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June & July LootJune & July Loot

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So I haven't been online here often the last two months... Well I'll quickly show what I got in that time.

First arrived this Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero Figure: ITEM #166976 (won't include a new photo for her, have shown the first one before)
I won her on ebay. Since my first one has a defect I tried to get her and was lucky. Afterwards I realized I was extremly lucky indeed, since the seller betrayed a good number of buyers by not sending the items and keeping the money. °_°

After a missing package (I guess? I really don't know what happened to the package with the tracking number I could never use), Beelzebub arrived! ITEM #97006 She is gorgeous and I really like her a lot. She's gonna be displayed together with Olivia later. :3


The last May order that arrived in July was Asuka from Kotobukiya. ITEM #12338
Again this is a figure I already have in my collection, but mine had highly visible scuffs on her hair - well, she was used boxless and cost me uner 30 Dollar, so that was given. I managed to get this Asuka pretty cheap too.


Don't really know why my pictures are turned. Uhm. Help? °_°

To give my Wave Rei a partner, I bid on a fitting Asuka: ITEM #19913


Her microphone was glued, but I got her for 5 bucks without a box. xD She looks pretty decent though. Originally I wanted the Asuka wearing the original plugsuit, but wasn't ready to pay 40 or more for her. x'D

Very recently (on 1st of August after a delivery time of a merely a week! fast as hell) the last July order arrived , it was this Homura: ITEM #347509


A bunch of money was spend in March at the Leipzig Book fair to either get her or Mami from the set. But my hand was not successful and I ended with Kyoko and some other stuff. xD Homura was darn expensive to get online, as the others of the set... so I played the waiting game. Finally I achieved to get her for 15 bucks + shipping. It's really nice to know waiting pays off - at least for some Banpresto prizes.

That's it for now. As you can see, my spending behaviour changed a bit. Less figures, including a really expensive one (it was used, but nonetheless expensive).

Preorders went out for the new Figuarts Zero Crystal Saturn and Pluto, also the little Serenity from the Dark Kingdom Petit Set.

Managed to sell some figures and manga, too.
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