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Mid-March Loot-(Don't) Lean on MeMid-March Loot-(Don't) Lean on Me

victorvipervictorviperhace 1 añoLoot
Usually, my AmiAmi loots don't roll in until the end of the month, but this month I found a couple of choice items in their pre-owned section that I wanted in my hands before the rest of my March order shipped. At least one of the figures in this loot has a reputation for being a leaner, and hence the name of this blog post. That figure was B/B to boot, so maybe the figure gods will smile today...

It's not a huge loot, but there are a couple of highly wished for items in here.


New AmiAmi postcard for March featuring Amico in witch mode. At first, I didn't notice the little Lilco charm on the end of the broom; that's a cute touch.


I was looking for a small (~A3 size) poster to hang by my desk at home, so I started hunting around for some of my favorite characters. A US shop happened to have this cute poster of Super Pochaco ITEM #309731, and so that was the ticket.


The poster actually comes in two parts. The yellow bubbles are courtesy of a plastic sleeve that can be removed to reveal Pochaco in a teeny-tiny white bikini.


The tiny ties on Pochaco's bikini are sort of odd, but the ties have to be small to maintain the illusion that she is...natural...beneath the bubble sleeve.

I've got a growing collection of Vocaloid concerts in my media library, and so the next item is a Blu-ray set of the 2016 Magical Mirai concert ITEM #487820. When I saw that the setlist contained a bunch of my favorite songs (Slow Motion, Solitary Envy, Calc, Doubleganger [Narisumashi Genga], and Sweet Magic), I figured I had better grab this set before it gets scarce. After watching the concert, and seeing Rin Kagamine in her "Magic Chef" module, I realized the world needs such a figure...


The limited edition comes with a book containing information about the show and some illustrations of Miku and friends, as well as a Miku postcard. The coaster was apparently an AmiAmi exclusive bonus.


The reverse side of the postcard.


Next up is a figure that has showed up lately in all sorts of MFC loot posts, a Phat offering of the best iDOLM@STER girl, Yayoi Takatsuki ITEM #166952. When Yayoi first got announced, I thought her facial expression was a little more yandere-like than one would expect from Yayoi, but after taking a closer look, I decided that was not so much the case. Plus, she was only 3700 yen from AmiAmi, and since Yayoi is one of my favorite characters, now was the time!


The little buttons on her jumper and the frog-purse are so cute :).

Another reason I did not preorder this figure was that the way she's posed and the way she attaches to the base worried me greatly. While she seems to attach to the base fairly securely, it *still* worries me a little bit, but this figure was released over a year ago, and I've seen no comments about any leaning issues, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Now, I've got a nice little Yayoi mini-collection.


Every now and then, there will be a figure that I don't pre-order only to later wonder what the hell I was thinking. The last item in this loot is one of those figures, Alphamax's Yami ITEM #137123.

This figure also has a variant with a white bikini ITEM #343027, but I think the black bikini suits Yami so much better. Not only does it contrast with her blonde hair and fair skin, but it also makes her lovely red eyes stand out much more, too!


I also really like the way her long hair frames her body. It almost reminds me of the Birth of Venus.


The title of this post was (Don't) Lean on Me and a number of MFC'ers who own this figure have reported major leaning issues. For reasons I cannot understand, even though Yami stands on one foot, Alphamax does not screw her into the base and the two pegs that attach her to the base are very, very short. Therefore, she will tend to lean over time unless the figure is given some additional support. For now, I've got two poker chips wedged underneath Yami's other foot which will work as a stopgap until I can properly cut a piece of plastic to wedge in there.


When I bought ITEM #368550 a couple months ago, I thought that might meet my Yami swimsuit needs, but I wasn't very satisfied with that figure. The pose just seems awkward the way Yami is sort of leaning backwards and the underboob looks weird on a petite girl like Yami...


She's so lovely! There are not that many figures that I instantly put in my favorites list, but this was one of them. I like Yami, I like blonde characters, and I like swimsuit figures, so my lapse in judgement not ordering this figure back when she was released is now corrected :).


That's just about it for March's loot, although barring any delays ITEM #463088 should be arriving a little later this month. That figure has sparked a lot of discussion on MFC, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Reika will turn out!

As always...

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mermaids (Hace 11 meses) #19204074the poster is so cute!! i like the little hearts on it too

I hadn't even really noticed the hearts before I got that poster, but they do certainly add to Pochaco's cuteness :).
Hace 11 meses
the poster is so cute!! i like the little hearts on it too
Hace 11 meses
solluxcaptor (hace 1 año) #19127140You got the Yayoi too! I noticed that she was showing up in loot posts a lot lately aswell, seems like everyone is appreciating Yayoi's cuteness lately and that figure of her is super cute! :D

Yayoi has a lot of cute features I'd never paid much attention to before getting her in person, like her flower hairband. I also like how the base has her signature color on it, too.

Kirenisa (hace 1 año) #19133705awesome loot! I really like the poster it's super cute!

I like it too. It's kinda small (A3 size), but it's just the right size to display by my desk. Although now I'd kind of like to also have a larger size wallscroll or tapestry of Pochaco...
hace 1 año
Kirenisa I am a collector!
awesome loot! I really like the poster it's super cute!
hace 1 año
You got the Yayoi too! I noticed that she was showing up in loot posts a lot lately aswell, seems like everyone is appreciating Yayoi's cuteness lately and that figure of her is super cute! :D
hace 1 año
ChocolateSpider (hace 1 año) #19125253I'm gonna need that Pochaco poster.
......Because reasons.

Any reason is a good reason :). It's such a cute illustration of Pochaco.
hace 1 año
I'm gonna need that Pochaco poster.
......Because reasons.
hace 1 año
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