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Hey all. Having seen many people do excellent reviews for this site, I wanted to contribute some of my own. A lot of figures have not gotten any love in the review department. I will do my best to fill in that gap.

I may as well begin with what I view as one of my favorite purchases thus far. Note that since I value all of my figures, I try my best to not place any above one another out of a sense of fairness. Plastic needs love too, after all! But I definitely have a great feeling of fondness for this one: Vivio.


Look at her! She is TOO DARN CUTE. That is all I need to say. Review over. …Okay fine, I will do my best to be professional.

Vivio comes from the anime Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, which is the third season of the Nanoha series. This little girl is found by the main cast while dragging a heavy box along. Seeing how weary she is, Subaru and company take her to safety. She meets Nanoha shortly after, followed by Fate, and calls them ‘Nanoha-mama’ and ‘Fate-mama’. If that is not cute, I do not know WHAT is. Oh and she becomes a wrecking ball of destruction later, but see her other figure for that.

At the time of writing this review, My Figure Collection only has three Vivio figures up: this one done by Volks, her powerful older form done by Alter, and a garage kit of her in a school outfit. That leaves very little to choose from for Vivio fans. Luckily, this one is wonderful; her quality makes up for the fact that almost no other ones exist. She is unfortunately a bit hard to get though.


This Vivio was given away to people who bought the Volks versions of Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate together. See the Not For Sale on that box? Stores would not sell her individually. I was unfortunately not aware of this until it was too late. However, thanks to the Mandrake Links topic in the Bargains, Sales, and Coupons Club (shameless plugging go!), I got her new for 4000 yen. Not a penny of it was wasted.


The box is somewhat bland, having just a silhouette of Vivio on the front and not actually showing her. Thankfully, the packaging inside is secure and keeps her as safe as she can be, and that is what is most important.


I like her base design, as I do with all of the Volks Nanoha characters. The magic circles are pretty cool. There are only two pegs, but that is all Vivio needs to stay secure, so there were no unnecessary additions to the base. My only complaint is that it is pink. That fits with her nightshirt well, meaning the color looks nice with her. The problem is that Nanoha already had a pink base. It would have been nice to have four different colors instead of pink, yellow, purple, and then pink again. Definitely not a big deal in the long run, but I have to criticize something, right?


Vivio’s pose is absolutely adorable. She has the perfect look of a little girl being happy to wake up in the morning with her favorite stuffed animal. Many figures are appreciated for dynamic poses, as if they are about to fight or do something that requires a lot of energy (such as the K-On girls with their guitars). Those are good, but Vivio has calmness going for her, and it adds to her charm.



Her sculpting is great. No errors stand out on her smooth body. Her head can be switched easily for her crankier one if desired. I personally do not care at all for it, so I have not ever bothered to do so. The only problem is that the holes for the pegs are not deep enough to fit her on more securely (it is a bit hard to tell in the picture unfortunately). However, she has never been in danger of coming loose, so that is a small point.


The paint job is wonderful. The colors used are perfect for little Vivio. When I first saw the promotional picture, I was a bit confused with her right eye color, but the actual figure has it green, which is correct. There are no serious flaws on her that I can see, and I have looked at her for a long time. If I look very carefully I can pick out some tiny ones, but when you have to look in such detail, I call that a great success.

Enjoyment? I only have three words for that.







One of my most enjoyed figures, period. Now I just need to get her Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama to go with her. Hayate is on the way, and after this Vivio, I expect that she will be fantastic as well.
Anyone on the fence about this figure, I recommend scooping her up if you see her on Mandrake again. She has appeared a couple of times after I first got mine, so if you are patient and keep looking, I am sure you will be rewarded by having her in your collection!


How dare you not mention me in this review, the great Mr. Snuggles! Even your picture of me is horrible and blurry!

But I will have my revenge. Soon I shall free myself from the grasp of this child and take over the world! Hahahahaha-


Cough hack wheeze.
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AshlotteWanted this one badly, but I had no intention of buying three mediocre figures to get her. >_<

Thanks for the nice review though!

I can understand that. I want them myself, but I'm a huge nutjob for Nanoha characters. I'm trying to find them one at a time to lessen the amount of money I'd have to spend in a single sitting.

Maybe you'll get lucky and find her alone. =P Thanks for reading! =)

ChagAwww, no love for the crying face? Not even one photo of it attached to the figure? Little harsh, don't you think? =P

I gave it its own picture if nothing else. >_> Different strokes for different folks, but I prefer to keep my Vivio happy and cute. =P Thanks for reading!
hace 10 años
Awww, no love for the crying face? Not even one photo of it attached to the figure? Little harsh, don't you think? =P
hace 10 años
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Wanted this one badly, but I had no intention of buying three mediocre figures to get her. >_<

Thanks for the nice review though!
hace 10 años
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