When you thought BANDAI quality was getting better but then...When you thought BANDAI quality was getting better but then...Misc

EnricraigalEnricraigalhace 3 años
Just when we were thinking Bandai quality in it's Sailor Moon line would get better since they were realeasing crappy figures life hits you in the face and say: Boy stop believing, Bandai will never change.


The pictures of the left are the official pictures of the figures and on the right the figures you get at home. They seem like a Bootleg yes but they are not ( at least not oficially ). When they displayed them at some events they looked pretty ok so that's why I ordered them. But this final look it's a shame.

Is this ever going to stop? Bandai will held the Sailor Moon license forever and we are going to spend the rest of our lifes with shitty figures like this at insane prices?

Of course I can stop it by no buying to them but if they would show how bad they look from the beggining I wouldnt buy it since I have done with other lines but this is lying to customers.

Damn... this is going to make me stop being a Sailor Moon collector since there aren't other ways to get SM merchan.

PD: This is how they looked when displayed. No photoshop here:

This is how I hoped they would look at least.
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hugtowerhace 3 años#22626578Where on earth did you hear that Alter's owned by Bandai? I can't seem to find that information anywhere... genuinely curious

Don't have any links to back that up off top of my head but I always believed that MegaHobby Expo was a give away in this regard. See how limited the list of companies displaying their goods is, do the math :) I may be wrong of course, maybe somone will do a more extensive research here.
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CINhace 3 años#22597501Ain't Alter and MegaHouse Bandai, too? Just saying.

Where on earth did you hear that Alter's owned by Bandai? I can't seem to find that information anywhere... genuinely curious
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Phil_Lizhace 3 años#22596352
I recently made an exception and preordered ITEM #507866 because I really love music boxes and the things from Proplica are normally quite good.
Well, it isn't as bad as other things I got, but I was still disappointed because the quality seems to be really cheap.
I don't have high hopes that the things will change. I mean, people keep buying the stuff, no matter what.
Another thing I forgot to mention: they make everything concerning Sailor Moon "Limited + Exclusive" nowadays, so people preorder blindly because they fear the aftermarket prices will be horrendous (which they unfortunately often are!).

I feel the same about the music box. The quality just isn't there for how much it is. Makes me sad as I love the S ending and music boxes and was so excited when they announced it.

I was planning to get these Uranus and Neptune figures but will have to seriously reconsider now :( Or wait for them to end up in the bargain bin like the earlier Sailor Moon Crystal Zero figures.
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this is why I haven't been buying SM merch in the last couple of years because of quality and crazy prices for figures. Just look at their Precure Figuarts. It's horrible. But Bandai is never going to let other companies have the license to make better figures sadly. I had high hopes for these and Bandai has let us all down. They're just milking our money at this point.
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Whats with these pictures? They're looking better on these.

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katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
They are a pretty hit or miss company as a whole, I'm sorry this happened to you.
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I think Uranus looks better :p
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The only thing Bandai does well is Gundam model kits. The rest is crap.
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Uranus looks okay but Neptune is just ew... so different from the promo picture.
I was considering to get these 2 as Figuarts Zero from the original Sailor Moon stopped at Venus. Glad I did not order
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What a sadness for the fans!

I didn't pre-ordered them because I wanted to see the final product but I wouldn't have imagined the figure would have a so bad quality. Nothing correspond at the prototype! Even the tamashi buddies adaptation seems me better!

My last sailor moon figure buy was Chibi-Usa and Helios. It wasn't perfect because Chibi-Usa falls off her base but I think her quality is better in comparison.
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