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REVIEW: One Piece King of Artist The Roronoa ZoroREVIEW: One Piece King of Artist The Roronoa Zoro

evenstar88evenstar88Hace 11 mesesReview
This was my very first One Piece figure, and hence I thought I should review it. The two series I had been faithfully following had ended a long time ago, Bleach and Naruto. Strangely enough, I hadn’t caught onto One Piece at all during this time, and I finally got down to watching the series in the early half of the year.

And then I was hooked.

And I discovered (to my delight and my wallet’s horror) that the series had an extensive collection of figures, and I hadn’t done much collecting of Bleach or Naruto figurines previously.

So here it is… my first ever OP figure… King of Artist The Roronoa Zoro.

I got this off a local figurine seller at quite a cheap price. The box is pretty small, very compact and good for transport.




I think King Of Artist boxes have sleek designs, not simple enough to be bland and just enough to be eyecatching. The Toie sticker (mine is white/silver) is on the top flap, bottom right.

Now, on to the figure. I really adore the size of this Zoro, he’s 26cm tall! I apologize for not taking a prior photo during the unboxing, but he comes in two pieces, his torso and his bottom half from the waist. Once you put him together, just fit the torso over the waist and you are done. No rocket science needed ;) Once he is fixed and standing properly, he's taller than the box he came in.


The main reason I got him was because of his facial expression. Personally for me, this figure has one of the more in-character expressions for Zoro, most figures out there nail his clothing and swords but not so much the face or hair. I think this one is just one of the better ones, face-wise. There are some who didn’t really like that KOA Zoro came with this suit outfit, they had been hoping for the standard Straw Hat appearance (granted, since KOA Luffy and Sanji were in their original clothes). I personally don’t mind, because I really like him in this suit outfit during the Pica battle. His pose is fixed, tying up his bandanna before a fight.


The folds on his clothes are great, the swords look great too and fix quite firmly at his waist. Again I didn’t take an individual photo of it, but his 3 swords come stuck together, and there’s a peg behind the swords, which fits into a hole in at his waist. You can’t remove the swords from each other, so this Zoro comes without a holding-sword pose. I am not complaining either, he IS a cheap figure and I think his looks more than make up for it. Even the dust shading on his shoes are given attention.

The only drawback I would have to say for my figure, is that the base does not help much in holding him up. The base is designed as black rocks below his right foot and you have to fit his shoe in. The base is very light and once I fit his shoe in, he doesn’t really stand completely stable. A teeny bit shaky.

But otherwise, I would say this is a good Roronoa Zoro figure, given his price and size. I would rate this figure a 7.5/10.

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