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This blog contains material that may be offensive to those triggered by chunky women, the foul mouthed antics of a certain Marvel Comics character and seeing someone buy something you have probably been hunting for a while. Reader discretion is advised.

Howdy hoo, everyone! It is time for another obligatory loot post! April has been a very satisfying month for my collection. I managed to nab some aftermarket grails I have been hunting for a few years and received some highly anticipated pre-order items. One of those items I plan to have as a regular occurrence in my blog's shenanigans from this point on. So without any further delay, let's see what April has brought into my web.

Super Sonico 10th Anniversary
Tapestry & Artbook


Super Sonico has recently celebrated her 10th anniversary since her debut in 2006. I pre-ordered these last December. It took a while for Tokyo Otaku Mode to ship out my art book, but that shipped out around the time AmiAmi shipped out my tapestry.

The art book features a massive collection of illustrations by Tsuji Santa, other artists in chronological order. I have spent a fair amount of time looking through Tsuji Santa's past works and this has several illustrations I have never seen before. One of my favorites is this recent picture of Sonico and Pochaco in some high-tech armor.



Sword Art Online Kirito Figma

I missed out on the original release of Kirito back in 2013 and I didn't learn about its re-release the following year until it already sold out everywhere. This was before I knew about MFC and its reliable database to keep me updated on figures. Fortunately, KIRICHE sold this one to me for a reasonable price.

Now Asuna finally has her bae to join her on the battlefield!

One Piece Variable Action Heroes
Usopp, Boa Hancock & Portgas D. Ace


3 important characters have been added to my set of MegaHouse's new line of One Piece action figures. I am close to completing the full Straw Hat crew now that Usopp is here. All that remains is Franky and Brook. I decided to pick up Ace because I only have one other Ace figure in my collection.


As for Boa, I am quite please with how flexible her legs are. I know some people have complained about the joint system around her hips and how odd they look, but think they are great because of how much extended range of motion she has compared to other action figures. Although I do have a slight problem to deal with after making this purchase. I already own the first red version of this action figure.


This blue one was unveiled around the time my order of the red one was delivered. Had I known this blue one would have been made, I would have skipped the red one. I suppose I will deal with that situation later.

Aftermarket Grail
1/7 Sansei Muramasa Maid


I have been hunting this down for nearly 5 years, but it is finally mine! I think AmiAmi may have made a typo when I bought this from their pre-owned section. This was listed as an A/B pre-owned, but the price dropped to 8790 yen as opposed to the usual 10,280. Then a few days later, another A/B listing was made priced back at 10,280.


I am guessing the one I bought either had the wrong price label or condition label. The box arrived a bit crunched up, but I feel pretty sure that happened during transit because the shipping box was a bit crunched as well. The box was taped close and the figure was in pristine condition, so this was definitely A/B when Ami shipped it out. Not an ideal way for this long hunt to end, but it is nothing to make a major complaint about. I have obtained a long hunted grail for pretty close to its original pre-order price. I would say this has been a very successful acquisition.

Seeing this figure in person proves that those years of hunting were worth the effort. Her embarrassed expression is excellent. It is a nice change of pace to have a figure on my best girl shelf stare at me with negative judgement and concern.


With the combination of her worried/embarrassed expression and her head turned around looking over her shoulder, this presents opportunities for her to interact with other figures on display beside her. I found a great spot for her next to my A+ Pochaco Beer Maid.


Sansei's thoughts:
"Holy crap! Look how huge her tits are. How the hell does she manage to stand up straight? If my tits were as big as that, my spine would probably break under the sheer weight."

More Nendoroids!

My Nendoroid army grows ever larger with these three fine characters added to my forces.

Bonus Comic #14
Here Comes Deadpool


Well.......That escalated quickly. (ㆆ_ㆆ)

Prize Figures


I got my first RWBY figure from Hobby Link Japan and bundled it with some more of those acrylic risers I reviewed a while back. I got Pochaco and another aftermarket grail, Sega's Ryuuko Matoi, from AmiAmi's pre-owned section.


2017 has been very good to me with finding Kill la Kill figures; all of which have super hard to find without resorting to those huge markups from people on Amazon and Ebay. I can almost always count on AmiAmi to have a low price on a prize figure even years after its release.


One thing I did not anticipate when buying this Pochaco figure was that I would have such a hard time finding an object that she would properly fit around. The only thing I could find in my home she could get her body around was this tube of Bath & BodyWorks moisturizer.


So until I can find a more effective way to make use of this figure's object holding function, I will just have her backside on display. This tiny Pochaco has one fantastic ass.


Deadpool: "I like my women the way I like my peanut butter."

Transformers Masterpiece
Movie Megatron


This may be the most impressive Transformers action figure Takara has ever made. This thing has a large selection of accessories and is highly articulated. It comes with four different faces, 5 different weapons, a helmet, a diecast key and the cannon on his arm makes a wide selection of different sound effects. You can adjust a little switch on it to choose between Japanese quotes from the animated movie, transforming sound effects and a laser blasting sound. This thing was pretty darn expensive, but it is absolutely worth every penny. Takara spared no expense making this beauty. I look forward to writing a review of this action figure.

"Megatron is out of his box! Code red! Get the Nendoroids to the shelter! Bubble wrap the polystone statues! Clear Spidey-kun's browser history! This is not a drill! Repeat! This is not a drill! We are so totally doomed!"


Epic Group Photo!

Another month, another successful haul. 2017 is easily proving to be my most fruitful year as a collector. My loot obtained in May will be half the size of this, but contains more long hunted aftermarket grails. Here is a sneak peek of the rare treasure I managed to snag.

MegaHouse Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge
2009 First Release

1/8 Ryuuko Matoi (Phat)

1/8 Satsuki Kiryuuin (Phat)

I am going to be taking a break from the blogging for a bit before getting started on my May Loot post. I need to do some organizing around my home including getting my room ready take pictures for my tour article of my otaku decorated room. You can expect to see that in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope everyone has added some nice figures to their collection last month. Tell me about the favorite addition to your collection this month in the comments below.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Time goes by fast reading that Sonico already exist for ten years.
Nice loot. And congrats at getting your grail Sansei. I see what you mean by her expression. The way she looks makes her a fun figure to place next to some other figures. The combination with Pochaco beer is genial.
hace 3 años
OMG! Your little Deadpool strip was awesome! And I had to do a double take when I realized what Saitama was looking at. The little perv! LOL
hace 3 años
sophieBhace 3 años#21193822This was awesome!! I love the haul and the pictures were great!!! :D
Rychihace 3 años#21208441Wow i really loved the text and pictures! And your loot of course!! :D

Thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. :D
hace 3 años
Devastator001hace 3 años#21190535Nice pics ^_^ the only thing missing is Deadpool Yellow Word balloons (tm) XD

You are totally right. I should have done that. But I promise this will not be the last you see of this Nendoroid here. :P
hace 3 años
Wow i really loved the text and pictures! And your loot of course!! :D
hace 3 años
This was awesome!! I love the haul and the pictures were great!!! :D
hace 3 años
Nice pics ^_^ the only thing missing is Deadpool Yellow Word balloons (tm) XD
hace 3 años
decopshace 3 años#21183905Couldn't agree more on MP Megatron, he easily one the best transformers figure i own. It is nice to have a leader for mp Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave. It is too bad i am not yet brave enough to attempt his transformation.

I haven't transformed mine yet either. Mainly because I just waiting to write my review before going through all that.

Although I seldom transforms my Transformers just because I prefer them in robot mode. I honestly would have been cool with Transformers figures as high end as this that don't actually transform. But then it wouldn't be a Transformer. :P
hace 3 años
Couldn't agree more on MP Megatron, he easily one the best transformers figure i own. It is nice to have a leader for mp Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave. It is too bad i am not yet brave enough to attempt his transformation.
hace 3 años
mermaidshace 3 años#21183257Thanks for the honesty! I'll probably still get her and just make sure to strategically display her like you have. I've been holding off in case ITEM #397160 goes up for pre-orders, but she's still not painted, so it looks like I might as well go for it. :)

I am looking forward to seeing how that figure turns out too. There does seem to be an uncanny shortage of Pochaco figures. The world needs more of her chunky goodness. <3
hace 3 años