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I've been keeping a little merch blog here, but I thought it'd be nice to post on mfc, as well.

My September Amiami haul finally came in!


This order came in a HUGE box, which I… mostly attribute to Nana. I’ll cover the straps first.


Kirito, Asuna, and Yuuki (Pic-Lil! SAO2 Rubber Strap set ~Mother’s Rosario Edition~) — Sword Art Online II — Hobby Search

These were a gift for my boyfriend. He really loves the Sword Art light novels (not so much the anime… lol), and Yuuki is his favorite character. I saw these go up on Amiami and immediately smashed the PO button. Like the rest of Hobby Search’s Pic Lil set, they’re high-quality with nice coloring. I especially like that the Kirito and Asuna straps match. Seeing as they’re just straps, I don’t have much to say, but I’m happy with them.

Next up…


Emilia (nendoroid) — Re:Zero — Good Smile Company


She’s here!!! The tiniest angel!

I’m so happy to get her… She’s absolutely adorable. Emilia was my favorite character besides Subaru in Re:Zero, and I’ve been mourning her lack of merchandise due to Rem’s popularity. Every girl is a good girl, but Emilia’s been so sorely neglected that it’s heartbreaking.


Her cape is interesting, as you actually can’t display her in it without removing her arms. I had some trouble getting the neck joint plate (not the neck joint itself) into the back piece of the hood, but we were able to make it work with enough effort. I almost wish she had another body piece, because I’d really like to display her like this, but her cute outfit and pretty hair being hidden is too much of a shame.


So this is how I’ll be displaying her! The little ice crystals are such a nice touch. I wish her eyes’ pupils were more of a bright blue, but she’s perfect otherwise and I’m very happy.

And, lastly…


Nana Astar Deviluke (1/6 scale) —To LOVE Ru Darkness — Max Factory

My first TLR bride figure!!! She’s here! She’s big, too. About the same size as Alter’s 1/6 scale Lala (which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, all things considered.)

My favorite To Love Ru girls are the Deviluke sisters, so I’ve wanted to collect Lala, Momo, and Nana for a while now. I don’t dislike the other girls or their figures in this line, but since these figures are such an investment, I’d rather just get them for my collection.

Nana is the older of the two Deviluke twins. Not as developed as her sisters, Nana is a fiery, somewhat childish girl who can be rather sweet deep down. This figure is based on the cover illustration of Yabuki’s Venus artbook, which showcases more of her cute charm.


Even potato photo quality shows how detailed the sculpt is!!!

Every fold on Nana’s corset looks natural and pretty, and I love the light gloss they’ve put over that, her panties, and her stockings. She’s wonderful to look at.

I’m also a big fan of how this figure recreates Yabuki’s art style. Alter’s Lala is cute, but the body of her sculpt was based on a Super Sonico garage kit that the artist had done prior, so it lacks Yabuki’s cute-sexy flair.


There’s a really nice sense of motion in this figure, between the hair and the tail. That’s why I took this pic, of course.

My only real complaints about the figure are about the base. It feels sort of unstable. The slightest motion makes the whole figure wobble, and I’m a little concerned about that, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll lean or anything. It’s also such an obtrusive shape and size that I’m not sure just how much space it’ll take up to display all three. Either way, I’m sure they’ll look fine, but it’s a thought. I wish the flowers on her veil were a little more detailed, but the sculpts on the skin, hair, and clothing are all wonderful.

A small haul, but very cute! It really brightened up a busy Saturday. I’ve got a lot to write about, so I’ll try to get those posts out soon!
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Both Nana and Emilia look great with Emilia being my favorite of the two. I can't agree with Nana's style, but she's great too.
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Awesome loot! Emilia is awesome and Nana looks beautiful! I hope to have both of them in my collection one day!
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