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Do you put silica gel around your fiugre?Do you put silica gel around your fiugre?

danlnieldanlnielhace 1 añoAsk MFC
Hello MFC
Im wondering about using silica gel or maybe kamfer, we got two season here which when summer come its really hot and when rainy season come its really humid
Is it harm to put some silica gel inside glass cabinets?
and is it good to give some cold air (maybe from AC) or put your figure (PVC) inside your refrigerator once a month (summertime)?
Sorry for bad english (non native).
Thanks you.
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No, as long as the silica does not touch the figures directly.
Same goes for cat grid, which can be used as an cheap alternative for silica gelbeads.
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Depends on where you live. You should see if your AC unit is an HVAC, the V stands for "Ventilation" and acts also as a dehumidifier. Here in Florida basically 99% of houses having HVACs because it's so hot and humid (a high of 91F and 90% humidity today!) If you have an HVAC you don't need to do anything. High Humidity only bring about a concern for mold, which is a problem for more than just figures.

Also remember that these are made of PVC plastic, they take A LOT to be melded or damaged. If temperatures in your house are so hot they're damaging your figures, well you have a host of other problems to deal with first.

I use silica packets in the containers I store my figure boxes in, but that's about it.
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The problem with regular silica gel packs is they stop being effective if they're exposed to wet air pretty quickly. So it's kind of wasteful.

I had used reheatable silica gel (or beads). You basically put them in the cabinet and then when they change color you know they're wet and then you heat them up. And when they're heated and dried they change back to the original color.

*edit maybe something like this . www.amazon.com/...
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