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I'm pretty new to the website, but I was thinking about reviewing some figures I have that have no real reviews about them on this website, as well as my experience with services like Amiami and Amazon in said review. (ITEM #109622 and ITEM #209591 if anyone was curious). So just what should I be sure to include in my review? And just how high quality do my pictures need to be, since my camera isn't the best, especially at getting close-up?
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Especially if you don't have the best camera, I'd suggest ensuring you're taking pics where you can get enough daylight, or have some cold white light sources. Atm, I'm taking pictures only at the weekend, so I can use daylight (too dark when I get home).

To me, I'm not too fussy what's in the review, though I do have a bad habit of skimreading and mostly looking at the pictures. I like to see people's opinions on what they like/don't like, and if there were any particular problems during assembly.

Price paid is a useful indicator at times - people are generally a lot less fussy over a figure that cost $40 vs one that cost $100. I'd also settle for a "I'd pay up to x for this figure".

For me to go and read an entire review, the writing needs to be decent quality English, and have a good rhythm/tone to it.
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Basically there are a lot of ways to include in a review:

- item characteristics (HxWxD),
- price/ availability on purchase
- review paint, size, articulations (if any)
- photo (size comparison to other figures, comments/ poses of the item) not necessarily to be HD because there are youtube reviews or DSLR photos, so you can include some critical ones
- verdict (your own rating and explain if possible)
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PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
I just posted my first review of a recently released figure yesterday. I'll admit: it was a nerve-racking ordeal — until I reassured myself that it wasn't too important.

I would highly suggest taking a look at past reviews posted HERE, as that was my strategy for formatting my own. When it comes to presenting the figure to the reader, most people will do a combination of photos and text. If your camera isn't that good (by what standard, I am unaware), I would suggest being as precise and descriptive as you can, to supplement what a picture might fail to provide (i.e. clarity, resolution, color accuracy...). The camera I used — a Nikon COOLPIX L110 from February 2010 — is showing its age, but you'd be surprised how much better a photo turns out if the lighting is bright and evenly distributed.

Suggested content to include:
  • Current item availability
  • Price at the time of purchase
  • Quality (whether it meets or fails your standards
  • Photos of key aspects (i.e. head, body, base, packaging...)
  • If similar items exist (i.e. another figure by a different manufacturer), how it compares
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imo your review can be as detailed or as freeform as you like. Think about what you like to read in a review, what things people say that make you go 'Oh, that makes me interested in this figure' (the best reviews make you go 'I never thought of this figure in that way, that makes me appreciate even more!'), and what areas you would like to highlight, such as what made you really excited about the figure.

I don't think it's necessary to capture HD photos of a figure to write a review, my reviews all use my iPhone 6, often in dismal lighting, and they've been semi-well accepted, haha. To me, the way photos make a review more engaging is to highlight details that you like (or dislike), and to explain the points of your review. I don't feel interested when a review is 5 photos in a row with only a sparse paragraph. I want to know 'Why are you showing me this photo? What's so interesting about what you're showing me?' So photos should be well-accompanied by captions. Of course, your descriptions need to be accompanied by photos as well so that people know what you're talking about. There's nothing more irritating than when a review goes 'I really dis/like this or that detail' without showing any pictures of what they mean, and it's boring to boot.

When a review is done well, I'll read it for anything, regardless of whether or not it's for a figure I'm interested in n_n Looking forward to your reviews!
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