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  • AdrienAgrestehace 3 años#18281544awesome!

    Thanks! :D

    Lillinettixhace 3 años#18282182It looks awesome! :D

    Well this is juts the beginning! Hopefully I can make it look really cool! I'm taking inspiration from a few of the displays I saw in MIX in Switzerland when I was on holiday, it really opened my eyes to how my collection has strayed and what I truly want for my computer room!

    leahemilylarkin1hace 3 años#18317311Looking good!

    Thanks Leah! :D

    amy616hace 3 años#18321590Looks super awesome, fan's dream display!

    Thank you! More to do yet but I'll keep MFC posted on progress! :D
    hace 3 años
    amy616 Let's DANCE
    Looks super awesome, fan's dream display!
    hace 3 años
    Looking good!
    hace 3 años
    It looks awesome! :D
    hace 3 años
    hace 3 años
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