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Wonder Festival Wishes?Wonder Festival Wishes?

It's not long until that time of year again, what's everyone hoping for this time?

New announcements? Long-awaited painted prototypes?

Bandai to show up with abandoned prototypes and give them release months? *sob*

My wishes are the usual - Jean Kirstein and Hange Zoe nendoroids (and anything Armin), not to mention Asahi and Tanaka nendoroids.


And, as a bonus question, are you planning to stay up to ridiculous times to see what's announced?
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East wow
more slutty boys
Hace 8 meses
1/4 Victor Nikiforov bunny scale
come on Freeing get on it
Hace 8 meses
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My wishlist is a dream that i hope it come true one day (like Alter who make Torahime of Oboro Muramasa in figure scale true after all this year of waiting).

1- Sengoku Basara in scale and Nendoroid (especially nendoroid) : Since the license is at rest i'm sure that it won't come for this year but there are still fan (and for some goodies it's really difficult and/or expensive to find and buy it) and it could be a good new license for Orange Rouge next to Touken Ranbu. I really want my favorites characters in awesome scale and cute nendo (i know that Masamune and Yukimura have already one but meh :/ there are not that great as compared to the last nendo release)

2- Rozen Maiden Nendo : I only want Good Smile finish the seven doll, come on Suiginto and Shinku are done there are only five more to do and they are all extra cute >.<

3- Odin Sphere Oswald : I'm confident that Alter will make him someday (and Kisuke from Oboro Muramasa too even if i'm not specially fan of him it will be great) and he is the last main character to do to complete the diorama (or maybe a human Cornelius will be interesting)

I am sure that there will be Touken ranbu anyway so i let Good Smile surprise me (i am waiting for a Nihongou nendo) and i not wait for anything else so i don't care if this Wonder Festival is again idole/Miku/Saber hell (it will be fine because i want to order Alter's Okoi and Torahime and i know that they will be horribly expensive ^^').
Hace 7 meses
Chidoru Selling some figures!
More Persona 5! I would love if they'd announce more P5 Nendoroids to go along with Morgana: ITEM #549416 I'd also love Misty and Brock Nendoroids to go with Ash: ITEM #549351
Hace 7 meses

    1. Little Witch Academia nendo prototypes. I want a Sucy and Lotte to complete the trio. Diana, Ursala, and Shiny Chariot would be really cool, too!
    2. A N Y T H I N G for Koe no Katachi. Where is my merch? ;-; Ideally, we get a scale of Shouko and Shouya. Nendoroids/figma would be great, too. This is pure optimism on my part, I feel like the time for this movie to get stuff has come and gone.
    3. Kill la Kill stuff that isn't a garage kit or rerelease! Especially of Mako!
    4. Disney Nendo prototypes or finished products!
    5. To be really surprised! A completely unexpected announcement or prototype which catches me off guard but makes me super excited. After the last Wonfest, I'm hoping for something to knock my socks off!
Hace 7 meses
Fire Emblem stuff

Good time to piggyback off the Fire Emblem Heroes gacha and get a good assortment of figures
Hace 7 meses
Anything from Boku no Hero Academia!
Hace 7 meses
1/4 Bunnies with more interesting poses.
Hace 7 meses
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid nendoroid's please!! X'D <3
Hace 7 meses
East (Hace 8 meses) #22781936more slutty boys
Male nipples, we want them so please sculpt them.
Hace 7 meses
Something about nendoroid disney princess would be cool. I really want to see Ariel ITEM #549133 or Tinkerbell ITEM #549137 prototype, or even painted prototype~! but any princess will do, I just want to see that they're working on it.
Little Witch Academia ended lately and there's still so little stuff from this series. Maybe some nice scale from it? More nendoroids or even figma? This would make me really happy.
More stuff from Pokemon :D Like ITEM #549351 (I wish that there would be Misty, but maybe when gsc will release Ash they'll make Misty as well)
I like Puella Magi so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'd like to see something promising from Madoka too~!
Hace 7 meses
I can hope but probably can't dream for ITEM #296941
Hace 7 meses
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