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OtakuGirl01OtakuGirl01hace 8 años
Today, I received a package from my online best friend and fellow MFC member, Wyna. It contained the following:

A Sumomo trading figure...
I think it is very adorable and well done for such a small figure. I also love pink-haired girls, lolis, AND magical girls..so she picked this one well <3.

A Mikuru swimsuit trading figure...
I think it, too, is very cute and well-done! I haven't watched more than 1 episode of Haruhi, but Mikuru's adorableness really got to me and I've been wanting a figure of her..but the goods ones are so expensive @___@!

And this cute scene trading figure:

Apparently she ordered them from someone with lots of older trading figures on eBay. I checked out the site, and made 34 tabs going through all the pages! XD I ended up ordering 6 today. I also have 2 figures coming tomorrow, 2 Madoka Nendo Petites coming within the next week, and a pre-ordered Nendoroid shipping soon, plus 2 more figures next month! My collection has grown so much this summer~ At this rate, I won't be a newb for too much longer XD. In any case, I ordered 2 figures from her wishlist to be sent to Wyna as a thank-you gift @___@. I hope she is happy! <3

I actually wasn't really interested in trading figures much before.. I preferred figmas, Nendos, and scale PVCs. But these are cute AND cheap.. I think I'll be getting lots more trading figures from now on <3
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aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
This is adorable. I wonder if I'll ever have an online buddy to exchange gifts with.
hace 8 años
OtakuGirl01 Angel of Hope&Devotion
Wynahace 8 años#1060940
Anyway, I'm really glad you like them. It's wonderful you made a blog about them! I'm embarrassed. n_n;;

Awwwwww ;w;! Make sure to make a blog when you get the figures I ordered you, too!~ <3
hace 8 años
Wyna 「ウィナ」
I'm really glad that you liked them all! Because I know very much what you like, I think it was fairly easy to pick these. I think these three figures have a very similar feel in terms of the type of cuteness they are displaying. You know my sentiments on this. n_n

Because I was aiming for those, I thought they'd be good especially, since I'm giving you something I want very much. What's great is that there is a Yellow bikini version of Mikuru ITEM #9191 so we can have matching bikini Mikuru! I think I'll also aim for getting the Bedtime version of Koharu ITEM #82607 and then we'll have one from the same set there.. and lastly.. I'll probably end up with the same Sumomo if not this one ITEM #10238.

Anyway, I'm really glad you like them. It's wonderful you made a blog about them! I'm embarrassed. n_n;;
hace 8 años