behave for his loot shots (so my apologies, I'll talk to him later, he's just so damn rude sometimes...).


*Bastard thinks he's so damn funny flipping me off all the time...well wonder what the hell he'll think when I rip those damn figures right off his finely tuned hand and shove them right up his.... *

OH HEY, we're back!!! Hahaa....my bad, let's continue....thought you guys had moved on by now, especially after that rude display!!

So, later in February I was able to score this rare garage kit (which I have yet to even think about starting on) - Devilman - Fudou Akira (ITEM #691369). This kit lead to a couple of blogs, lots of googling, and TONS of help from awesome MFC users! With all that I was able to figure out that this kit is one from Ooyama Ryuu (ENTRY #15124), who has some pretty amazing stuff, so I am thrilled to own one of his kits. In addition though, I had tons of help interpreting the instruction sheet, trying to get more info on this kit so that I could perhaps find some images of the completed kit, but didn't have much luck there...but was able to find enough info on him that I got to add him to the database. Yay!!

(sorry for the shit pics)


A bit later in February, I got this tatt'd bad boy - Tokyo Ghoul - Uta (ITEM #287812). I really LOVE Tokyo Ghoul (and have the repainted Koto figure of Kaneki coming later this year), so I really wanted to this guy to keep him company, and I ended up really loving this guy. I don't have many (Ookurikara maybe) figures that have tattoos, so he is a good mix in with my collection, and I really like the fact that he's sitting too (since most of my figures are standing). :D


Next up is this little DXF figure I nabbed in early March - Nisemonogatari - Araragi Koyomi (ITEM #101447), because I LOVE this guy!!! I have his Figma, but honestly it's not the GREATEST likeness of him, so wanted something else, SO....I nabbed this little figure until someone get's off their lazy ass, quits making the 9,532nd Saber or 9,345th Miku, and makes just ONE scale of this guy that isn't him kneeling down in some weird ass Dracula cape (ITEM #41619). I mean why isn't there even a decent garage kit or something for him....it's so unfair!!! My favorite little pervert!! :D


Ok, so this next April purchase was one that was long overdue. I mean poor Shizuo has been alone without his FAVORITE guy-that-he-hates for FAR TOO LONG!!! Might I introduce you to Durarara!! - Orihara Izaya (ITEM #50597), one SERIOUS trouble maker!!! Anyway, so I had Shizuo, so naturally I needed Izaya!!! They are like cake and icing, chocolate and peanuts, ice cream and sprinkles, peas and carrots.....


SEEEE?? They just GO TOGETHER!!!


A little later in April, I decided to buy myself a birthday gift...so what better gift could I give myself than one of my grails?!! Meet the sexy Space Pirate Captain Harlock with his dope as F#$#% Throne of Acadia (ITEM #181083). Man, so I wanted this figure for FOREVER. I've mentioned my fascination with 1/6 scale action figures, and well the Hot Toys line, is pretty damn impressive. Problem is most of their characters I really don't care much about, EXCEPT this guy! I really enjoyed the movie (well so it wasn't that great actually), but I really enjoyed watching the movie, as the visuals are really exceptional (especially when Harlock is there for me to stare at) and well this action figure of him, is a fantastic representation of him. I am beyond thrilled to own it.

I'll also add that I never thought I'd be able to get the Throne version, but I found a really good deal on Jungle (but be careful the shipping and fees are NO JOKE). After said fees, it wasn't quite the deal I thought it would be, but was STILL a good deal considering what this guy and his throne normally go for.


And last, but certainly not least, are two fantastic figure that have also been on my WANT REALLY BAD list for quite a while, and I JUST got these guys in on Wednesday!! (SOOO EXCITED):

Gangsta. - Worick Arcangelo (ITEM #394470)
Gangsta. - Nicolas Brown (ITEM #394471)

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this anime and fell in love with these characters! When I found out they had these amazing figures, I HAD to have them!! And, they are amazing!!! I set out to inquire on only one of these guys, but found out when I asked that BOTH were actually available, so an awesome MFC user worked with me and we agreed on a price for both, and now they are prized pieces in my collection!! THANK YOU!!! :D

Now if I can just get them to make the next season of this Anime, as it just ain't right how they left me hanging like that......ASSHOLES!!!!!


AND....there you have it folks!!! My loot haul from January through May!! :D Now, I will go sell some small children so that my second half of the year can top the first half!!


Thanks for reading all, have a fantastic day/night (whatever it is for you right now)! STAY AWESOME my friends! :D
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Maakiehace 2 años#36979910Regarding Killy/Blame!, yes I would also love more content from Polygon Pictures about it, as the movie was great! But I think Polygon and Netflix now seem to be focusing on the new Godzilla miniseries (which is also quite nice by the way!).

Ah....you know I saw that the other day, and added it to my watch list on Netflix, but ended up watching Fate Apocrapha (or whatever it's called...) first, as I'd need seen that one. It did look quite interesting though, so I'll definitely be checking it out eventually!
hace 2 años
Stacycmchace 2 años#36824038Ah yeah it makes me SUPER sad there's no S2....it was sooo good!!! ...and I LOVED their chars, so man..yeah well I'm still hoping that one day someone picks it up and continues it!!
...and yeah I love me some Killy!!! :D I really, really enjoyed the Netflix movie for it.... :D
Thanks btw!!! :D

Regarding Killy/Blame!, yes I would also love more content from Polygon Pictures about it, as the movie was great! But I think Polygon and Netflix now seem to be focusing on the new Godzilla miniseries (which is also quite nice by the way!).
hace 2 años
Maakiehace 2 años#36815919Nice loot! I like that Blame! figure. :) Whenever I see those Gangsta. figures I like them so much I get reminded that I need to watch the anime ASAP, even though I hear all the complaints for the missing second season. :(

Ah yeah it makes me SUPER sad there's no S2....it was sooo good!!! ...and I LOVED their chars, so man..yeah well I'm still hoping that one day someone picks it up and continues it!!

...and yeah I love me some Killy!!! :D I really, really enjoyed the Netflix movie for it.... :D

Thanks btw!!! :D
hace 2 años
Nice loot! I like that Blame! figure. :) Whenever I see those Gangsta. figures I like them so much I get reminded that I need to watch the anime ASAP, even though I hear all the complaints for the missing second season. :(
hace 2 años
Valestein3hace 2 años#34487078I'd buy all of these for a dollar! Geheheheheheha!

Hahaa....well I bet you would!!! I'd buy secondsies for that price too!!! Or even third/fourthsies!!! :D
hace 2 años
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I'd buy all of these for a dollar! Geheheheheheha!
hace 2 años
SkyBluehace 2 años#33975940Your comments are really hilarious and interesting! Love your figure hauls~♡ I'm still hoping that MH would one day re-release mah boi with a pole up his ass like his aftermarket price is just plain ridiculous... Lovely pics and just wondering will you be making a blog for Genos?? (^♡^)

Haha...thanks, I'm pretty hit or miss, so glad you enjoyed my ramblings! LOL!! AND yes...that pole right up his ass...such a creative and innovative way to display him right? But yes, those prices are just STUPID, I mean it's a GEM figure for crying out loud. Why would they make so few of these, I don't understand. I hope you find him though, he is a cutie for sure. I just love his bright eyes (and for some reason I LOVE his boots...dunno).

Anyway good luck, and thanks for reading my post, happy to see someone else loves these gents!!! :D

OH...and forgot to mention..YES. I will be making a Genos blog, but since I will call it "50 shades of Genos", I have to get my 50 pics collected of him. When I have those I'll be sure to throw it up!! :D
hace 2 años
Your comments are really hilarious and interesting! Love your figure hauls~♡ I'm still hoping that MH would one day re-release mah boi with a pole up his ass like his aftermarket price is just plain ridiculous... Lovely pics and just wondering will you be making a blog for Genos?? (^♡^)
hace 2 años
AkibaMelonhace 2 años#33933932 If there's one thing that bothers me about the Tourabu figures, it's their rather static poses in general but oh boy, that's high-level complaining at the end of the day ^^

Oh, that reminded me...they were supposed to be releasing the "awakened" version of all the sword boys, but sadly I think it ended up cancelled and only one or two chars are getting the "awakened" treament...but to your point, it is a much more dynamic pose and (at least to me) looked 100x better than the static poses. I have to image that GK I linked is what Ookurikara's "awakened" version would've been similar to. Here's a side by of one of the guys' normal versus awakened pose though (seeing it just makes me sad they didn't do the awakened ones first):

Original / Boring Version - ITEM #287697 (LEFT)
Awakened Version - ITEM #464625 (RIGHT)


Anyway....missed opportunity if you ask me...LOL. :D

I think the awakened version comes out in July....maybe something will change and they'll end up making some of the other guys awakened versions.
hace 2 años
AkibaMelonhace 2 años#33933932
View spoilerHide spoilerOh hell yeah, I couldn't agree more! I just wanna shout at all the companies executives to be brave and put the dudes out for us fans to grab them XD I could come up with a dozen of series' from the top of my head that are in mighty need of male figs and it's just so nerve-wrecking to sense that they'll probably never see the light of day T__T
That's why I love franchises like Tourabu. They just GOTTA release male figures when it's so popular and it's just dudes XD Even though many of my personal loved ones are still missing the figure treatment. But y'know, I'm patient and I'll keep supporting to show that there's real demand (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
Damn, I can tell what you mean with that odd hand thingy O.O I never noticed it so far, not even in your pics - I guess Ookurikara's beauty is way too distracting lol <3 If there's one thing that bothers me about the Tourabu figures, it's their rather static poses in general but oh boy, that's high-level complaining at the end of the day ^^;
One more thing I wanted to tell you though (and I hope it doesn't sound too sugary or something... cuz I really mean it) I think you're doing a good job in this community! I often see your posts, pictures and comments around and you're really one of the most dedicated folks on here and so positive at that too. Much appreciated ^-^

Ah....thank you so much!!!! I really love this site, and have received some great help from other users, so definitely want to try to help where I can (even if it's just a word of encouragement)!! :D Anyway, thanks so much for the very kind words...means a lot to hear that, as I feel like I owe a lot of this community for all the help I've received as well, so is good to know maybe I'm doing even a wee bit of good??!! LOL! :D

...and yes I know what you mean on Ookurikara....I stared at 1000 pics of him before buying and NEVER noticed the hand....it was not until I owned him myself. I'm telling you it's those eyes...if it shows his whole body, I never make it past those alluring eyes....and then if it's farther down, then my eyes immediately go to the other arm...with the tattoo, so it was only after I got him and was inspecting the hell out of him that I noticed!!

I'm with you...I'll keep supporting the gents in the figure world too...and we can hope those fav chars we love will eventually get the recognition they deserve (and land themselves on our shelves when they do!!) :D
hace 2 años
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