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Shielder – FATE/Grand Order – 1/7 Aniplex Exclusive REVIEWShielder – FATE/Grand Order – 1/7 Aniplex Exclusive REVIEW

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Hello MFC
Today I am very pleased to present to you a review of one of the more unique characters from the FATE/ franchise – Mash Kyrielight, perhaps better known as her servant name – Shielder. Shielder’s original appearance is from FATE/GRAND ORDER and is known as a Demi-Servant, as she an experiment fused with the soul of another servant. FATE has always been a popular franchise, but it’s fair to say that over the past few years the series has really bloomed into quite a popular series that has truly dominated the figure world.

Before I really knew much about FATE/GRAND ORDER I was instantly drawn to Shielders design, thanks to ANIPLEX we now have a gorgeous 1/7 exclusive scale figure that we shall be taking a look at in extensive detail! So lets begin!


Let’s start things off by taking a look at the box. The most important thing for me to note here is that Shielder is massive, absolutely huge. Due to her design she has a gorgeous set of long legs, combined with one of the largest weapons I have ever seen – sculpting this all in 1/7 scale is quite the task and the result is rather impressive. So right off the bat – The box is on the large size. There is a nice circular window on the front letting the viewer gaze in on its contents – surrounded by a beautiful blue cloudy sky image that fades off into this really aesthetic purple pixel/square configuration.

I have to admit though, I feel like having the “Image” of Shielder on the front makes things a little too cluttered and takes away from the beautiful design elements they have reflected on the front, but that’s just me perhaps?
The sides of the box have taken it the next step further by using the pixel design as a cut away viewing window to see inside the box – really nice idea here.
The back of the box shows a nice close up and a full scale image of the figure inside accompanied again by this gorgeous blue sky backdrop. The blue and purple colour scheme blend so well together, such a calming atmosphere!


Once Shielder has been freed from her box we are greeted with 2 Blisters. The main blister contains the lovely Mash Kyrielight herself along with her Shield, while the other blister contains the base for the figure. Despite the incredible size of the box and blister, Aniplex have actually done a great job in making use of space and safely securing each part of the figure. So before we get to the main figure, let’s have a closer look at the base and that incredible shield!


Here we have the base, and what seems to be a common theme with this figure – the base is quite large! The size of this base is ultimately what it is in order to support the sheer weight of the shield accessory. We will dive into this concept soon enough – but because the shield sits upright on the base, because of how tall and wide this accessory is, Aniplex have created a large circular base to counter balance the weight and size so that the whole figure does not topple over. They have done this in quite a clever fashion by making the design on the base the FATE/GRAND ORDER “gatcha” summoning circle; So it makes it look like you just unlocked Shielder for the first time!

The Gatcha summoning circle design is printed really clear and full of intricate details and writing. Combined with the soothing clear blue color of the plastic, the two elements contrast quite well! It definitely has the magical “Aura “about it.


When I first opened up the box for Shielder, there was no way I could of prepared myself for the absolute sheer size and beauty of what is the largest weapon I have ever seen accompany a figure. Here we have in absolute glory – Mash Kyrielight’s Shield – The Shield or Shielder if you will.
This thing is absolutely gigantic and has some very impressive sculpting and paint work. One thing that impressed me the most was how sturdy the shield was – as to be expected from a shield as its primary function. The plastic used is incredibly solid and has multiple layers and grooves to create such a beautiful inter layered design. My favorite feature is this large “gear “like shape in the center that is actually indented slightly creating these really nice lock/indents around the edges.

Another element I would like to note is how beautifully smooth the paint work is. The colouring on the shield is absolutely 10/10 – spouting this really nice gradient from dark to light purple. I love how there is slight black shadowing around different detailing of the shield, really makes those elements stand out and creates a rustic/aging effect on the weapon.

The whole thing stands on its own as a beautiful display piece, but let’s have a quick look at some of the finer details before we move on.


Here is a close up of the center section of the shield. Inscribed in the middle is some ancient text, which is actually cut out and not printed on, which is fantastic. In this shot you can also see that indented “Gear” effect I mentioned earlier – such a nice touch.
Another design element that really stands out are these silver bits of detailing at the top and bottom of the shield – these parts are coated in a shiny silver paint which stand out and truly shine against the dark shading work of the shield. There are also these small little purple gem like circles in the center – very fancy! This thing is almost way too good to use in battle…or should I say…such a waste to display; which ultimately brings me to my biggest downfall about this figure which we will cover in the next section below.


In this shot here we have the Shield from the inside – this is the part of the Shield that is actually displayed as it’s the part where the handle is present for Shielder to grasp on to. While it makes absolute perfect sense for this to be what the viewer see’s – the incredible amount of detailing on the front of the figure is truly gone to waste as it faces away from the viewer. This all comes down to the pose of the figure, if that was perhaps changed; this would have allowed for a different dynamic in allowing the shield to be facing the other way. I just think it is such a shame for all that beautiful sculpting work and that amazing paint job to be cast away and traded off for…this not so flattering side of the shield. I completely understand why – Shielder herself “IS” the focus for this piece, and having the Shield included at all is a blessing; but knowing all those beautiful details exists on the other side of the horizon, I cannot help but feel hurt a little.


Now that all the elements are out of the box it is time to construct the figure. To my surprize, my copy of the figure did not come with any instructions. The construction process is pretty straight forward but a set of instructions is always reassuring.
The first step is to attach the shield to the base. One design choice that I am very thankful for is that both the Shield and Shielder herself are held onto the base using steel rods. Because of the sheer size of both the figure and the accessory, it’s great to know that over time there will be no possibility of bending or warping due to weight. Steel rods are always a clear sign for some great design choices – Thanks Aniplex!

On the base there are 4 different steel rods – 2 for the shield and 2 for the figure. While it may seem slightly tricky to distinguish which rods are for what; the best thing to do is use the centre rod as a guide for where the shield should plug in to. At the bottom of the shield (The longer protrusion of the 4 parts of the cross) are two small holes that should align with the steel rods on the base. The most important thing to note is that the shield actually sits on a slight angle when attached – so when attaching the shield to the base, make sure you hold it on a slight angle and not to hold the shield straight, otherwise it will not attach smoothly.


Next up is to attach Shielder herself. I had a little bit of difficulty attaching her feet, but with a bit of wriggling she was able to slot in eventually. The last two remaining steel rods are left for Shielder’s feet. The one with the blue block is for the leg that is slightly bent, while the other is for the leg that is straight. Similar to the shield, the figure itself has to be attached on a slight angle or the block will not lock into the heel of her foot. If you are having trouble figuring out how the figure is meant to be aligned – attach Shielder’s hand to the handle of the Shield first so that you can get an understanding of the distance she should be standing in relation to the position of the shield. Attaching Shielder’s hand to the handle is an easier process thankfully, her fingers are made to be flexible, with a slight bit of force you should be able to bend her fingers up to allow the bar of the handle to slide neatly into her hand. May require a bit of force till the two “lock” together, but once the fingers are wrapped around the handle they will bend back to their original position soon enough.


After a lengthy introduction, we have arrived at the grand summoning event – Shielder in all her glory! Being in 1/7 scale she is truly a sight to behold and stands out as quite the centre piece in anyone’s collection. As I mentioned previously, once Shielder herself is attach, you tend to forget very quickly about all those amazing details on the other side of the Shield – as Shielder herself is just fantastic. The brown inside of the Shield helps create a strong contrast against Shielder’s black and purple colour scheme. All the elements of the figure really complement each other well creating such a visually stunning display.


Here is a quick shot from the back to help illustrate scale in terms of the Shield and Shielder together. It’s incredibly impressive and such a marvel to look at. Aniplex have gone above and beyond to create a piece that truly captures everything that makes this character unique and a stand out in the FATE/ series.


Here is a shot from the side of the whole figure but the back of shield, showing off her gorgeous form! The way her body is positioned looks really natural, the way her hips and legs are positioned matched along with her lowered arm – Model material right there!


Let’s take an in-depth look at all the wonderful details and design elements that bring this figure to life, starting with a close up of Shielder’s face. Along with her strong and powerful pose, Shielder has a strong expression to match that of her stance. The decals used for her eyes are stunning, combined with the shading and colouring on her hair – the pink really radiates as a great colour highlight. Personally I have a massive weakness for fringes that cover over one eye and Aniplex have done a fantastic job in creating this effect. The hair is nice and thick with some excellent shading to help bring out the different locks and sections of her hair. You also have to love the little bit that sticks up out of the top! Over all her face looks fantastic and does a great job in setting the tone and atmosphere for this figure. She has a serious glare but there’s a slight smile in her expression, really nice work!


Next up we will have a look at the upper body of Shielder. Shielder has one of my favourite armour designs I have seen for any anime character, and especially any character within the FATE/ franchise. I think what stands out the most for me the practicality – the armour design is simple and hugs the body in such an elegant way that really showcases Shielder’s stunning body and excellent curves. There are no “ revealing “ elements to the armour and no excessive pieces that make it hard to maneuver around when fighting – a simple well-constructed aesthetically pleasing armour that really compliments the characters build. Much like the Shield itself – Shielder’s armour has a beautiful blend of different purples to create some stunning gradients. Along the top of her chest area are some solid purple lines that are painted on perfectly – it’s these sort of details that really make me appreciate the effort gone into them.

I would also like to take this moment to point out her long gloves. One little interesting attention to detail is the slight creases where her inner arm/elbow joint is; really nice sculpting work! Especially the bit of skin folded right underneath her arm pit – so very realistic!


This is a shot of Shielder’s impressively long legs! Due to the characters design and armour; Shielder’s legs end up being quite the highlight! I absolutely love her shoes as well, such an intricate design as well as the layered Armour plating on her knees – amazing! The solid purple lines also do a great job in helping to be a stand out against the darker colours on the paintwork. There is literally not a single bit of colour out of place – certainly the quality I expect from an Aniplex Exclusive figure.


Here we have a shot from the back with a little cheeky glimpse of Shielder’s behind! Shielder’s pose is the perfect blend of strong and indiscreetly sexy! This shot also helps to demonstrate the beautiful sculpting work gone into capturing Shielder’s gorgeous legs and Armour design. Look at the markings on her boots! Amazing! You can also see the great amount of work gone into creating the layers in Shielder’s hair – a lot of detailing there to create the perfect look.


A shot from above showcasing the entire figure and all its beauty. Shielder truly is a stand out accomplishment in the figure world, I have never seen anything quite like it and I am truly impressed with her detailing and size. I grow tired of all the unnecessary sex appeal gone into characters and figures as of late, it is something that is unavoidable and while sometimes it suits the character, more often than not in can ruin it to. Shielder has this fantastic atmosphere about her, this strong and imposing aura surrounding her. I cannot stress enough how much I love the pose and the way her body is positioned – breathtaking!
and even those she has this serious glare, Aniplex were still able to capture her beauty and elegance in her character and body sculpt, very impressive.


Another full body shot to finish up! This shot does a fantastic job in highlighting her body shape and curves; look at those legs!!


Shielder has by far one of the most unique and interesting character designs within the FATE/ universe and Aniplex have done an absolutely perfect job in capturing every aspect that makes this character great in figure form.
While the box is large, it has a beautiful dynamic of colors a graphics to create a visually pleasing and calming atmosphere for this exclusive piece.
The base is created from a nice sturdy plastic and not only boasts an intricate design reflecting that of the in-game summoning circle – but its impressive size also acts as a safety measure to ensure the figure does not topple over; this is a fantastic use of practicality and design at work. The base also uses steel rods instead of plastic begs to hold the figure in place which is very reassuring for the figures safety as time passes.

The Shield itself is possibly the largest Figure accessory I have ever come across and is absolutely breath taking. It is sculpted and crafted in perfect detail full of intricate detailing and layering. The paint work is astounding with a beautiful blend of gradients and silver highlights to make this piece stand out as a strong and powerful weapon from tales of old.

My biggest complaint about this figure is how the amazing detailing of the shield is in fact hid away. Due to the way Shielder is posed it’s almost impossible for the Shield to be any other way then the way it is. The brown of the inside of the shield helps to contrast between the dark colors featured on Shielder herself, but I can’t help but be disappointed that the Shield’s beauty is tucked away at the back.

The figure itself is beautifully sculpted and painted perfectly with absolute no flaws what so ever. Great decaling on the face, creating a solid expression that compliments the character and pose. The pose is very life like with a fantastic body sculpt and brilliant armour design.


To finish of the review I thought I would quickly share my current “Shielder” collection. Here we have featured the Shielder Nendoroid and Figma alongside her 1/7 scale counterpart.
This also helps illustrating her sheer size and she towers over her smaller and posable otherselfs!



If you are a fan of FATE/GRAND ORDER and even more so a fan of Shielder I cannot recommend this enough. As she is an Aniplex exclusive, she will only become harder to obtaining as the years go by. Because of her size and quality she can come at a hefty price, but hopefully as demonstrated in this review; it absolutely pays off in what is a stand out figure in my collection!

I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos or different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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You can have her hold the shield backwards so you can see the front of it.
Turn the shield so you can see the front, and let it stand diagonally on 2 of the blades behind her. The long bottom blade touches the base behind her right foot. Place it behind her so it leans forwards slightly into her hand (her hand sits in the little circle shaped gap of one of the blades).
I think it looks much better like this, but it's not very stable.
Hace 10 meses
I just purchased this figure after much anticipation (currently in the mail!) and reading this review made me infinitely more excited to get her. Thanks for a great review. I can't wait!!!
Hace 11 meses
I enjoyed this review. Well written, but not particularly balanced. However, seeing how good this figure is, it'd probably have been a bit nitpicky.
It's very interesting to see how this figure almost has a Mona Lisa smile- it's hard to tell if she's smiling or having a neutral face.
Hace 11 meses
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
Heldrik (Hace 11 meses) #24735044That's the kind of review I like: informative, well written (thus a good read) and not too image-heavy.
You're right, Mashu's biggest flaw is that you can't show both the Servant and the Shield unless you have a mirror. But then again, the "purpose" of a shield is that you kinda hide yourself behind it when using it, so in the end, we come to a dead end, from a certain point of view.
Honestly, it's a little hard to imagine how Aniplex could have gone with a way to show both Mashu and her Noble Phantasm.

Thank you very much for the comment! I am glad you enjoyed my style of writing.
I like that you looked at things from a symbolic point of view, makes the pose seem alot more full of symbolism! Originally i was thinking of simply just having the shield attached facing the other way, but because it leans on an angle, having it facing the other way means the shield will lean inward towards Shielder and that wouldn't work out well.

But you are right, After constructing the figure i honestly cannot imagine it any other way and i certainly wouldn't want the Shield to be blocking lovely Mash <3
Hace 11 meses
That's the kind of review I like: informative, well written (thus a good read) and not too image-heavy.

You're right, Mashu's biggest flaw is that you can't show both the Servant and the Shield unless you have a mirror. But then again, the "purpose" of a shield is that you kinda hide yourself behind it when using it, so in the end, we come to a dead end, from a certain point of view.

Honestly, it's a little hard to imagine how Aniplex could have gone with a way to show both Mashu and her Noble Phantasm.
Hace 11 meses
She's really impressive. Though I agree it's a shame you can't see the detailing on the shield. Maybe one to display in a mirrored cabinet?
Hace 11 meses
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