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When you wanna buy one new figure, and you buy three, and more.When you wanna buy one new figure, and you buy three, and more.

IskanaIskanahace 12 díasDiary
I bought my first figures in December of 2015, 2 of them at once, after getting them around Christmas, I found the two figures who came before those, and bought them. I had intended to get them anyway, so whatever.

My first Nendoroid I bought in 2016-17, Nr 666, Elias Ainsworth. (Still waiting for Hatori Chise, please get to it GSC.) Two Cu-poche around the same time. I thought that was it, that I wouldn't like any Manga/Anime enough to buy Nendos/Cu-poche's from... 2018 rolls around and whooooosh...

Now 2018, I just wanted to buy one bloody Nendoroid, but while browsing some shops, I find another two figures, and what do I do?
The sensible thing, and buy those too. So I got 3 new Nendoroids now.

Then, instead of just calming down, I continue browsing some other sites, and that's where I buy 6 more accessories for my Chibi figures, and a re-ment set on pre-order.

And because my display cases would be a little boring with just the Nendoroids, and Cu-Poche in them, I look up how to make some nice sets to set them up in, what do I find? Room kits, so again, I do the sensible thing, and buy two.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Well... as long as it makes me happy, I think it's justifiable. (Even if the Nendoroid this all this started with, cost me an arm and a leg... I'm so ashamed. But I did it because I know it won't be re-released.)
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And so it begins...
hace 12 días
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I feel exactly the same way. Back in 2013 I bought my first scale figure. Then I wanted more and more scale figures. Today I have shelves crammed full of scale figures, and yet I keep wanting more! I have to tell myself no these days because of lack of room and money. It's hard! q.q
hace 10 días
maggie (hace 12 días) #31102072And so it begins...

The Spiral into Figure Hell
hace 11 días
I totally understand! That's how I am. Though I've calmed myself down by saying "only from anime manga that you've read and watched, but I tend to just snatch those up like they're candy
hace 11 días
maggie (hace 12 días) #31102072And so it begins...

To quote the Joker from the last knight:

"And here....we....go!"
hace 11 días
RubyRed (hace 12 días) #31102186
It's nice to know I'm not on my own with this.
I love my purchases too, and will welcome them into my small figure collection family, with all the love (and space) that I have.

Have a nice day. :)
hace 12 días
As long as you don't go overboard, you can afford it and you have the space for it and you want it... why not get 'em?
hace 12 días
as long you can afford it its fine in my opinion
hace 12 días
Butcher ISTP
maggie (hace 12 días) #31102072And so it begins...

And another one bites the dust.. Cuz no money for food..
hace 12 días
All I say is: you are not alone!
My spending habits the last two months were insane ... but I love every single one of my figure purchases;-)
hace 12 días
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