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[6mo] Collection Update![6mo] Collection Update!

freshringofreshringoHace 11 mesesDiary
It's been a while since I've last written about my collection but I think hitting the 6 month mark deserves a new entry, so here's what my collection and I have been up to for the last few months!


A couple months ago, I moved to a new (larger) apartment. It was a really stressful ordeal but luckily most of my figures made it through undamaged. I say most, since a couple did incur a bit of damage, but nothing to be too devastated about.

Here you can see some photos of the aftermath of the move!





My dad drove down to help me buy a new shelf, since my two Detolfs weren't enough to hold all my figures, especially the enormous CCS figure. However, the day we went to Ikea, they were... sold out of Detolfs. o_o I wonder if lots of other collectors stopped by that day? Either way, I was able to get a Vittsjo shelf instead, which looked quite nice and, most importantly, gave me a good place to put Sakura!



You can see my collection was still pretty crowded! The lower shelves of the Vittsjo don't get very good lighting, so I tried to avoid putting any figures there in the shadows.


Towards late-Feb/early-March, my collection really grew! In addition to several new figures, I got a custom figure made of my husbando, which I detailed in my previous blog: BLOG #39298 You can see him in his custom display case below!


Hunter (ITEM #338216) was one of my favorite purchases - her pose and design really stand out in my collection, and I love all the details in her sculpt. As you can see, I still haven't quite figured out a solution to the poor lighting on the lower shelves in the Vittsjo and instead decided to put some League of Legends plushies and statues from Season 2 down there.

I started running out of space again, which made me more reluctant to order more figures (lol). So the solution was to acquire a third Detolf!


I just recently finished constructing it and rearranging my figures. I'll need to order some more risers (ugh, one can never have enough risers) but I'm pretty happy with my current setup! Look at all that space on the lower shelves! I try to arrange my figures based on origin, theme, and/or colors. Here's a couple of my favorite shelves so far!


This one just pops with color and activity! The theme of this shelf is something like...idols and pairs of cute girls, I suppose? ^^; I got lucky on Mandarake and found the three Daiteikoku figures for quite cheap! Unfortunately, the Idol Retia's base is chipped but it's hardly noticeable. I have some new Ranka/Sheryl figures coming in soon, so I might have to rearrange this shelf again!


Of course we have a Yoko shelf! <3 My prized Bounty Hunter Yoko isn't on display since I *still* have to fix her broken pegs. OTL I was really excited to acquire the Real Image ver. Yoko (ITEM #7900) but she's easily one of my most annoying figures because she wobbles so much on her base. Since she's in the corner, she clinks against the side of the case every time I walk by and it really makes me nervous! >_<


Here's a shelf themed around...similar rocky bases and swords? (lol) Alisa feels a bit out of place but I couldn't find a better place for her. I'd been hunting Worick for a long time now, so I'm so happy to have found him for a reasonable price and completed my Gangsta pair!


Here's how the top of my Vittsjo looks now! On the left we have Kei; next to him is Sakura and other loosely "star" themed figures (well, Makise is more "gear"-themed, but it's close enough for me!). They're sitting on top of a copy of the Clow Card book! On the right, I have my three Rage of Bahamut figures.


I've come such a long way from how my collection used to look! It's really exciting to look back on my old blog entries and see how my shelves used to look XD

In one of my previous blogs, someone mentioned the next stage of collecting would be inevitably to start selling figures. They weren't wrong, and I've already sold a handful of figures either to make more space or because they no longer fit well in my collection. Lately, I've focused more on collecting figures that I like and fit in my current collection themes rather than just buying things all over the place. I've gotten a lot pickier about what figures I'm interested in, so my pace of buying has slowed down a lot (believe it or not). > w 0)b I hope I won't be running out of space again any time soon!
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kk1030 (Hace 10 meses) #32650038I like how there are 5 cup noodles on the kitchen counter, lol.
I guess that's a side effect of figure collecting? XD
Awesome collection and display by the way, looking forward to seeing more.

They are my go to when I have nothing to eat in my fridge ;)

Thank you, I'm looking forward to adding more! (Thanks again for the Forte figure!)
Hace 10 meses
I like how there are 5 cup noodles on the kitchen counter, lol.
I guess that's a side effect of figure collecting? XD

Awesome collection and display by the way, looking forward to seeing more.
Hace 10 meses
Amazing display ^^. I am still dreaming about mine
Hace 11 meses
angelbott (Hace 11 meses) #31700826
Thanks! Here are the end tables: www.ikea.com/us...
Hace 11 meses
Amazing collection !! Congratulations !!! *_* :D
Hace 11 meses
Very Neat! :D you are really busy for moving but finally they got done. xD I'm glad they are safe thanks to these boxes. xD They are too beautiful. xD I love white and white tables where they from it have link?
Hace 11 meses
I just rearranged everything the other day to make the most of my space (which I thought I was already doing but boy, I amaze myself), so now I've got space for a 4th detolf. Gotta make the most of the space till about October when we're buying a bigger house. then the real fun begins ლ(`∀´ლ).
Hace 11 meses
Omg these are goals that I want once I graduate community college (and art school) and start living in my own place! And of course somehow obtain a social life with my non-anime friends I have
Hace 11 meses
Fallency (Hace 11 meses) #31694714
I've considered getting a Billy before! Personally I prefer the Detolfs because they're clear all around so you can see the figures at any angle. ^^ But as my collection gets bigger, a bigger bookshelf seems like a more practical option than tons of Detolfs XD

PS: They're kitsune udon noodles :3c They're my favorite!

Jol (Hace 11 meses) #31694846
I haven't actually tried fitting Sakura in my Detolf but going off what others have said and sizing her up visually, she is just a bit too tall :(
Hace 11 meses
Question has probably been asked before but does Sakura not fit in Ikea detolfs? I have Aniplex Godoka in the way and she's around the same size as her.
Hace 11 meses
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