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I got banned and I like it!I got banned and I like it!

SengokuGensuiSengokuGensuiHace 11 mesesDiary
Hello everybody,

It's been a while since I wrote here, but life is busy and hence time is lacking. However, a recent situation got me so mad that I felt I must tell my story, and even though the events happened some while ago, I still get upset when thinking about them. As the title suggests, this blog post will be about an experience with a certain shop. I saw a lot of shop related questions and rants here lately, which weren't removed by the staff, even with the law against them. Thus, I feel I can tell my story here, and I hope that if it will get taken down, at least it will reach the majority of the community.

The shop in question is Nippon-Yasan.
For some of you, I guess this simple statement just sums it up.


I was a customer of NY ever since I started collecting, in the end of 2014. In the beginning, everything went smoothly. I ordered, payed, and they shipped my stuff. All was fine. Actually, if you scroll back in the comments section of some of my owned figures, you could spot my own replies of "Available at NY: link_to_shop". At that time I thought they are a great shop. Yes, there were stories about an incompetent and even rude customer service, but I didn't encounter it at all. I simply thought that those people who had trouble with NY must did something wrong themselves, and that everything can be handled via a polite request. Boy, was I wrong. So wrong.

The three main incidents will now follow. Notice that all of these cases happened simultaneously. I have had more screw ups by them, but they are minor with respect to these three, and I'm lazy, and it's late now.

Case #1:

The item in question is ITEM #330765. She arrived with a broken pigtail, and of course I contacted NY for help. NY then said I need to file a damage report. OK then, I did that in the past with AmiAmi and Mandarake. With both of them it took time, but I received my refund from the post at the end. Therefore, I went to the post office and filed a damage report. It sounds simple, but actually it's really not. I don't know how it goes in other countries, but here they will make your life a nightmare until they will agree to help. Nonetheless, I filed the damage report, and handed a copy to NY, which they said was forwarded to their postal branch.

After two months, I inquired regarding the status of the claim. NY replied: "sorry, no news". Two more months have passed, and I asked again. The same reply was given. After two more moths, I asked again. This time NY said they need the claim number. Now, I genuinely have no clue as to why the hell they did not ask for this information right at the beginning, as I had it all along. Anyway, I provided them with the details. One more month, and I asked again, now started to get angry. NY now asked me for the official letter that the post office sent me regarding the claim. Again, why they didn't ask for this from the start I can't tell, but I gave them what the wanted. After all of this, they came back to me and said: "We're sorry, it seems that our post office tried to get in touch with yours, but they didn't reply. Therefore, we cannot help you."

LIES. How do I know? I contacted my post office, reaching up almost to the top. I actually got in touch with one of the post masters, which confirmed: "No inquiries regarding tracking number RA*********JP from abroad were received." Do notice, that the nerve of NY is not just by lying to me, or not providing help when they should. They sent me to file the damn damage report, knowingly that they will not do anything after I'll do it. This what gets me the most upset regarding this case. But hold on, the worse is still before us.

Case #2:

The item in question is ITEM #527208. She arrived with a crushed and ripped up box. Here I won't go into details, as it is exactly like case #1. The only reason they could get along with it twice is that it happened simultaneously, as mentioned.

Case #3:

This is the worst case of them all, the last straw as to speak. The item in question is ITEM #396852. Yes. The highly anticipated Jibril by Phat. One of the figures I wanted the most. And of course, it got lost during transit. Now, if any of you had this happened to them, you must know that the post office will pay the compensations only to the sender of the goods. The sender then, given it is a shop, need to reimburse the buyer. But no, not NY. NY decided that they can take advantage of the situation. And what's more good in the taking-advantage section than getting payed twice for the same product? Confused? I'll explain: After both NY and I filed a lost claim to the respective post offices, an investigation has started. At its end, my post office called me, in order to confirm that I really didn't receive the item. I told them that I didn't, and they then told me they are issuing compensations of the full amount of 16020 yen to NY.

Two weeks have passed, and no, no refund. I contacted NY and they said: "We're sorry, we haven't received anything yet." After two more weeks I contacted them again, and yes, you guessed right, the same answer. At that time I was worried, as the PayPal protection of this purchase was coming to an end soon. I then contacted NY one last time, saying that my patience is running out, and that I will contact PayPal if there will be no solution soon. NY then offered me a refund of 5000 yen. Namely, a third of the amount. On the last day of the PayPal protection, with NY still sticking to their version, I filed a dispute. Oh boy, I'm so glad that I did it.

Remember the post master from case #1? Actually, all of the inquiries regarding these three cases were done through her, right after I filed the dispute. After confirming that NY didn't file the two damage reports, I asked regarding the Jibril compensations. Can you guess her answer? It was: "Yes, they withdrew the compensation money the moment it was issued."

Wow, just wow. They really tried to make a profit out of this incident. This is unbelievable. Well... FU NY! I then immediately escalated my dispute into a claim, and received back the full amount of 16020 yen. By the way, if you wonder why I was so patient with them until now, there are two reasons. The first - up until the talk with the post master, I didn't know that they truly did something wrong, so I didn't want to blame them for no reason. The second - I still had a few pre-orders with them which were closed everywhere else, and I didn't want to risk loosing those. Anyway, as the title says, I got banned, and I like it!


In the prologue I wrote how I myself bought in NY, and even advertised them here, not understanding why a lot of people hate them. If you look in the comment sections of popular figures, or in the NY page on the shops forum, you'll see more individuals like this, ones who think NY is a good shop, stating: "yeah I'm buying from them for years with no problems." Well, this is exactly where the dog is buried. You see, the key phrase is "no problems". Well of course, of course that if you have no problems with your purchases, NY is a good place to buy in. Hell, every shop is OK, as long as you have no problems. The problem starts when there IS a problem. That's the essence of problems.


Do yourself a favor and don't but at NY. Seriously, just don't.

So, if you survived until here, way to go.
Also there is a poll, and comments are also welcomed.
Cheers and have a nice week,
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Did you ever had a REAL problem with a product, which NY customer support solved to your satisfaction?


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Helsing (Hace 11 meses) #33016042Could you not make me uncomfortable with posts like this ?
Cause I preordered from there few figs I really want.
Hope nothing like that happens.
As much as I understand your outrage , there is no point in making others uncomfortable with posts like these in the articles. You can posts this in the shop reviews anywhere on the internet.

It’s actually really important to share stories like this. To warn people of the potential problems, and if NY wants to keep business they shouldn’t act shady. Spreading the negative reviews help save people their money and give trustworthy shops business instead.
Plus where better to post figure shops reviews...than a figure collecting website?
Hace 11 meses
That last case is just dodgy af, like seriously so unprofessional. And then they had the nerve to ban you after they tried to steal your money lmao. And here I thought AmiAmi was bullshitting me when they refunded my damaged items in shop points.

Also I don't really get why this is alerted because this isn't a shop question, its just a person recounting their experience with a shop but whatever.
Hace 11 meses
Comentarios recientes
Welp, just PO'd an expensive scale and paid up front. Only just read this blog now... I'm quite scared now to see if I'll be one of the lucky ones without any problem. Even more so because I won't be able to use Paypal protection :( Fingers crossed I guess...

However, I will be extremely cautious in ordering from them in the future, no matter the result of my PO. Thanks for putting your story here.
Hace 5 meses
Sparxxors (Hace 11 meses) #33025580basically summed up what I was able to figure out about them before: Lots of people have no problems, but the people who do have problems get screwed over massively. If you want a good read, check out this post I managed to find. It's not in english, but you if you click on the underlined words, images will pop up that show an email chain that is in english. Overcharging for shipping for no reason to make a quick buck.... myanimeshelf.co...
From what I read, I agree with you:
Lots of people have no problems, but the people who do have problems get screwed over massively.

Personally, I made 25 orders since 2012 on NY and I have never had any issues. I mainly ordered figmas and few scaled PVC with SAL registered or Transi-Logistic. I guess that figmas are less fragile than scaled PVC.
Hace 6 meses
I made an account on NY today and was thinking to pre-order an item. I'm so glad I looked up reviews first and found this article. Really appreciate you informing us about this companys bad practices. Now that I've read this, i'm gonna go pre-order the item on a different website.

Thank you.
Hace 9 meses
Arisu-chan (Hace 10 meses) #33088397In my case, the figure broke while inside the box. Thankfully I was taking pictures while I was unboxing, so I had all the evidence that the manufacturer didn't protect the figure as much as it should - when there are fragile parts that are not packed carefully and it breakes, the fault is from the manufacturer, not the shop.
When I received the replacement I noticed they put extra protection in the sensitive areas of the figure.

I always make photos of the unboxing, as I'm a big fan of packaging inside of them owo
It helped me with that issue and other issues with other things not related to anime/manga
Hace 10 meses
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I simply let all my orders be cancelled.. tho no ban somehow.

One case i had with a fig with manufacturer defect.. needed to get replacement stickers.
Well at first i preordered a fig but forgot about payment due date then reordered after it got cancelled only to hear oh you needed to preorder it to get the stickers (and they even let you pay for it, if you do have thr right to get em) then i contacted hobby japan and they send it for free apologised even! And i got my stickers. So yeah they kinda sell bullshit really and i never ordered there again i just let everything get cancelled... in case i ever need em but hope not...

But damn you sure had the worst experience ever...
Hace 10 meses
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I’m impressed this survived the report! I’m glad this can reach more people now. I’ve never ordered from NY due to horror stories and I’m glad more people can see this and know one of them.
Hace 10 meses
Butcher (Hace 11 meses) #33022024Thank you for your post. I've bought a few figures on Nippon. Some have arrived in perfect shape, but one of them came with a cracked base, obviously a manufacture issues. I contacted Nippon who said they would contact the manufacturer, this was months ago.

Same problem, unfortunately a manufacturer which don't provide customer support for foreign customer, never heard anything back from NY until this day. So I closed my case because at this point I expected nothing from them anymore. The sad thing about this is that other shops would contact the manufacturer and send me my replacement part. So now I have this figures with a manufacturer defect which could have been solved easily. But not with NY. On another note, unfortunately GSC is not answering me neither. (And yes I checked my spam folder.) So maybe bad luck on my side.
Hace 10 meses
They move responsibility to others and dont really handle any issue themself.
Hace 10 meses
Cyzero (Hace 11 meses) #33077989Could anyone here recommend an alternative to N-Y which is able to match their prices, or atleast come close?
N-Y also sends the things Ive ordered as gifts, so I havent had the need to pay the import taxes either.
Amiami is good for smaller things, but scales tend to be more in the upper price range.
Im one of those "never had any problems with them" people, but reading several of these type of posts over the months Im getting somewhat concerned. Just waiting for one PO from them atm, so hopefully nothing goes wrong.
P.S. Sending good vibes for all the broken goods and boxes out there
I've never had a problem with NY as well but I too am open to alternatives that allow me to: pay upfront + have similiar pricing. (sorry I find TOM's pricing ridiculous most of the time :<)
Hace 10 meses
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Kyoya (Hace 11 meses) #33086993wow thats a horrible story D: never happend to me, but im most surprised i havent been banned actually after cancelling a lot of order lol now im scare to use them again and get revenge from them like this >_< hahaha
but wow ; ; this makes me get nervous and angry for you too i know how it feels to be banned
btw omg where is that other place where you can but aniplex+ figures? tell me!! ;o; haha i wanna avoid NY for this .

I've seen them, and ordered them from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I ordered their Jeanne Alter, and have seen Ishtar go on sale there. I don't know if they get all of them, but they've almost had all of the Fate ones, and I remember they had the Kaori one. I think RightStuf gets them too.
Hace 10 meses
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