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Megablog of Loot...AgainMegablog of Loot...Again

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Augh, why have I done this to myself???? I said in the last blog that I wasn't going to let it go for 3 months again. Oh boy this is gonna be a long one.

Welcome to another heroizumi loot blog. It will be picture heavy and there's a fair chance there will be some blurry ones. My apologies for my shaky hands.

Let's get this bad boy started then. XD

First is November 2017~~
This was a pretty big one, though not quite as big as my December order.

I'm a huge sucker for GraffArt merchandise and I can't even explain how hard it is to resist the Ranma 1/2 stuff that is up for pre-order right now....The little rectangular item is actually a pocket mirror! I love it's design ;__; So cute!!

Next up are some Yu Yu Hakusho badges!! I LOVE this art. It's beautiful. I really contemplated the shirts, but I'm not a fan of white shirts, so I decided to pass on them. I wish they had a big wallscroll of all of them lined up. It would look so nice!!

Ah yes, more of the Ballroom e Youkoso addiction. I love that show so much, but man it sucks loving everyone. ;___;

And of course, Yuri on Ice! What would a heroizumi blog be without absurd amounts of YoI! I'm extremely pleased with these Duo straps. They're a little larger than the other pair/group rubber straps that are rather common. I love the OtaYuri and VicChris ones. They're so perfect. I'm also a big fan of the YuuriYurio one. It's so cute seeing Yurio all upset over having to dress like Yuuri, haha.

And some EnStars goodies! I'm glad this set was everyone I really wanted, haha. I do love some of the other boys, but I wasn't wanting to split them because you only get one of those rubber thingies.

Now here's a rare one. Shokoku no Altair didn't seem to take off too well, but I really liked it. I could see it wasn't doing well though, so I held off buying merch until stuff whent on sale, lol! That acrylic was something like 90yen or so.
Also we've got more YoI straps. These were big ones that were available on their own. I definitely love the ice cream one because of that sweet, sweet Georgi.
And lastly, look at Jiro!!! I think he's still my only Idolm@ster SideM merch, but boy do I want more stuff of him. He's such a perfect man, haha.

One Hello Kitty manjuu of Yurio. He looks so displeased. I hope they'll make new ones now that there is merch of other characters in the Sanrio collab. I'd love an Otabek!!!

My second EnStars single! My first one was the 2wink one last month. I really like this one too. Weirdly, I think I like the secondary track more than the main track. It seems more like Akatsuki to me XD

Next is my EnStars badge split and YoI acrylic badge split goodness!
I think the EnStars badge split was the largest split I've ever hosted. It was a lot of work, but I wouldn't mind doing it again if I'm able to get enough takers.

Here's my spoils from EnStars!! I love long can badges. There's just so much room for the art on them XD

Here's the YoI badges. They're super cute but I think I prefer them without the Makkachin rubbery things. I think Chris is my favorite of these though. He rarely has glasses merch!!! There needs to be more, ahaha~

Ahhh finally stuff from someone else!! This one is special <3 I had started chatting with Noctisity and after joining a few splits, we ended up exchanging line info! This one is a cute little drawing of Gaku by her and my two cupcakes from her split!! :DDD Thank you Noct!!! Ahhhh~~~ <3 <3 <3

Next up is actually my birthday present~~
My lovely mother got me the Doukyuusei bluray!! It's my favorite boys love series and I'm so happy to have the bluray!!

I was also able to create something beautiful!
Ahhhhh I have a little Doukyuusei wall!!
Well.....side of a bookcase...

Next was a little private split. These little banner are cute. Somehow I missed they were vinyl though, haha. I thought they were gonna be acrylic. Not that I mind, I rather like vinyl charms :D

Yes!! Another split!! These are from xMiki!
I love these badges so much. I actually got more just to help fill boxes to get everyone I wanted XD I didn't take any photos though.

So Christmas was busy for video games for me. I got all 4 of them for Christmas, hahaha. I've barely even started them too. It's so terrible, haha.

Next only has one photo which I apologize for.
I got my FS Yuuri from Good Smile. His outfit looks great and it's awesome to have another cutie like this on my shelf. It's cool getting extra parts for Victor too :DD

Here's the first split of December (yes, we're just getting into December from Yuuri and these).
Upon ordering these, I was worried about the quality due to the YoI one I own. As you saw from my xMiki goodies, the Keito was beautiful, and these are no different!! I'm hoping I'll be able to get the Keito I managed to miss out on from another set. The current issue is how to display these. ;__;

And this one is a bit different. I managed to frame my extra large poster that I got a while ago from Y!JA. I need to shift the Asahi wall scroll a bit to the right, but otherwise I think it looks pretty dang good. The frame is a little to long but I'm not too bothered by it. I'm just happy to have it on my wall!!

Ah yes! Here he is! I actually not sure if I wanted to keep him, but after seeing him through the plastic I knew I had to keep him!

Sorry for the big of Victor spam there. As you might know, I'm actually not a huge Victor fan, but I love Kotobukiya's figures. He's beautifully sculpted and the paint looks great. I really like the way they did his face. It's the best of the figures so far. I have hope that the GSC scales will be nice and I hope GSC will make some OtaYuri goodness too!!

Also you can put him on other surfaces. That's a plus too XD

Here's a quick glimpse at my shelf after getting FS Yuuri. This shelf is getting a bit busy, but after the recent Otabek and Phichit nendos were announced, it will get even more busy.

And now amiami from December! (ho boy, we're just now getting to amiami??? oh booooy)
It's not that much total, but the cards sure pumped the total up as well as the nearly full priced Osuwari plush of Souma, haha.

Speaking of plush, here's Souma as well as the cute prize plushies of Gintoki and Shinpachi!! I really like the way Shinpachi turned out, but Gintoki isn't quite as cute for some reason.

You guessed it, more Ballroom badges. I really have too many badges from this series, but damn do I love them. This set is much cuter than the round ones from earlier, especially Tatara and Chinatsu!! I'm glad to finally have Chinatsu merch! She's such a dork, haha.

A couple random goodies. These cord holders are super cute, but they don't work well unfortunately. The magnets aren't strong enough.
The Akatsuki keychain looks beautiful so it'll definitely go on a bag once I get enough merch to make an Akatsuki itabag!!!
And the pencil is nice. It was a random purchase from the sale page :DDD

And now onto something actually useful!!
Look at these beautiful Slytherin chopsticks!!! Holy hell I love them. They're very well made chopsticks and the paint looks incredible. I'm very pleased with this purchase. They were a random find on amiami. Yes they were pricy, but I don't mind spending money on useful items such as chopsticks.

More Ballroom grabs!!! I love having little pouches so I'm sure I'll find a use for this one. The character song CD is really fun, but man do I wish there was a Sengoku song. Tatara's is super cute though <3

Here are those Hitorijime My Hero stands! I love these~~ They're super cute and a perfect size. I need to figure out a better place to put them. Right now they're just kinda hangin out in a random spot until I get less lazy.

Here's a little split from tothespring! She hosted these Christmas nerds. They were smaller than I had originally expected, but that's not too bad. I love Asahi's giant grin, lol!

What is this???? Worick!!!!! What but how~~~???
How you ask? I commissioned him from a twitter user!! He was $30 which I think is dang good for a custom plush. I'll eventually be ordering a Nic from her too!
Here he is harassing my figure of him XD

And next is a little purchase from another lovely person, !
>.> I don't like Georgi that much....I promise.....This wasn't the start of me wanting to make an itabag....I haven't purchased the bag already or anything.....Nope.....I swear.....>.>

Or I did order a bag and it's in the mail from zenmarket....whoooops

HNG!!! This was a random purchase because I got a coupon. Sure I wanted him really badly, but I didn't think I'd actually get him.

Here's a little setup I have of my Otabek stands ;D I still need more, but I think it looks fairly nice at the moment!!

Yep, another little purchase from twitter! I don't have a Georgi problem at all. I don't have storage box labelled "Georgi Hell" at all. Noooope.

And here's a little split from internecinewar! I'm glad to have more cute clips! And ahhhh thanks for the stickers ;_;

Alright, finally moving onto January. Yes. This blog is long and I'm so sorry.
So much crap, lol.

Ah yes. I forgot to mention. I just got into UtaPri. Seriously RIP my wallet. I have too many obsessions.

Here's my second blanket! This time it's Souma. I was actually surprised because this one is nearly twice as big as the Hitorijime My Hero one from last blog. It's fuzzy on both sides which is nice. Recently I've been putting the Hitorijime one on my lap and wrapping the Souma one around my shoulders. It's so cozy <3

Here's the contents of the baggie, lol. I like writing utensils, okay....

Here we have the Ballroom e Youkoso duo straps! I absolutely adore them. I think my favorites are the Tatara/Chinatsu and the Tatara/Hyodo though. Scary yawn Hyoudo is the best XD

Ah yes, more Hitorijime My Hero. The art in this series is just so beautiful. I saw they put up some dioramas recently and promptly ordered them. I can't say I love the store as much as Doukyuusei but there's just something so tantalizing about the art in Hitorijime.

Okay...I'm leaving this at one image because he's a little weird, but not as bad as he looked in the original images. He's hidden a little bit behind my nendos, lol.

Speaking of nendos! Yurio is finally home. I'm glad he's as cute as I imagined he'd be. I can't wait til I get his casual as well as Otabek!!

And even more nendo!
My god she's adorable! She's the most complicated little figure, but she's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to take photos of her with Hanzo and Genji in June. XD

Here are some of the plush goodies! I have the Hijikata and Kagura to finish the set I already have! I hope they'll make even more of these because they're super cute. Also I got a super cheap Jean!! He was only 480yen!!!

And another plush and a pouch! Midori was super cheap. Only 980yen! I couldn't pass on him, especially because he's one of my favorites. It's almost scary that the little pouch of Hinata was about 1/3rd the cost of plush! They were both great prices, so I'm happy!!

More Ballroom goodies! I got the leather charm and the magnet on the sale page, ahaha~
The art on the Sengoku badge once again looks like Reiner XD

I can't explain how much I love it. The way it's printed looks incredible and I wish more acrylics were made like it.
Also there's more random crap from the sales page. I don't really remember why I ordered the Nana Maru San Batsu one, but the Pinky is because Pinky is love.

Here's a closer look at the pen and pencils. I love the art they used on the pencils. They're a bit thick to hold but not too bad. The pen is wonderful. I used Sarasa pens a lot while I was teaching in Japan, though they were usually red XD

Another look at the shelf, ahaha.

A little split from my lovely friend, hypedsniper! Thanks for hosting <3 I love these clips ahhhhhh

And now onto the last big badge of crap. My second surugaya order. Unfortunately I have no idea if my friend has even shipped my first one. I wish I would have just waited to send the parcel til after I signed up for BiJ....but oh well. One day I'll be able to finish my split that JPN-Depot screwed over.


Okay, into the slightly closer images!
Yes. I'm gonna be making a Georgi itabag. It's going to be glorious. I have more stuff in my first suru order as well as my zenmarket order that's on the way.

I finally got the matching extra large Asahi as well as the still large, but smol boi Asahi that I missed out on splits. And also the cutest mini clear file I've ever seen, lol!
Also say hello to the most unfortunate thing in the box. That Asahi manjuu smells like an ash tray. I was very surprised because I bought so many used items in Japan and this is only the second time I had something that smelled so strongly. Admittedly, more terrifyingly, the first item was a vinyl pen pouch. How you can smoke so much to stink up a vinyl item is perplexing, nonetheless. I've let Asahi air out and he's still a tad stinky, but not nearly as bad as when I first got him.

A ton more Asahi stuff. I love can badges (if you couldn't tell) and I especially love the t-shirt one. I remember losing an auction of it ages ago and being super bummed out. I think I got him for 100yen on suru XDD
Also that popcorn birb is insanely cute. Like..Upsettingly cute.

Here's the tiny amount of Otabek goodies I got. I did get the matching Georgi as shown before, but that badge at the bottom left is only of the best styles I own. They're matte which makes the extra wonderful. The only other style I like more is the washi badges I got from JoJo months ago.

There are the rest of the goodies that I remembered to photograph.
The Ippo badge makes me so happy. There's hardly any Ippo merch so I was glad to get a badge. I think most of what I have is actually cels. I have a small figure too, lol!
I also really love love love loooove that Souma acrylic (I think it's Animate Cafe???). It's absolutely adorable and I actually have the card in the game, so it makes it even more exciting to have.
Also that Gaku in the second photo is super super cute. He's from an Animate Cafe set and is super tiny, but oh so cute!!!

Here comes the worry....
I thought he was lost. He arrived with ZM in December. He was shipped at the end of December. His tracking wasn't updated until the very end of January. The update went from "pre-shipment" to "arrived in NYC" in one day. He missed some scans at some point I assume. He took nearly a month and a week to arrive via airmail due to all the snow in Japan.

I'm almost more partial to the Osuwari plushes because they're softer and sit up better than this Gift plush. I currently have had 5 different Osuwari plush pass my hands (one of which was sold) and I never noticed any particular issues. With this Gift plush I noticed he had loose threads on his mouth and eye which I had to trim off. He also had glue in his hair which still isn't completely picked off. Otabek looks nice, but it's a bit annoying that there have been this many issues considered I got Midori for so much cheaper and nothing has been a problem with him.

Okay, we're nearing the end!

A quick update to my Otabek bag. I might be updating to a new bag soon depending on if the style I ordered for Georgi ends up being super nice.

A tiny split addition of some EnStars stands from Yavimaya!! I love these little things ;__; So cute!!

And of course, the easiest way to end this!!
The world blurriest image of the Yuri on Ice Bluray!!!!

Yes, I ordered it because I love Yuri on Ice!!! I'm glad I can watch Welcome to the Madness in HD. I'm subscribed to crunchyroll, but it's nice to own the BD knowing that it's going back to one place.

Alright. I started this blog nearly 3 hours ago. I'm tired and have probably made some typos. I apologize and will probably be reading this over again when I get up. I just wanted to get it mostly written up tonight because it's been so dang long.

I think my favorites from this have been:
YoI Bluray
Georgi goodies
Hitorijime My Hero badges and stands
Insane amounts of Ballroom e Youkoso goodies <3
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Ciciely (Hace 11 meses) #31177413A beautiful post~! Victor on your cat was so funny. I need to see the commissioned plush of Nicolas! Our wallets cry together!

Thanks!! XDD I'm happy I got my tax return and have smaller orders all the way through until June (which is really really bad lol). I need to save for my vacation though, so spending is probably gonna go down a bit. XD Nic is still planned though, ahaha~
Hace 11 meses
A beautiful post~! Victor on your cat was so funny. I need to see the commissioned plush of Nicolas! Our wallets cry together!
Hace 11 meses
lifewithfigures (Hace 11 meses) #31152170Maybe it's because it's five in the morning and I haven't slept yet, but I laughed really hard at the picture of Victor on your cat xD
Good!!!!! It took forever to keep her still enough to take the photo, ahaha.

Takasugi (Hace 11 meses) #31152196Aww cute cat. I've got a calico too. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://s5.postimg.org/6xehxkgzb/tina.pnghttps://s5.postimg.org/m64fbt887/tina3.png
Thank you! And thanks for sharing your sweet baby too!! Ahhhh I love kitties~

ChocolateSpider (Hace 11 meses) #31177142SO MUCH MERCH! This is such an awesome loot. My favorite part was Victor sitting on your kitty. :3
It might be too much merch. I have to clear room for more stuff too ;o;
And thanks!! She's a good sport but it was hard getting her to sit still, lol.
Hace 11 meses
SO MUCH MERCH! This is such an awesome loot. My favorite part was Victor sitting on your kitty. :3
Hace 11 meses
Aww cute cat. I've got a calico too. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://s5.postimg.org/6xehxkgzb/tina.pnghttps://s5.postimg.org/m64fbt887/tina3.png
Hace 11 meses
Maybe it's because it's five in the morning and I haven't slept yet, but I laughed really hard at the picture of Victor on your cat xD
Hace 11 meses
migur (Hace 11 meses) #31152163my wallet has the same feeling XD but as long i don't go bankrupt its ok.
I mean I agree XDDD
Hace 11 meses
heroizumi (Hace 11 meses) #31152154Thanks. My wallet doesn't agree but I will continue to fight it. XDDDDmy wallet has the same feeling XD but as long i don't go bankrupt its ok.
Hace 11 meses
migur (Hace 11 meses) #31152127awesome loot!

Thanks. My wallet doesn't agree but I will continue to fight it. XDDDD
Hace 11 meses
awesome loot!
Hace 11 meses
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